posted by davidt on Sunday August 11 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Speedway / November Spawned A Monster // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • Okay bring it on.....details, details, details what was the set list? has pics from days 1 & 2...pretty good shots of Moz....
    Jack in Clear Lake.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @10:02PM (#36245)
  • Opening music (Score:2, Informative)

    This may have been posted elsewhere already, but here it is, from Boz's tour diary:

    "Someone was asking about the walk on music: it's Sir John Betjaman [ an ex poet laureate ] reading a very touching poem about the death of one's father....."
    Old Mathew -- Sunday August 11 2002, @11:25PM (#36251)
    (User #5874 Info)
  • Well that just kicked major butt! King Cheetah wasn't bad - but the MOZ was perfect. The highlight I think was when someone tossed him a concert shirt. He held it up and said "what do I need this for, I know what my name is" and threw it out into the audience - someone was out some bucks! HA! Of course there were the downsides, jerks smoking in the auditorium, folks running up on stage - people just throwing stuff - one item HIT the guitar players Guitar!
    Loved it loved it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @11:45PM (#36253)
  • Ok - stuck here in perpetually sunny Australia with as much chance of Moz appearing here in the near future as snow, so can someone who goes to the US tour let me know if there is a backdrop/projection on this tour? Cheers!
    gonzo -- Monday August 12 2002, @12:03AM (#36254)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
  • morrissey was as lively and animated as i have every seen him! he came out on stage in what looked like a white ruffled tuxedo shirt, slightly unbuttoned, of course. ;) he looked amazing - handsome as ever. i was more excited as usual because my sister was with me and it was her first moz show. she loved every minute of it.

    also, "late night, maudlin street" was absolutely beautiful live. i loved looking at morrissey's face as he sang this; just full of emotion.

    some highlights:

    01. as soon as "november spawned a monster" started, someone threw a hat with the word "vile" on it, just like in the video, and as if on cue, morrissey puts it on right before the lyrics are to begin!

    02. only one fan was able to make it on stage. he managed to touch morrissey but as he was about to kiss him on the cheek he was manhandled by security, quite roughly at that.

    03. as someone already mentioned, moz was handed one of the new blue tour shirts. morrissey examines the shirt, places it up to his chest and asks "and why on earth did you give me this? i know who i am!" and tosses it back.

    04. morrissey received many gifts, some of them being a colorful lei and what looked like a gold chain with a cross on it, which he promptly put on around his neck.

    05. a fan threw an object on stage which incidentally hit boz on the hand. visibly agitated, he shook his hand and cursed under his breath. other fans who noticed this yelled and asked him if he was okay. :)

    06. besides boz getting smacked with a flying object, all the boys seemed to be having a great time. i would catch alain looking to get boz and gary's attention, and as soon as he got it he would give them a wink and a smile. morrissey was dancing, and he turned to look at dave gahan aka dean the drummer and dean flash the biggest smile.

    07. during the new song, "mexico", after the first verses featuring the title, fans actually applauded as opposed to just cheering. morrissey of course took a bow. ;)

    many more highlights, but i can't think straight - still overwhelmed by the show! thank you morrissey!
    ladymoz -- Monday August 12 2002, @01:07AM (#36260)
    (User #154 Info)
    • Very Cool !! by Mud (Score:1) Monday August 12 2002, @12:53PM
  • Just returned to Phoenix from Yuma. What a way to end the weekend touring with Moz! Now it's back to work in a few hours! F**K!

    The Yuma set list was exactly the same as Tucson, but I didn't mind as long as he played Maudlin again. The venue actually looked like a high school gymnasium than a concert venue. It felt like homecoming and prom all over again, but this time with people you'd rather NOT poke in the eye!

    Just to add to Ladymoz's comments about the show, here are some things I remembered...

    After the first song, Moz welcomed Yuma by saying, "Welcome to an evening of showtunes!"

    As in Phoenix, Moz changed the first part of Hairdresser to... "Where is Yuma? Where is Yuma?"

    He also mentioned the "new album" again by saying, "We have a new album that's set to be released in 15 years!"

    The song I noticed that got the most response (compared to the previous 2 shows) was Mexico. Not surprised being that the border is minutes away. He asked if anyone was from Calexico and after Mexico, the crowd started chanting ME-XI-CO, ME-XI-CO, ME-XI-CO!!!

