posted by davidt on Thursday August 22 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Speedway / November Spawned A Monster // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • Just got back. Band was tight. Speedway and November were awesome.
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 22 2002, @11:03PM (#37343)
  • Seattle Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    The Seattle show just ended and here's the set list. It was exactly the same as Tucson and Yuma...

    - I Want The One I Can't Have
    - Suedehead
    - Hairdresser...
    - The First of the Gang to Die
    - Jack the Ripper
    - Late Night, Maudlin Street
    - I like You
    - Mexico
    - Sister I'm A Poet
    - Alsatian Cousin
    - Little Man, What Now?
    - Everyday is Like Sunday
    - The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    - Meat is Murder
    - Speedway
    - November...
    - There Is A Light...
    On to Eugene!

    Az Moz Fan
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 22 2002, @11:05PM (#37345)
  • Alain was incredible with his playing tonight. During a slow part of the show, I yelled out his name. He looked suprised and then gave a thumbs up. Truly, he is a phenomenal guitarist.
    Monkeydrum -- Thursday August 22 2002, @11:30PM (#37346)
    (User #6003 Info)
  • The only bad part of the show was the smelly guy that was right next to. I do hope that I can avoid him in Eugene and Portland. Anyway I loved the show (my third), it was my girlfriends first and she trult enjoyed. I guess that I'll have to keep her after all. The new songs were outstanding, We really like first of the gang to die!. I was about four people back and just a little off center so it was like Morrissey was singing just to me(I am too much in love). Now I must get some sleep because Eugene is about 300 miles away.

    I almost forgot, did anyone else see the guy throw his shirt on stage only to have Morrissey through it back to someone else? Well as I was leaving we saw the guy without a shirt saying "anyone seen my shirt" and "I'm the shirt guy.

    The set was more than I deserve. Morrissey is more than I deserve.
    Sal Mineo -- Friday August 23 2002, @12:13AM (#37351)
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    I don't believe in magic anymore
  • top stuff...Late night, maudlin street was another standout. And the new songs held up quite well, vocally pretty melodic stuff. And my god, that encore...

    check out my daft little site [www.thehar...argetblank] for a review...
    harpoongill -- Friday August 23 2002, @02:43AM (#37355)
    (User #5360 Info)
    • woops! by harpoongill (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @02:49AM
    • Re:brill... by harpoongill (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @09:16PM
  • The show was great, and Morrissey as usual really put on a great show. The new songs were great to hear (good to know that he is putting out new stuff). Except the two people in the top balcony that refused to sit down and were being rude, the show was terrific!
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @03:32AM (#37360)
    • Re:Just got back from show by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday August 23 2002, @01:22PM

    • My seat was in the first eight rows of the balcony and I looked up and saw the exact two fu*ks you're talking about. What a bunch of clowns! It was stadium riser seating up there, so I couldn't figure those two out. Also, in the second part of the balcony against the metal bar there was this blonde short haired woman who had on a white tank top and was mouthing all of the words and dancing soooooo sexually. I looked up at her a few times and she never sat down.

      Everyone down in my section thought she was a tawdry, disgusting riot. She looked totally baked and came with some girl who looked to be her daughter or perhaps a younger roommate? I was stuck next to two lesbians who were *VERY* demonstrative with their affection, but the show was so damned great that I barely noticed them! Moz had me captivated and they could've rolled over on top of each other and I probably would not have noticed! LOL! I agree about those two people standing up there, though.

      That was obnoxious. Also, a girl in the front row had a tour program from a previous concert with a Sharpie pen that she kept handing to him and it was so stupid. He never once aknowleged her.
      Did she really thing he was going to put down the mic, stop singing, and cause a huge mele by signing her tour book and having a bunch of teenagers fight over it? That was too damned funny!

