posted by davidt on Saturday August 10 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Speedway / November Spawned A Monster// There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Just to clarify, the album, if it ever gets made, is to be called Irish Blood, English Heart, but is Mexican themed, and has a song called Mexico! Why not call it English Blood, Mexican Heart?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @10:07PM (#36122)
  • Please hurry and post some info for this evenings show....I have been waiting all night long to see if the set list was any different from last night. Also ......did anyone sopt Julia Rieley at the shows? I envy those of you who were able to see Moz.....Please come to Texas....Houston, Dallas, Austin....anywhere but El Paso....
    Jack in Clear Lake
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @10:09PM (#36123)
  • I don't mean to start a big debate before the reviews come in, but don't people think his sets should be a little longer? I know when people said this after the first show, others (pretty much) insulted them and mentioned how the set was long for a Moz show. But really, this is an artist approaching 20 years of material. If I was stupid enough to go to a Strokes show I'd expect to see a 75 minute set, but certainly not at a Morrissey show. Shouldn't he be playing at least 2 hours of stuff???
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @11:04PM (#36126)
  • Unfortunanly I wasn't at the concert but my sister was and would call on her cell to let me hear a few songs some of the songs I heard were..

    Hairdresser on Fire
    Last Night On Maudlin Street
    Meat Is Murder


    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (i think this was the encore again
    Tristeza -- Saturday August 10 2002, @11:07PM (#36127)
    (User #5324 Info)
  • Tucson set list (Score:3, Informative)

    Awesome, awesome show. The songs performed were as follows:

    I Want the One I Can't Have - Suedehead - Hairdresser on Fire - The First in the Gang to Die - Jack the Ripper - Late Night Maudlin St - I Like You - Mexico - Sister I'm a Poet - Alsatian Cousin - Little Man What Now - Everyday is Like Sunday - The World is Full of Crashing Bores - Meat is Murder - Speedway - November Spawned a Monster. Encore: There is a Light That Never Goes Out.

    He also quipped that at the current rate, his new album should be coming out in 2008. But don't look at him.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @12:04AM (#36136)
  • Ok, I saw that another person asked about Maudlin Street and the response was slow and moopey; however If some one could expand on it, like did he change any of the words significantly. I know this may seem childish and silly but, that's my favorite Moz song of all time and I am just sorry I missed it at the PHX show.
    T-Dog -- Sunday August 11 2002, @01:43AM (#36153)
    (User #5853 Info)
  • Merchandise, was there merchandise? Tourbooks? Anything other than shirts?
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @01:57AM (#36154)
  • An important part of the Moz concert ritual is his choice of pre-gig music? Anybody recognised/made a list yet. Have we the usual suspects - Nico, Klaus Nomi, Cockney Rejects?

    Any more clues about what the walk on theme music was?

    And is there an exit theme (think it was Sinatra last time wasn't it)?
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @02:20AM (#36158)
    • i'm beginning to think that people are either too traumatized by the show or they've been zapped with a memory eraser gun to recount anything beyond "it was great!"
      suzanne -- Sunday August 11 2002, @07:56AM (#36182)
      (User #36 Info)
      I scare dead people.
    • Re:Please Can We hear About Interval Music? by kram (Score:0) Sunday August 11 2002, @10:52AM
    • Re:Please Can We hear About Interval Music? by abbockho (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @03:38PM
    • Sorry, I also didn't recognize most of the intro music. There's "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" which I think is the theme song to the movie, sung by Bette Davis and Debbie Burton (see .html for a possible download--haven't tried it yet myself). Then there is this song sung in Spanish that sounds like the chorus actually says "Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey." I don't speak Spanish, except for what I learned in high school, but I could swear that they said something like "when you get tired of [something]love, listen to the records of Morrissey." It sounds all electronic-pop like, and I have no idea who's singing it. The last song to be played is Nico's "Innocent and Vain," just like on the last tour. Then after that comes the poem, which is spoken by a guy with an English accent and set to music. The poem says something like "little Buggy, do not die," mentions "the London traffic roar" and "my father." After this poem, Morrissey takes the stage. It seems like there might be another 60s-era song sung by a woman also, but I can't remember any details about that. I hope that gives a bit more info and that someone else will add to this.