    Speaking of the shirt Moz threw out, I almost caught that, but someone behind me got it. Damn it!

    I don't want to repeat Ladymoz, so I'll just end it here. I'll see you in Seattle Moz! N-e-e-d s-l-e-e-p...

    Az Moz Fan -- Monday August 12 2002, @04:52AM (#36265)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • let me get what I want, and bring that song back in time for London!
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Monday August 12 2002, @06:02AM (#36267)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • The new songs (Score:1, Interesting)

    Just seen the lyrics of the new songs transcribed on Morrissey

    Well, they're not exactly his best are they? A lot of the same old ground being covered - glamorised lowlife (First Of The Gang), being unloveable (Crashing Bores) and a few more suspicious veiled comments about magistrates and criminals running the law. After 6 years surely he isn't STILL pissed off about that court case?

    At least Mexico seems interesting - an attack on white affluence which should one hopes put an end to the racism thing.

    If the lyrics are transcribed properly then it's weird to see him use the word "shit" in a song! That's what living in LA does to a nice English boy.... (43? boy?)
    Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @06:16AM (#36268)
  • Now we're well into the tour-with-no-name, has anyone got any info/comments regarding the release of new material (album, singles)?

    If a full international tour can be organised, then surely it's just a load of bollocks that Morrissey is having difficulty arranging a record contract?

    (Anyway, I suppose the lyrics of his new songs don't look anything special...)
    jason25 -- Monday August 12 2002, @07:32AM (#36271)
    (User #5890 Info)
  • I am just dying reading all these reviews......the shows sound like they have been absolutely AMAZING!!! Moz has got to come over here to the East coast. :-)
    PretendersGirl -- Monday August 12 2002, @08:08AM (#36273)
    (User #5661 Info)
  • i don't know if this question has been raised anywhere, but i'm curious to know what the make-up of the audience is like? i'd hate to A.S.S.U.M.E. that it is primarily latino, but i venture to guess it's 75% latino and 25% caucasion or other? heh :)
    nowmyheartisok -- Monday August 12 2002, @09:56AM (#36282)
    (User #4875 Info)
  • I Met Him!!! (Score:3, Informative)

    I was wondering if anyone else has met Moz yet on the tour. I had the pleasure to last night. It was very brief but I left the venue during the last song and caught him as he left right as it ended and got into his Black Town Car. I did manage to ask him if he planed to add any other songs to the setlist and he said "Maybe a few Flock of Seagulls songs". Obviously a joke. I shook his hand and he was off. I didn't have the chance to have him sign anything. It was the perfect way to end a fabulous evening.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @10:23AM (#36294)
    • Re:I Met Him!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 12 2002, @08:59PM
    • Re:I Met Him!!! by averylyssa (Score:1) Tuesday August 13 2002, @10:58AM
    • Wow by Eric Hartman (Score:1) Wednesday August 14 2002, @05:13AM
      • Re:Wow by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday August 14 2002, @07:24AM
  • If morrissey was to change his set list i would like to hear

    break up the family
    well i wonder
    sing your life
    the edges are no longer parrallel and i would explode if he sang THE QUEEN IS DEADi just think it would be appropriate ;)
    Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @02:11PM (#36322)
  • I am in shock (Score:3, Informative)

    I just got home from all of the AZ. shows. I honestly don't know what to say......? The shows were some of the best I have seen yet(minus the slight tech probs the first night). After seeing many shows spanning back to the "Kill Uncle" tour, these three were some of my favorite, as far as songs played, and band performance, etc. The New songs! I really cannot even begin to explain this to you......I like them so very damn much. I am still at a loss for words. "First in The Gang to Die" may possibly be one of my favorite Moz songs ever, and I have only heard it three times now. It is just so good! I am getting upset as I type this beacuse I can't listen to it!!!
              The first night in Phoenix was just a little bit extra special because it was the first show and it was great to see all the bands' reaction to slight mistakes that were made or the bad sound probs(Alain, how many times can you cringe?) My heart seriously dropped into my ankles when they came out and I heard "Please, Please, Please..." I cannot even describe with words what this moment was like. I could not believe it was actually happening. And to hear "There Is A Light" at all three shows is truly one of the highlights of my life. This has pretty much been the most important song in my life for the last 15 years, and I never dreamt that I would be so lucky to actually hear it live in person. That changed this weekend. I was so overcome with emotion, that I could not even cry. I could only stare in awe and sing from the bottom of my heart. I can't believe this really happened!
                Despite suffering extreeme heat exhaustion all weekend(Phoenix was 115 degrees all day in line) I had a great time at all the shows. I want to thank everyone I met in line, or saw again, for at least making the time pass a little easier. Only for Moz shows would I wait in 100+ degree heat from the early morning on. I can't wait for the next shows I get to go to. I am kinda bummed that I have no shows to go to in Canada now, but I will make a good vacation out of it. I am still in ultra-shock. The five hour drive home from Yuma gave me time to realise how lucky I am to have seen these shows.

