posted by davidt on Monday August 26 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Speedway / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • Morrissey Forever!!! (Score:1, Informative)

    Just got back from the Zephyr show and I can say is that Morrissey was in fine form. He was sensational. He also said that he and the boys have been booked for the Craig Kilborn show on Sept 12!!! The setlist was a little different. There was no "November Spawned a Monster" and most notably no encore. The meathead security was very tight. At the last song ( There is a light...) a guy tried to get on stage and the guards pounded him. Morrissey broke into the song saying "Be gentle." Then he tried to get another fan onstage and the guards would not let him. He left the stage and went outside to his waiting car and then he was gone. He was, in my opinion, upset at the troglodite security who knew nothing of Morrissey show traditions. Too bad those jerks put a sour note on an otherwise fabulous show. Anyone out there have a setlist?

    Anonymous -- Monday August 26 2002, @11:22PM (#37746)
  • Here's the set list for the Zephyr club show. It's slightly different in that there was no encore and November was left out...

    - I Want the One I Can't Have
    - Suedehead
    - Hairdresser...
    - The First of the Gang to Die
    - Jack the Ripper
    - Late Night, Maudlin Street
    - I Like You
    - Mexico
    - Sister I'm A Poet
    - Alsatian Cousin
    - Little Man, What Now?
    - Everday is Like Sunday
    - The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    - Meat is Murder
    - Speedway
    - There Is A Light...

    What a unbelievable night! To see Morrissey in a 400 "seat" venue was incredible. It was well worth the 50.00 price of admission. Everyone was pushed against each other, but nobody minded or even noticed.

    The other interesting note Moz mentioned -- there were plenty of others, but this was the main one that stuck in my mind -- was that they were offered to perform on Craig Kilborn's show on 9/12/02. I think Moz said they were going to do it, but later said what good is that going to do for us? I hope he does Kilby's show. Moz said they were going to perform on the show THE FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE.

    Viva Moz! Az Moz Fan
    Anonymous -- Monday August 26 2002, @11:37PM (#37747)
  • Absolutely amazing! It was like inviting Moz into your living room for a concert. He seemed very chatty compared with what I've seen in the past. Maybe it was because we were all so close, but he actually talked with several people, and answered their shouting. He did say they'll be on the Kilborn show on September 12th, and said something like ~We haven't been on American TV in a hundred years...but then what good has it ever done for us?~ (Not an exact quote) Speedway was incredibly powerful, and to see they look on his face as he sang Meat is Murder was quite moving. It's good to see he still believes and hasn't given in like the rest of us(!)Again, an incredible show. What an amazing night!

    One lyric change that impressed me...

    "A star at eighteen and then suddenly gone...back to the mean and melancholy streets where you came from."
    Beautiful imagery, if you ask me.

    Wow, wow, wow!

    And who knew Charlie Sheen had joined the band!
    Can't wait until tomorrow!

    -JP be Finnish would be a relief...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @01:11AM (#37754)
  • PLEASE Morrissey do the Craig Kilborn show, for all of us Americans who love you so. Yes, I am begging you!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @01:46AM (#37760)
  • In the event that Morrissey DOES play on Craig Kilborn, you can get tickets here [] for the show. I've got mine already!
    ladymoz -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @03:12AM (#37762)
    (User #154 Info)
  • The same setlist again. How daring.
    Eric Hartman -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @03:59AM (#37764)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • Along the above comment's line...this show I remember being billed as the show where Moz played a super small venue (true) and would perform longer\different songs (false)...not only false but "November" didn't get played...I soooo glad I didn't trek to SLC from California for what I'm going to see here a few times over.

    Anyway, I went to the Petaluma show in '97 and it was probably about the same (venue wise.) Cool about Kilborn though...can't wait to them interact with each other.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @08:06AM (#37779)
  • I thought the show was excellent. Although the setlist was the same, Morrissey's energy was great. The fans were really into it (at least where I was) and Morrissey seemed to be enjoying the fact that some fans knew the lyrics to the new songs...Thanks Morrissey for a great show! Now it's off to the Ballroom...:)
    morrissey_81 -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @12:03PM (#37812)
    (User #852 Info |
    "All the things you said, so meaningful, they are all, so suddenly meaningless..."
  • Lost Camara!!!!! During the show, I was standing in the midst of the crowd in front of the stage and I dropped my camara. It is a disposable camara, but I have very important pictures within the film. If, by any chance, someone at the show picked up the kodak disposable camara, I am willing to pay top dollar to get at least a copy of the pictures back. The film has lots of meaning to me. I repeat, I am willing to pay TOP DOLLAR to recieve the film back. I appreciate anybody's help. Please email me back at [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 27 2002, @01:22PM (#37817)
  • I doubt anyone cares and I usually like to keep MY MORRISSEY experiences to myself, but I was reading the review of the Salt Lake City Zephyr show (1st night) on www.morrisseywhore, I mean tour, .com and I felt I had to correct something that was said. Rather than write into the gals at, which would be the right thing to do, I thought I'd just write it here (and bitch & moan). I like this site better. Have you ever tried to make a comment over there? It's dreadfully difficult!
    I was the guy that had the "No One Can Hold A Candle To You" conversation with Moz during the show and this is how it REALLY went (slightly different than (Leave it to women to screw things up!)

    What seem 'out of nowhere', I said...

    ME!: "No one can hold a candle to you!"

    Morrissey hears it and kind of does a double-take towards me, the audience...

    Morrissey: "Who said that? Who wrote that? Do you know who wrote that...?"

    Shocked that he heard me and a little slow to respond, I finally said...

    ME!: "James Maker!"

    Morrissey now a bit shocked and a little confused, like, 'How does HE know?' said...

    Morrissey: In typical mumbling fashion, "...Astounding...astounding..."

    At this point, I was a bit confused, I thought he said, "Stanley something...." While I was trying to figure out what Moz said before, he quickly came back with...

    Morrissey: "How do YOU know that!?"

    Being continuely shocked that Moz was actually conversing with me, I said...

    ME!: "I read!"

    And then Moz turned around as if he was getting prepped and clean (with his towl) for the next song. This is when I said...

    ME! "Damn that internet!!!" (or something like that)

    And then this is when Morrissey when into his next song, I forget which one, because I was so blown away by the dialog that I, me, just exchanged with the Great Morrissey!

    This is the true events as I remember them. (If I'm not mistaken, this took place between 'Jack the Ripper' & 'Late Night, Maudlin Street'.)

    P.S. If anyone has a bootleg of this show, I'd kill for it, please please please, Let Me Know!!!
    PiccadillyJim -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @05:32AM (#38696)
    (User #20 Info)
    "Otherwise, kill me..."

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