      The sunflowers were pretty, though. Even though he threw them back, when he took one, caressed it against his face, held it for a while, and then threw it back, it was very sexy to watch. That was cool. He's so charming!
      spangliekins -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:16PM (#37470)
      (User #6023 Info)
  • Why did he played "Please, please, please let me get what I want" just on the first show in Phoenix? Any idea? At the last tour he arranged the gigs with little variations "Alma matters/Roy's keen" for example. I hope, he will make some arrangements for the two shows in London.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @03:49AM (#37362)
  • In the tour-section it is said that only a few are sold out? Is this true? Are there less people than 2 years ago? I would be interested?
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @05:04AM (#37363)
  • silly notes (Score:2, Informative)

    before crashing bores moz had the required slam on the american music industry but also added "this song, this song was written this afternoon in the lobby of the double tree hotel"

    Between I Like You and Mexico he said "we are going to try your patience with another new song"

    stand outs last night: Late Night, Maudlin Street and Sister I'm A Poet
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @07:37AM (#37368)
  • the coach leather covered slut next to me who managed to aggressively make-out with four (five?) random guys in a two hour period. To top it off, on guy number two, she dropped to her knees and disappeared into the his crotch for a good two or three minutes. Not the sort of behavior that I expected at a Moz show - ha.
    Barbarism -- Friday August 23 2002, @08:14AM (#37371)
    (User #6005 Info)
  • Mexican Flag. (Score:2, Informative)

    Moz is just so so beautiful and witty. I think he was going commando, if you know what I mean. Great set. Dean is a major hottie. November was a gem.

    Many fans offered flowers. Others threw their shirt or undie up on stage. But, the only items the Mozzer kept were a CD (at least I think that's what it was) and the Mexican flag that I gave him.

    Right on! He has such good taste!

    It was an excellent show, but many of the other concert-goers were jerks. Like this blonde dude who was acting like he was a one man crowd control. In addition to that, standing in line and in line again and sitting and standing, I just didn't feel like an after party.
    jade <[email protected]> -- Friday August 23 2002, @08:23AM (#37373)
    (User #90 Info)
    Zip up your mouth!
    • Re:Mexican Flag. by alainsane (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @10:03AM
    • No undies! by jade (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @10:52AM
      • tasty by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 24 2002, @04:40PM
    • Re:Mexican Flag. by ToolArmy (Score:0) Friday August 23 2002, @11:19AM
    • I agree by BreakUpTheFamily (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @12:14PM
      • Re:I agree by jade (Score:1) Friday August 23 2002, @12:32PM
  • It was my first Morrissey show, and I absolutely adored it.... I think my only complaints were that the guitars were amped in a way that seemed louder than the vocals - or maybe I'm just getting old... I just wish the balance had been slightly better. And I wish Moz's face had been illuminated from below a bit, because where I was standing he had some odd deep shadows that obscured his eyes and stuff.... It made him look way older than he is.

    And why didn't he take his shirt off??

    Other than that, it was magical.... I can't believe how quickly it passed - after so many months of waiting....
    NENE -- Friday August 23 2002, @08:31AM (#37376)
    (User #6006 Info)
  • The show was great lastnight(last time in feb 2000was WAY better) but what made the show SUCK was some of you uptight,politically correct,uppity snuppity tight asses! To all of you I say: Put out the candle,Open the drapes,and LEARN TO LIVE! SO FU*KING WHAT SOME CHICK WAS GOING DOWN ON SOME DUDE? So What if some guy takes a pipe toke next to you?? You're at a concert, not a Church gathering! GROW UP PEOPLE..and please,please,please,STAY AWAY FROM EUGENE AND PORTLAND until you get a life..
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @08:43AM (#37379)
  • Sorry to sound so trivial on what sounds like a great night for you all but I need to know has the tour merchandise improved and were there any backdrops or noticeable images? Thanks
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Friday August 23 2002, @08:48AM (#37381)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • i was at the show... (Score:2, Interesting)

    ending with a light that goes out was simply the greatest thing

    ...i never never want to go home...

    passing the semis on the road back home to portland i just kept thinking

    ...and if a ten tun truck kills the both of us...

    i was so happy i might not even have minded

    comatosegirlfriend <[email protected]> -- Friday August 23 2002, @09:17AM (#37386)
    (User #5085 Info)
    to die by your side, the pleasure, the privilege is mine
  • A jolly good show. Good choice of songs, good performance, although the sound wasnt great from where I was. Interesting that he started and ended with a Smiths tune. Highlight was 'Little Man What Now'.
    Johnny Edge -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:09AM (#37392)
    (User #6011 Info)
  • Anyone know what the poem at the beginning of the show was? And who was reading it? Would be very interested in any info about it.
    spamela -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:21AM (#37396)
    (User #6012 Info)
  • The lighting WAS peculiar from my viewpoint, it looked he was wearing sunglasses.