    Sharron Needles -- Monday August 12 2002, @02:14PM (#36324)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • ...what is a 'Yuma', please?
    gonzo -- Monday August 12 2002, @02:31PM (#36327)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
  • Did anybody recognize some of the songs Moz picked out for his intermission music between King Cheetah's set and his set?
    Confidential Person -- Monday August 12 2002, @05:14PM (#36348)
    (User #5858 Info)
  • Hot Shower (Score:3, Interesting)

    I like the comment made by Morrissey after appearing for the encore, "I feel as if I have just taken a hot shower with all of you." I would assume that he liked the crowd reaction or maybe it was the way we were chanting his name.
    Old Fossil -- Monday August 12 2002, @09:36PM (#36377)
    (User #1159 Info)
  • Morrissey was absolutely charming.....the crpwd was alive...somewhat too alive to where 4 punks were jumping one guy right before morrisey came out...but because of this it gave us a chance to run through the fight and get closer to the charming man..the ring leader of the fight wasn't too bad himself..hell-o too the playboys we met their "loz" aka mark and jimmy...the drive through the desert was well worth it thanks morrissey for a most wonderful time ...can't wait to see you again day of the year!
    snakeyes -- Monday August 12 2002, @09:44PM (#36379)
    (User #5826 Info)
  • he played no songs from maladjusted, right? i heard a lot of people saying the shows were too short, i mean i have tix for london and it's not the cheapest show... so, hopefully he'll come to germoney and tix will be cheaper...
    VIVAH8 <[email protected]> -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @04:37AM (#36409)
    (User #3602 Info)
    "veganism is compassion"
  • Oh well, I just got to my comp, and while reading previous entries, I realized that other fans like Arizona Mozfan, LadyMoz and Sharon Needles have already scrupulously described every Moz move and joke in smallest details (and did it perfectly), so I would try not to be redundant and say something fresh, if possible...

    I would start from afar: Personally, I always wanted to go to Yuma and meet Tibby... Remember her, she was very active on this board about a year ago, and then she somehow almost disappeared from the radar screen... (Did she lost Internet access? That's what her dairy says.) Alas, I didn't meet her, yet I hope she indeed was there and she recharged her batteries so to speak with Moz's energy... She is a beautiful, somehow vulnerable spiritual girl, and, in case she was there, I'm sure she had enjoyed the show, which featured perhaps one of the best Moz performances ever...

    Now, back to the start of my overbearing and boring story (If you stopped reading already, you made a right choice, if you are stubborn reader and still here with me up to this point, I give you a virtual Tori-esque bear hug)…
    Well, I hate to say it, but I came to Yuma… alone… My Israeli LA ex wanted to go, but he was tied up by his current love interest at LA, while my SD partner decided to go to Hillcrest 5th Avenue Street Fair, and get drunk and merry with his buddies… So we went to Hillcrest Street Fair around 11AM, it was very cool by the way, a real ‘hood holiday, with all kinds of locals, queers and straights enjoying themselves under benevolent San Diego sun and buying/selling all kind of useless but cute merchandise like steroid-spiked energy drinks, incense and all kind of crafts and foods… I tried to make my partner and his zillion friends go with me, but SD men are lazy and hedonistic… There were no takers on my offer… My partner line of argument: “Fuck! Yuma, where is that? Alaska? It’s 6 hours drive, are you nuts, your car would explode, you would get lost in mountains under snowstorm or even worse, Yuma Indians would scalp you! Then Arizona coyotes would feast on your bones… Do you want to see Senator McCain that badly? All of this crazy travel to see some closet-case has-been obscure British singer instead of drinking beers with your boyfriend?! ” In response, I was somberly repeating many times: “I must see Morrissey” with manic conviction of kamikaze pilot… So then my partner decided to outfox me by (falsely?) claiming that he spiked my beer with LSD and therefore I can’t go… unless it is Grateful Dead concert… Well, I asked him for divorce and went by myself… OK, I really didn’t ask for divorce, but he was pissed and I felt guilty, almost like unfaithful spouse… So merrily I went…

