posted by davidt on Thursday August 29 2002, @10:00PM
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  • Best quip: This face is leaving town in ten minutes and I'm telling you, you'd better be on it!

    Best song: Meat is Murder.

    Best show in town, since I've lived here.
    unscented -- Thursday August 29 2002, @11:25PM (#38180)
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  • SeT lisT (Score:0, Troll)

    Hairdresser on Fire
    Billy Bud
    The more You ignore me the closer I get
    I like you
    boy racer
    the queen is dead
    Big Mouth strikes again
    the operation
    the edges are no longer parallel
    swallow on my neck

    enc: glam glue
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @12:14AM (#38181)
  • Songs again.... (Score:2, Informative)

    The setlist was exactley the same songs as the show I saw in Tucson, except in different order. "Little Man, What Now?" followed "Suedehead" instead of "Alsatian Cousin" which was weird. He seemed to be in a really good mood, and some songs sounded better (more praticed) than earlier this month (i.e. "Jack The Ripper" & "Speedway").
    Banananafish -- Friday August 30 2002, @12:47AM (#38190)
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    "Brevity Is The Essence Of Wit"
  • Crashing Bore?? (Score:0, Flamebait)

    this show was indeed a Bore. i mean boring. the show lacks energy and freshness. hearing the same songs im sorry, leaves the hardcore fans halfassed. oh whoopee he played a few new songs, most of which sucked.Morrissey seriously needs to release a new album before the true fans quit supporting him. all you groupies can clench to his ass wherever he goes thats fine, but its because of you all that he doesnt release new material cause he knows he can keep playing the same old shit and you all will keep coming for more. why?? im stumped. Moz, loved you up until 97 but now your beating a dead carcass. make a new album or retire its not fair to the fans.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @01:21AM (#38202)
  • Colorado Springs was the 3rd show i've seen on this tour (Phoenix & Tucson being the other two). I love the current setlist (i.e. "I Want The One I Can't Have", "Late Night, Maudlin Street", "Little Man, What Now?"). I have always thought "Viva Hate" was the best post-Smiths album he has released, so I have been happy. But now I am about to see another show (Denver) and I'm afraid I am going to see the same songs I saw last night. There was some difference between Phoenix & Tucson (see the set-lists), but now he has played the same songs every night since (but in different order, sometimes). I just hope he will maybe play "Please Let Me Get What I Want" or "At Amber" again (to mix it up at bit), since I have the feeling these are the only songs the band knows (at least the new drummer, who has done a great job so far non-the-less). I just hope he pratices some more songs before he comes back to America after the London/Dublin/Paris-Europe stint... I love "Viva Hate", but he should remember a few more periods (maybe "Kill Uncle" songs, since he hasn't played those in 10 years either)....
    Banananafish -- Friday August 30 2002, @06:39AM (#38235)
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    "Brevity Is The Essence Of Wit"
  • Does anyone know why he keeps the setlist the same each night? Has he ever commented on it? I read somewhere that it was because it makes it easier for the band or something like that, but I don't know if that was just a guess. I thought that early on in his career and in the Smiths days they used to change them quite a lot, is that correct? I wonder why he doesn't any more. Not that I'm bothered either way, I'm not lucky enough to see him on lots of nights on the same tour so it doesn't matter either way, just curious as to why he does it. Can anyone shed any light on it?
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @06:51AM (#38238)
  • I was at and I saw pictures of Morrissey from the concert. I think he looked great and I absolutely love the shirt he was wearing.
    Laura86b -- Friday August 30 2002, @07:49AM (#38248)
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  • jim loman? anyone know him?
    windshine -- Friday August 30 2002, @07:53AM (#38249)
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  • ...but they play 2 to 3 hour sets, play songs from every aspect of their career (Boys Don't Cry-Bloodflowers), and vary the set lists (and not just the order people.

    I love Morrissey so much more but it's just an observation.