    Everyday is Like Seattle, ur Sunday.
    The song selections were a wonderful choice, very poingant, long live VIVA HATE
    -Alsatian Niece
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:48AM (#37402)
  • My husband and I were outside by the tour busses--we were there from about 4:30 until 7.

    It was amazing that NO ONE ELSE was hanging out back there! I got a picture and autograph from Gary, who was ULTRA NICE and 2 photos and autograph from Alain---we took one picture of him by himself, but he said 'That picture is CRAP!" and put his arm around me so we got that picture too!

    Then, about 5 minutes before the doors opened, we're standing outside waiting on Morrissey to exit the bus and this black mercedes pulls up and I'm thinking "Okay--after this car passes, he's coming out" BUT--the car was like 3 feet away from me and who was sitting in the back seat but MORRISSEY himself!!! My husband got some good shots of him, but the security people wouldn't let me ask for his autograph. He was quickly rushed inside but did look back at us!

    We got inside about 10 after 7 and were only about 5 rows back! We got TONS of pictures (Being developed while we speak--will post when they're done) and both my husband and I got flowers thrown out by Mozzer.

    We're going to Portland on Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT! This concert was the absolute BEST!!!
    Heddi -- Friday August 23 2002, @10:51AM (#37403)
    (User #6014 Info)
  • All i can say about the show is wow, he sang the song i feel so dearly to right now SPEEDWAY!

    although i still think last years show was better, but he always is!

    Alot of people were there that shouldn't have been, people who don't really know him i mean.

    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @11:48AM (#37415)
  • I was not at all impressed with the new drummer, Dean. I thought he played the songs slow and he hit his drums like he was afraid he might break them. Meat Is Murder and Speedway are incredibly powerful songs that need to be rocked out. Bring back Spike!!! Last tour when Spike played the end of Meat is Murder, you could feel the intensity of the song come crashing down. I was seriously blown away, the end went on for at least 2 or 3 minutes longer and really drove home the point of the song. And Speedway, you could feel the hammer slamming down. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way about the new drummer. I love Morrissey, but I'm not afraid to say that Dead is not a very good choice.

    Morrissey as always was great. It was good to see him, and he looks like he's having a great time. Again being up front to reach out to him left me breathless. but the barrier this time was a little to far to actually hold his hand. I think Morrissey knew this as well and you could tell by the way he was playing with everyone's fingers. His voice sounded AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll go out like Old Blue Eyes, I know it.

    Boz, Alain and Gary rocked it out as always. and Alains additions to Maudlin Street were beautiful.

    Highlights of the show for me were Maudlin Street, There Is A Light..., and Sister I'm a Poet.

    It was good to see Morrissey again, can't wait for saturday. Maybe Dean will speed it up and stop striking the goofy poses in front of his GONG.
    BreakUpTheFamily -- Friday August 23 2002, @12:03PM (#37419)
    (User #1715 Info)
  • I was so disappointed in the crowd last night. This is my second show in Seattle and I had hoped that it would be as good as the 4 shows I have seen in California. It wasn't even close. I was just shocked as I looked around and saw the crowd lethargically standing and maybe bobbing their heads now and then. What is in the water here that makes people so pathetic? There is something about feeling a surge of energy at each new song and being party of this huge energetic crowd that flows throughout the show. I have been to shows that my feet sometimes didn't touch the floor because I was supported by the crowds pushes. I just continued to look around hoping that somewhere there on the floor there were Morrissey fans, but I gave up. The few people who were getting into the show were looked at with disdain and contempt for bumping into the other precious, delicate by-standers. Poor Morrissey! I am suprised he keeps coming back to Seattle with the unenthusiastic crowds he has to look down upon.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @02:29PM (#37437)
  • I was at the Seattle gig on Thursday and there were several songs in there I did not recognise. Am I right in thinking that Last of the Gang to Die, Mexico, Crashing Bores and I Like You are all new songs, or are some of them old ones that I just didn't know about?