    Well, it sucks to travel by myself, so I was listening to the bunch of music on my way to Yuma not to fall asleep… I passed Alpine, 2 casinos, mountains, deserts, dunes, humid greenery of Imperial County with numerous cranes munching on avocados or whatever agricultural produce it was… It was hot, I sweated like a pig, and angrily thought of my partner and his friends drinking cold ones at Hamburger Mary… Why Moz chose Yuma? Maybe to impress Miss Tibby?! To explore the new listeners market of San Louis/Mexicali/El Centro/Yuma? The guy used to be the toast of London and now Yuma, Arizona…? Yet later I realized that small and intimate Yuma venue would be perfect to observe the Legend closely. Yuma Convention Center provincial, close face-to-face, LA-fans-less (sorry!), comfy, almost high school soccer game environment would be worth all the travel…

    Again, it was hot and humid, Yuma was a pleasant but boring place, not moneyed place for sure, somehow different from San Diego… It looked a ‘lil shabby, like poorer parts of El Cajon Blvd, but without hookers and homeless, just well-behaved and well-mannered locals driving and walking here and there, oblivious to Morrissey… Many motels and all kinds of fast foods and car dealerships… I got to the Yuma Convention Center at one piece, it looked like high schoo
    Fox in the Snow -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @04:37AM (#36410)
    (User #4967 Info)
  • Well it suddenly struck me,
        Could it be that Viva Hate was the best received of all the solo work in Japan ?? Does anyone know if the other material was even released there ??
          Im trying to find a reason why he picked 6 songs out of a 17 song set off the same disc, the oldest disc at that. I think hes trying to play to the favorites of the Japanese fans , while at the same time earning the respect & heavy payday from the promoter. I mean , why else would he play 3 dates in America, and THEN go to Japan ?
        Ill tell you why- to warmup old songs and be ready to give the festival his best shot, then return to the states with hard earned cash in hand.
        Then he switches the setlist to include other songs & even more new material to get ready for the studio.
        I hope Im right, because for an artist with 110+ solo songs , and 75+ Smiths songs under the belt, its just not right to play 30% of a set off one recording.
            Any thoughts ??? Kram
    kram -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @12:37PM (#36458)
    (User #5621 Info)
  • PLEASE HELP! I just saw all the shows and I am still in shock he opened his tour in my homestate. Anyways I am a backscruber from Phoenix moving to LA next month to try to get into grad school & need a reasonable priced place to live. I thought a fellow Moz fan would be a good place to start..thx dave [email protected]
    Mozzer1 -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @02:46PM (#36479)
    (User #5916 Info)
  • after a 4-day net deprivation, I wrote an Arizona review of the shows with the link below :
    sweet_jane -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @03:53PM (#36482)
    (User #4396 Info |
    "bad diary days"
  • Morrissey if you are reading this, please ignore Dallas, Austin, or Houston. It would really please me if you ignored us once more.

    Will I ever get to Hug You?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @09:50PM (#36502)
  • Did anyone else notice how at this show during "There Is A Light....," that the whole pit started to slowly rock back-and-forth? How damn beautiful.....
    Sharron Needles -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @11:55PM (#36509)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
    • Re:Hey...? by ladymoz (Score:1) Wednesday August 14 2002, @12:12AM
  • I couldn`t believe Morrissey was right in front of me.I was so overcome I cried!Morrissey looked so incredibly beautiful.He sounded magnificent.I hope to see him again.After the show I asked a roadie for Morrissey`s towel and he kindly gave it to me and he also gave me a set list.And I have to give my love to my fellow fans.They were so kind to me.I love you forever Morrissey!

    Love your devoted and forever fan!
    tibby -- Wednesday August 14 2002, @04:45PM (#36578)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
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