      Also, for the exit, I'm pretty sure that the poem just plays again.
      Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @02:46PM (#36331)
  • antaño, si mal no recuerdo, mi vida era un festín...
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @04:35AM (#36165)
  • For 14 years, this ("Late Night, Maudlin Street") has been my favorite song (including Smiths). Last night I finally saw it (i think it was the first time he ever played it?). I think (but not sure) that he screwed up the words (wrong order), and the music just didn't have what it has on the album. I know that Vini Reilly is a better musician and guitar play then Boz & Alain, but could they even try to play these "Viva Hate" songs.... They skipped half of the "Everyday is Like Sunday" & "Suedehead" guitar lines (And it was one only guitarist back then, it's two now!!!). I hope one of them (B & A) listen to the album version before I see them again in 18 days.... Sorry, I love the man (and his band), but sometimes you just have to bitch.... no one is perfect. Last note, Tucson was better than Pheonix I though.... OK, Bye... :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @05:47AM (#36172)
    • Re:Maudlin Street by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday August 11 2002, @06:37AM
    • Re:Maudlin Street by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday August 11 2002, @07:31AM
    • Re:Maudlin Street (Score:2, Insightful)

      Ok, it might be fair to say that Vini Reilly is a more gifted musician than Alain and Boz, but you must admit that he has a very unique style. To get the same sound Vini gets from his effects pedals would be at the least tricky. I don't think it's fair to compare studio work to live material...You said "it was only one guitarist back then, it's two now"- well, actually in a studio one guitarist can record an almost infinite number of guitar tracks and put them all together. Another point is that Stephen Street played guitar on the album as well. Johnny Marr created a "wall" of guitars on many Smiths songs (witness The Headmaster Ritual with no less than 20 guitar tracks). With regard to Alain and Boz, try comparing Now My Heart is Full studio version with a live version...I think you'll find that to get that true sound to studio version they would need an extra few guitarists up on stage.
      Osakaglen -- Sunday August 11 2002, @12:14PM (#36206)
      (User #5882 Info)
      "If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station..."
    • Lyrics as performed by isleofdogs (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @04:50PM
    • Re:Maudlin Street by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 13 2002, @08:59AM
  • One interesting bit that happened: while singing Alsatian cousin, someone in the audience held up a sign reading, "On the Desk is Where I _Want_ You" Moz took it from them, held it up, and propped it up in front of the drums.

    Wardrobe note -- he had on a bad 60's banana yellow, ruffled tuxedo shirt with a brown cardigan (the latter came off within minutes). He changed for the encore into a tight black button-up.
    abbockho -- Sunday August 11 2002, @08:05AM (#36183)
    (User #5875 Info)
  • A funny moment happened during King Cheat-A's set. I think someone yelled something derogatory out to the band, and the singer quipped something like, "If you had sucked my cock, I would have remembered it, so fuck off!"

    Frankly after this incident, their set got better, I suggest someone piss them off at every show...just a suggestion....
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 11 2002, @09:40AM (#36189)
  • i think morrissey should have played "disapointed" since he was a song short from his usual setlist.... anybody see what he was wearing?
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday August 11 2002, @12:08PM (#36204)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Sorry to ask this here, but is anyone going to the Summer Sonic festival in Osaka, Japan to see Moz? If so, let's hook up before and/or after the show for some genuine Moz fat chewing. [email protected]
    Osakaglen -- Sunday August 11 2002, @12:20PM (#36207)
    (User #5882 Info)
    "If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station..."
  • I am a big morrissey fan, but somehow I never understood the name "MOZ" for Morrissey and "BOZ" for the guitar player. Can someone tell me how these names came about?