    But I'm probably a stupid moron who shouldn't go the shows and kill myself whilst listening to Pornography right? Come on, do your worst...
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @08:08AM (#38251)
  • I knew before i even checked the site today that, like every other day, the discussion would devolve into this tired debate about the set list. There is nothing I can say that hasn't been said about how ridiculous the people complaining are. Now.... about the show. FAR and AWAY the best Morrissey show I have EVER seen. The venue was a quirky little round building. The accoustics were so-so but the show was very intimate with fans being literally right against the stage. The security was tight but they did return offenders to the audience. The guy who lept over the amps was priceless. "A" for effort! Also, good job Michael and Matt(?) from Lipgloss for your valiant attempts.! My wife and I stood back by the sound board elevated from the "pit" and it still seemed as though we were close enough to touch him. I have never heard him so talkitive, interacting with the audience between EVERY song. He was funny and charming. One guy shouted out: "I love you Morrissey" to which Moz replied: "You'll get over it and discover girls, believe me." His voice was as strong as I have ever heard it.

    *The "yummy" shirts are awesome!
    *To the people in the blue Ford Focus who were tailing the bus: let us know if you got to meet them! we gave up!
    VIVAMOZ <[email protected]> -- Friday August 30 2002, @10:01AM (#38267)
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    blame me! i didn't vote!
  • Damnnable contraption! No spell checker. Now I'll look like the fool I secretly know I is.

    The show was lovely, and strange, and moving and sad and utterly intimate. He was completly conversational, very funny and talkative, open and genuinly witty. It all felt ver personal, like you'd gone to see a local band that you knew on good terms. I think there was no more than maybe 250-300 people in attendance. His star has surely dimmed, and "Little man, what now?" seemed sadly autobiographical. But he didn't look like he gave two shits. And I don't either. This is the perfect show for the real fan, like a gift from Morrissey to us for all the years we've loved him.
    One last thing: the lyrics on the new songs are GREAT! The best words his penned since, well maybe, his days in The Smiths.
    Percy <[email protected]> -- Friday August 30 2002, @11:33AM (#38282)
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    Percy Hazelwood - Down We Go!
  • Does anyone else get the feeling that alot of the fans have lost sight of the actual music????
    SomeGirlsMothers -- Friday August 30 2002, @12:11PM (#38289)
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  • Hmmm. Some (me, being one) will say that the music played prior to Moz's entrance is also an important part of his performance. I just need to say to the musically ignorant that were in the crowd at the CS show last night that NO, that was NOT a Crass song, it was, in fact, Nico. Perhaps you should check your gutter punk coat at the door and know what you are talking about BEFORE you open your mouth.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @02:30PM (#38310)
  • New songs (Score:0, Offtopic)

    where can i find the new songs... i tried kazza and morpheus with no luck.. please if anyone knows where .. let me know...

    but only if u want to.......
    Zendek -- Friday August 30 2002, @04:55PM (#38318)
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    • Re:New songs by Derek (Score:1) Friday August 30 2002, @05:58PM
  • My comments and experience at the concert is posted on my journal-in the journal community-go sheck it out!:)
    Morrissey is the man.....
    a bullied child -- Sunday September 01 2002, @04:46AM (#38460)
    (User #4166 Info)
    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
  • ...beautifully sung...hypnotic and alluring...perfectly composed i found myself lying with a sunshine shower of flowers, waving spring wheat fragrant and inviting...sweetly flowing back and forth in the warm wind of youth, i caught myself dancing to the liquidity of the crooner's stepping stones traveling through a stream, i hopped from note to note, skipping from sparkling chords to effortless phrase.. lackadaisically, i slipped into the melodically warm timbre while the sound roared in me...sweeping me down a river of love...benevolence..

    thank you Morrissey and band,
    i loved it!
    coolbernie -- Monday September 02 2002, @02:05AM (#38563)
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  • Here e Here e (Score:2, Informative)