    Any help on the origins of these songs would be appreciated!
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 24 2002, @12:49PM (#37513)
    • Re:New songs by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 24 2002, @02:11PM
    • Re:New songs by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 24 2002, @05:07PM
  • Great set on Thursday. The last time I saw Morrissey was on his last tour where we happened to be in San Francisco when he was playing and saw him there for both nights, and then noticed how different the performance and audience was back home in Seattle afterwards. Even my husband who isn't a huge Morrissey fan conceded that this show was excellent and Morrissey seemed enthusiastic as was the crowd.

    Also, the new songs he played I quite liked. It sounds like they need to work on fleshing them out a bit, but good songs nevertheless.

    In the Seattle PI today there was a review written by somebody who is such a genius that he began it with talking about "Nico's caterwauling." Right then I decided this man has no taste and doesn't deserve a career as a reviewer. Then again, maybe I should forget about my writing career and take a job that requires no thought and pays easy money like his. Hmmm... ;-)
    Kristine -- Saturday August 24 2002, @07:43PM (#37539)
    (User #6026 Info)
  • We have all heard how great the show was, and alot of it was great. But really, the new songs were very weak. Crashing bores was the only decent of the 4. Also the opening band, king cheetah? were freaking horrible. How could Moz like that crap?
    alexkick -- Saturday August 24 2002, @08:28PM (#37543)
    (User #5101 Info)
  • This is a review of the Seattle Paramout Show in the Settle P.I. - and sadly, it is not a good one ;^(




    WHEN: Thursday night

    WHERE: Paramount Theatre

    Review: A disappointing night with Morrissey

    Saturday, August 24, 2002


    A mediocre set list and terrible sound conspired to make Morrissey's Paramount appearance a lackluster event.

    Touring with neither management nor a label seemed to be raking hard on the former Smiths lyricist and vocalist. Dressed in black and resembling a cross between Terence Stamp and Quentin Tarantino, the 43-year-old pop star was in poor form for Thursday night's concert.

    Ten minutes elapsed between the time the lights went down and the band appeared on the stage. The interim was filled with Nico's caterwauling, an obscure poem and the sounds of trains and screaming. Whether this was meant to heighten the anticipation of the crowd or simply aggravate it was not clear.

    As the band tore into a barely comprehensible rendition of "I Want the One I Can't Have," one wondered if the horrible sound might be Morrissey's gift to his fans of an approximation of a night in a shoddy Manchester club.

    Most of the songs were from "Bona Drag" and "Viva Hate," Morrissey's first two solo efforts after the Smiths' breakup in 1987. His echoing voice failed to dominate the band's attempt to execute the complex arrangement of "Jack the Ripper."

    Some high-end was finally added to the vocals in the second part of the 75-minute concert, and the overactive band members calmed down enough to provide decent support on "Sister, I'm a Poet" and "Everyday Is Like Sunday."

    With the exception of four new, unrecorded songs, the most recent number was "Speedway" from 1994's "Vauxhall and I," the rose in the crown of Morrissey's thorny career.

    The new songs were nothing special. "The First of the Gang to Die," based on a rhythm guitar riff lifted from Suede's "The Chemistry Between Us," was introduced as having been written that afternoon in the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel.

    "If you watch American Music Television, you may agree with the sentiment of this song," Morrissey said about "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores," a number supporting the assertion that his titles are often better than his songs. Also new were the insipidly sincere "I Like You" and a minor-key mood piece proving that anybody who stays too long in Southern California eventually will write something with "Mexico" in the title.

    The miserable evening was nearly redeemed by sterling performances of two of his most wrenching songs. "Meat Is Murder," a militant cry for an end to the senseless slaughter of animals for human consumption, was passionate and heartfelt. And "Speedway," in which the reviled moral outcast laughingly confesses the truth of the ugly rumors by which he is destroyed, was infused with a proud self-hatred.

    After a serviceable "November Spawned a Monster," Morrissey encored with the ghoulishly joyous "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out," which had the audience singing along on a chorus that celebrated the anticipation of dying in a car crash with a loved one.
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