posted by davidt on Friday August 09 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper / At Amber / Alsatian Cousin / Little Man, What Now? / I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die (New Song) / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (New Song) / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Suedehead / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / Mexico (New Song) / November Spawned a Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

set list provided by Butterfly (link)
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  • I did not get to go to this concert, But I was the first to post on here!-unlucky person.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @10:30PM (#35963)
  • So what's this "I Like Me" song I'm hearing about?
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @10:43PM (#35964)
    • The song was soundchecked and is called I Like You.. it was on the setlist but not played.

      The lyric goes something like

      Why did I let you get away....
      with saying the things said to me?

      Is it because I like you?

      ITs something along those lines.
      isleofdogs <[email protected]> -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:44PM (#35977)
      (User #1011 Info)
  • Setlist from

    Please, Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Jack the Ripper
    At Amber
    Alsatian Cousin/Little Man What Now
    I want the One I Can't have
    Hairdresser On Fire
    The first of the gang to die--NEW SONG
    The World is full of crashing boars--NEW SONG
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    I Like You???--NEW SONG
    Sister I'm A Poet
    Meat Is Murder
    Mexico- (Fucking bad! A Little boy , things in Mexico)--NEW SONG
    November Spawned A Monster
    (Maudlin Street was on the set list but not played)- Speedway
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:07PM (#35967)
  • It was great!!! I loved the concert.... blast from the 80's. Nice mix of old and new....
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:28PM (#35970)
  • What a great show!! Moz.. was in great form and an excellent mood.. He opened up by screaming "Hello Witchita!!"... heres the setlist.. its a little different than.. but it's Correct!!

    1. Please Please please let me get what I want
    2. Jack the Ripper
    3. At Amber
    4. Alsatian Cousin
    5. Little Man, What Now?
    6. I want the one I cant have
    7. Hairdresser On Fire
    8. The First Of the Gang to Die (New Song)
    9. The World is Full of Crashing Bores (New Song)
    10. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    11. Suedehead
    12. Sister Im A Poet
    13. