posted by davidt on Monday August 19 2002, @08:45AM
Thanks to an anonymous person and Watford Supporter for the following info:

"Bravo" - The Apex Theory
"Writing A Letter" - Smoking Popes (download link)
"Arts & Craft Spectacular" - Sparks (lyrics/info, from an anonymous post)
"Part-Time Punks" - Television Personalities (lyrics, song/chords)
"Bubble Gum" - Brigitte Bardot (lyrics)
"The Thing About Men" - Pony Club
"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" - Performed by Bette Davis & Debbie Burton with Bobby Heller And His Orchestra (link #1, with clip, from an anonymous post, link #2 - Rhino info)
"Hey Mom" - Nathan Abshire
"Morrissey" - Leo GarcĂ­a (story)
"One Horse Town" (?) - The Thrills
"The Fool" - Ludus
"Old Shep" - Hank Snow
"Innocent And Vain" - Nico

"A Child Ill" recited by John Betjeman. Played before Morrissey goes on stage. Morrissey has mentioned this before - in a 1995 Q questionnaire Morrissey chose this as the answer to the question, "What music would you have played at your funeral?"

"This Is My Life" - Shirley Bassey (lyrics/info). Played over the speaker system after the concert ended. The whole song isn't played, only the last few dramatic verses. Later in the tour "My Way" by Frank Sinatra replaced "This Is My Life". "My Way" was used as the exitus in the 1999/2000 tour.

Additional info, links, additions, corrections are welcome. Song info from previous tours are available at West Ham Forever. (downloads are no longer available, according to Sven68)

Update: 08/20 05:46 GMT: Thanks to The Magic Fairy and Almodis for posting the Television Personalities info in the comments section. Song info posted anonymously in the Phoenix article.
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  • TV Personalities (Score:2, Informative)

    "But Time..." (?) - TV Personality

    Can anyone give me any information on this? I can probably identify it with some of the lyrics.
    The Magic Fairy <[email protected]> -- Monday August 19 2002, @12:56PM (#36873)
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    "It was the trousers."
    • Re:TV Personalities (Score:2, Informative)

      I haven't been to any of the concerts yet but someone in one of the post-show threads (see &mode=thread&cid=36085 ) identified it as "Part-time Punks".
      Almodis <reversethis-{moc ... } {ta} {sidomla}> -- Monday August 19 2002, @01:06PM (#36875)
      (User #4664 Info)
      ...the Crime they styl'd 'Anonymity.' That is, I left messages posted publicly, but did not sign them. -- Thomas Pynchon
    • Re:TV Personalities (Score:3, Informative)

      Here's some more information about the TVP's "Part Time Punks". The song is taken from the group's second single, the "Bill Grundy" EP, released in 1978. It documents the decaying London punk scene, which by this time had started to attract the cartoon punks with their identikit leather jackets and mohican haircuts, far removed from the original DIY spirit of the punk movement. The single - and this track in particular - was a great favourite of DJ John Peel, who played it every night for weeks. This led Rough Trade to pick up the single and reissue it, where it sound in greater numbers.
      It's ironic that Morrissey should include this song on his tour tape, as Dan Treacy (he being to most intents and purposes Mr Television Personalities) wrote a less than flattering song about Moz in the mid-80s, which was only performed live. You can read the lyrics here.

      Walking down the Kings Road
      I see so many faces
      They come from many places
      They come down for the day

      They walk around together
      And try and look trendy
      I think it's a shame
      That they all look the same

      Here they come
      La la la la laaa la
      La la la la laaa la
      The part time punks

      Then they go to Rough Trade
      To buy Siouxsie & the Banshees
      They heard John Peel play it
      Just the other night

      They like to buy the O Level single
      Or "Read About Seymour"
      But they're not pressed in red
      So they but the Lurkers instead


      They play their records very loud
      They pogo in the bedroom
      In front of the mirror
      But only when their mum's gone out

      They pay five pence on the buses
      And they never use toothpaste
      But they got two fifty
      To go and see the Clash tonight


      The Part-Time Punks
      The Part-Time Punks
      The Part-Time Punks
      The Magic Fairy <[email protected]> -- Tuesday August 20 2002, @03:05PM (#37035)
      (User #1878 Info |
      "It was the trousers."
  • Sack, Pony Club, Thrills were all bands supposedly invited to open for Morrissey, but turned down the invitation. Pony Club claimed to be engaged with work for their 2003 release and limited financial resources. How about the other bands? Does anyone know about the other two? The reason? Any idea who will be opening at RAH?
    Anonymous -- Monday August 19 2002, @01:21PM (#36876)
  • Not longer actual (Score:1, Informative)

    The "west ham forever" link is dead and not longer in use.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 19 2002, @02:20PM (#36878)
  • Funny how 'This is my life' is only THE gay anthem in The Netherlands.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 20 2002, @03:31AM (#36941)
  • Faskinating, truly faskinating...
    Rico -- Wednesday August 21 2002, @06:58AM (#37105)
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    Karma equals minus infinity, but I stand up for the truth
  • This is the Sparks song - its actually a rare demo from before they were famous

    Capacity 400 - I see seating for three-quarts of me
    Are we all seated properly now
    We can begin us to spend
    Lovely Claudine Jones has come to push her quilt

    Next to her we have her sister's slur
    Who has come with their parts they have passed
    Mrs. Wrong presents a painted one
    From trees of the lands where she has been

    Lovely Claudine Jones has come to push her quilt
    Yes, she has

    Second prize goes to Tracy Wise
    For her seashells painted all through
    Grand prize comes as no surprise
    To Mrs. Landscape with rice
    Lovely Claudine Jones still tries to push her quilt (ad finitum)
    Anonymous -- Friday August 23 2002, @03:25PM (#37443)

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