    P.S. The Phoenix Show Rocked!!!!
    bahit -- Sunday August 11 2002, @05:01PM (#36230)
    (User #5857 Info)
    • Re:quick ? by MOZ IS GOD (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @06:46PM
      • Re:quick ? by Mike Mozfan (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @06:53PM
    • Re:quick ? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday August 12 2002, @11:15AM
  • the barrier was a mile from the stage --but the band was much tighter than in phoenix--security was warning fans at the front door any stage invaders would be ejected--since a guitar amp got fried in phoenix--i can see why--they also warned anyone with a camera would also be ejected--give me a break-- saw a few flashes though--cogratulations to the brave ones--
    Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @02:53AM (#36263)
  • More details (Score:2, Informative)

    Let me add a few more details about Tucson-
      It was very hot, the theatre is very old and lacks AC. He was constantly playing with his hair due to the sweat and was rubbing his nose a lot.
          After Suedhead he said 2-3 times 'Its a hot august night in Tucson , you must be happy, you must be happy'. Then after Hairdresser he said he was flying down Speedway today.....on roller skates. Speedway is one of the big streets here & I thought for sure he was doing an intro to Speedway, but they went right into First to die.
        After another new song they did a beautiful version of my favorite- Jack the ripper.The highlight of the show until the encore.
        Then Maudlin, which I hate to admit here, gave me a great chance to hit the bathroom & get another beer. Like 'Everyday is like Sunday', this song is hard to pull off live. I dont get it.
          Next up was 'I like you ' and the band at last looked comfortable on stage. The bassist came forward [had been standing next to drums the entire set] and Alain & Boz started smiling at each other. You could tell it was working after 1 1/2 sets. After the song he said ' that song was called' ....
    crowd screams for him---'I like you' and the comic returns with- 'No, I hate you'.
          I couldnt believe how much he talked betwween songs, almost every time.He really tried to hear what the crowd was saying & said 'what' about 6 times . He even started saying- Gab, Gab,Gab, Gab, before one song when it looked like he was holding the band up from starting. Very funny.
          Few other things- he sang 'Brother Im a poet' at the very end of that song. On November, Boz played a clarinet [ or an oboe] for the middle part. After Crashing bores He commented on the American music scene as a bunch of crashing bores- 'Fuck em,Fuck em'. Excellent version of 'Meat is murder'. When I saw the setlist I didnt think this was a great idea, but the man pulled it off,kneeling down at the front of the stage for the last part as if he were crying. He really got the message across.
        Just before 'November ' he said -' We lost it in Phoenix, but We found it in Tucson'. Then the best for last- 'There is a light that never goes out' was perfect. One of the best Smiths songs ever & one of the best live songs Ive ever heard. The crowd went crazy and sang along the entire song.Morrissey said goodbye & left it to us to finish the lyric while the band played on.
        What a finish, but it seemed to me the night finished early, 2 more encores would have been nice. But whats that showbiz phrase ??
            Always leave em wanting more !! Indeed.
    kram -- Monday August 12 2002, @12:14PM (#36305)
    (User #5621 Info)
  • When he came on wearing a cardi I thought, 'Oh no, how sad, you're stuck in the 80s, mate'. But, more than that, this was Tucson in August for God's sake! Needless to say, it only stayed on a few minutes. The rest of the gig he spent mopping his very very sweaty brow.
    Great gig, though. He has a fab voice and is Mr Showman Extraordinaire. Really seemed to be enjoying himself, kept the audience's attention, and got a wonderful reception. I later revised my opinion on the cardi and thought, 'Good on you for sticking to your style'. So, converted (like I wasn't already).
    Does anyone know where he went afterwards? We stopped off at Congress but no sign of him. Did he perhaps hook up with Jared Leto and Cameron Diaz for a wee party? (JL had a gig in Tucson too that night, apparently).
    Lastly, why the @*%! did he play Yuma? No offence, Yuma-ites, but..
    Anonymous -- Monday August 12 2002, @08:40PM (#36366)
  • Can somebody fill me in about the whole Catherine Wheel pub venture before Mozza's Albert hall gig?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 13 2002, @04:07PM (#36486)

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