posted by davidt on Friday August 23 2002, @09:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Speedway / November Spawned A Monster // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • Let us know if there is any new merchandise please.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @09:13PM (#37469)
  • Here's the set list for Eugene, OR...

    - I Want the One I Can't Have
    - Suedehead
    - Hairdresser...
    - The First of the Gang to Die
    - Jack the Ripper
    - Late Night, Maudlin Street
    - I Like You
    - Mexico
    - Sister I'm A Poet
    - Alsatian Cousin
    - Little Man, What Now?
    - Everday is Like Sunday
    - The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    - Meat is Murder
    - Speedway
    - November...
    - There Is A Light...

    Show just ended and Morrissey was surprisingly chatty. I thought this was one of the better shows, beside Phoenix (of course).

    Morrissey came out and said WELCOME TO THE MORRISSEY CONVENTION! I'M MORRISSEY... YOU-GENE! (get it?)

    Eventhough it was the same set list as the previous night, the crowd was pretty loud. Morrissey even said.. YOU'RE FAR TO EXICITED FOR EUGENE!

    One more quote I thought was pretty funny was just before Everyday is Like Sunday, he said Viva Hate sold more than 2 million in the U.S., but said then said they all were returned!

    I must admit Mexico is getting better and better every night!

    On to Portland... good night! Quack!

    Az Moz Fan
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:06PM (#37476)
  • Dear Friends,

    I am 28 and a huge fan of Morrissey and the Smiths since age 10. I have Morrissey's name ("Morrissey") tattooed on my left upper chest. I am very proud of this tattoo- is there a way I can upload a photo of this tattoo or share it in some way? I would like Morrissey to see this tattoo and let other people see it as well. I want people to know how much Morrissey means to me.

    Ken Stavitzke
    Indiana, USA
    sycophantic_slag -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:32PM (#37478)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • For the boy(s) who helped me get a better view, if you're out there, thank you so much! I had a lovely view, and it was so enchantingly wonderful. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you so much!!!
    ~the gilttery-eyed girl with those annoying pigtails. ;)
    Jolene -- Saturday August 24 2002, @09:56AM (#37509)
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    And if you ever need self-validation Just meet me in the alley by the Railway station
  • Sorry if this is a bit scattered.

    King Cheetah: I went in expecting the worse, but they were surprisingly decent. I don't know if I'd buy the album, but I've seen far worse.

    Morrissey was looking pretty good. I was afraid of some awful combover quiff, but even that looked fine (He even joked that he'd have to leave "if my hair falls off.") I hope I reach my forties as gracefully as he has. His voice was spot on; very expressive, very powerful (I was particularly impressed during "Maudlin Street" and "Mexico.") I don't see how anyone could accuse him being "low energy" after seeing him last night; he really threw himself into the show, even falling to the floor in a fit of faux "sobs" (a la Johnnie Ray?)

    The band was solid. Dean was a little slow at first but seemed to pick up as the night went on (I liked the techno-ey backbeat during "Speedway".) Boz was the real star of the night, though; I would have never thought to add banjo to "Everyday Is Like Sunday", but it sounded incredible. I'm sure Moz realizes what an asset he is; they could play together forever as far as I'm concerned.

    New songs: "The First of the Gang to Die" and "The World is Full of Crashing Bores" (which Moz dedicated to George W.) could both be killer singles. "Mexico" is also interesting; a nice mid-tempo with a nice delivery. I found "I Like You" a little sluggish, personally; maybe a better b-side or album track. The new album (when or if it arrives) should be a real powerhouse, definitely a relief after "Maladjusted."

    Low points: A guy next to me managed to sneak in a camera, took a picture, got chewed out by a security guy, took another picture, and proceeded to get into a full-blown argument with said guard; I probably wouldn't have minded if this all wasn't happening three feet away from me. I was also almost knocked over after some dickweed started attacking some poor guy for God-knows-what. Fortunately, the offending asshole was quickly hauled off (This happened during "...Crashing Bores"; draw your own parallels.)

    Despite those small glitches, this was easily one of the friendliest, coolest crowds I've ever seen. Their enthusiasm and love for Moz was totally infectious; I got as much of a buzz off of them as the performance (I got a particular kick out of the girl who kept screaming, "Moz, Moz, Moz, Moz, MOZ!!!!" Guess you had to be there.) It can't be said enough: Morrissey people are some of the good ones. Anyone who dismisses Moz as a has-been is going to have to eat crow (or the vegetarian version of it.) This was one of the most alive concerts I've ever been to.

    I'm 28 years old. I have a wife, a stepson, and something I could feasibly call a career. I may be "respectable", but that doesn't mean I can't inch my way through a sweaty crowd and reach the front of the stage (I even got to grab his hand; not bad for my first time seeing him, eh?) Despite what some people say, I can grow more passionate about the things I love as I grow older: my family, my writing, God, literature, and (of course) music. Last night was a nice reminder of that.

    Thanks, Moz, and thanks to everyone at the show. It was a pleasure.
    K.J.B. -- Saturday August 24 2002, @01:48PM (#37522)
    (User #5668 Info)
  • a friend of mine who was sitting for the show left briefly to get a beer, when he returned, the book he thought he stashed successfully was gone.

    It is Morrissey Shot by Linder Sterling, and has been in my posession for many years, and has huge sentimental value. Please post if you knew who came upon is such an important thing to me. It cannot be replaced.

    Thank you in advance. :)
    Jolene -- Sunday August 25 2002, @09:16AM (#37570)
    (User #6017 Info |
    And if you ever need self-validation Just meet me in the alley by the Railway station
  • The last time I saw Morrissey was Feb 2000 in Portland, which I thought was wonderful! We chose to go to Eugene because we hadn't been to the McDonald since it became a concert venue. I didn't think the crowd was enthusiastic, and when people started leaving en masse for alcoholic beverages during "Late Night, Maudlin Street" and "Little Man, What Now?" I was rather disgusted. Then these same people shoved themselves back in front of us with drinks in hand to stand there listlessly, and then practically stomp on me in what I imagine to be a drunken stumble.

    I personally thought Morrissey was less than chatty, and felt he seemed to notice the tepid response. I felt like over half the audience didn't give a damn who was on stage and reaction to his quips was less than lively, which made him clam up and say things like, "You've got nerves of steel" (which I interpreted to mean, "For being so bored, you have nerves of steel to withstand this when you aren't really that interested")-- TWICE.

    I loved hearing the new songs and his sobbing embellishments on "Speedway". I wish he had gotten a more evangelical reception in Eugene, but I guess that can't happen in every city.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 30 2002, @12:45AM (#38206)

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