    Well here ya go-I copied my story from my journal to this page-hope you enjoy reading it-I know I enjoyed the show-it seriously changed a part of me-yet it left me depressed when I returned home to SOUTH DAKOTA because NO one here is into the Mozzer-I am a loner, so to speak.....but anyways-here is my story-and I loved the Colorado Springs show-morrissey-tour left some stuff out in their review-but I give them thumbs up for their pictures-Morrissey was HOT that night!! He was wearing this light blue shirt that tied up-it wasn't a rufflie one.....
    But here's my First EVER Morrissey Concert was on August 29th, 2001 in Colorado Springs. My friend Dave and I went to the venue at 9:30 in the a.m. and we were not alone-there were like 3 people there sleeping outside the we got out our folding chairs and started in on our card game. Then later more people started to arrive, so we moved and kinda got more in line. The venue was kinda a dump-it was filthy and there was soooo many weeds peeking up in the parking lot and around the venue-we were all joking that we should pick weeds before Morrissey got there!:)
    We met some GREAT people while waiting there-I just absolutly love Morrissey fans! It was like Morrissey camp outside that venue. Just want to give some big shout outs to Paul, Hon (I think I spelled that right? I sorry if I didn't), and Jennifer.....also if anyone knows-Micheal-the guy who has been recording the shows-could you tell him to comment me on here cuz I would pay him $$$ to get a copy of the Colorado Springs show. Oh, and it was nice to meet you Ian-glad you recognized me-
    But yea.....anyways-Dave and I sat outside the venue and just patiently waited for the show to start. Well-then Gary Day comes outside!!!!! I like FREAK OUT!! So I get some autographs and pictures-then the other guys come out as well and I proceed to do the same thing.....Anyways-to cut to the chase-the show FINALLY got underway-and the security guards did a dumb thing-they opened two doors and had two lines going-so it kinda got crazy when we entered the venue-I almost didn't even get my ticket stub torn.....well I ran into the venue-got in the FRONT row and stood alongside Dave and also stood by the girl who runs the Long May It Last website-she seemed really cool-I liked chatting with her before the show-she was excited for me that it was my first show. I waited there-anxiously-my stomach was in KNOTS the entire time!!
    Like I said in previous journal entries-I had made a book of my art and poetry for Morrissey-and I had that in hand to give to the man himself. I also made a sign for the show-it read:
    Boz here's My Top 5
    1. Morrissey
    2. Boz Boorer
    3. Gary Day
    4. Alain W.
    5. Welcome Deano!
    So I had my sign and my book I made for Morrissey all ready to go.......
    Finally, King Cheetah came on stage they weren't bad and I can definatly see Morrissey liking them....but you couldn't really hear the lead singer-his mic. was turned down too low-and some idiots in the crowd shouted some mean stuff to him-like they told him to change his shirt and the lead singer who I think looks like Johny Winter-shouted back some mean stuff also.....and at the end of their set he flicked off the audience. It wasn't too pleasant.
    Then the intermission music began.....with Apex Theory kickin it in with Bravo. Finally after a list of songs-the poem was read and the bells and birds were a sounding and then..........
    I literally freaked out....I started screaming and crying-It was soooooooooooooo unreal!!!!!! He played I want the One I Can't Have-and I just cried and couldn't believe my eyes!!! The stage was very low and he was very close to us in the front. I took my book and held it out to him-and I think it was either on the the song I want the One I can't Have or on Suedehead that he took it towards the end of the song-it was funny watching him take my book-cuz he was trying to shake all these hands in the way and then he grabbe
    a bullied child -- Monday September 02 2002, @10:37AM (#38599)
    (User #4166 Info)
    FAMOUS WHEN published, in other words, WHEN DEAD.
  • I was delighted to hear Morrissey was touring again and decided that because his last Tour was so Good and the atmosphere was electric at the gigs I saw in Europe (99) i`d go out of my way to see one in the U.S. while i was there. Well the gig was once again great but the American croud was terrible and insulting to the great man at the gigs i saw, not a bit of life could be seen in the area and i checked a few times. Dont ye know how to enjoy the gig?.Fuck whats Moz doing living in a country where from what i saw ppl dont even slightly rock out to his stuff, believe me its what your meant to do and who knows you may have some more fun. Here are some simple steps that should be followed for any gig.

      1. No couple should make contact (eye contact included) during a performance.(This is the most sick behaviour that does slow down a croud , if you girl does not like the artist leave her at home or v/v.)

      2. Only people who fight for the privilage may go to the front.(No one may reserve that position simply by sticking out the opening act.)

      3. Shoving is permited and can be used to show you appreciation.(TIP: Getting shoved from behind can be an excuse to shove infront of you.)

      4. Every performance should be viewed from many angles.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 05 2002, @05:04PM (#39049)

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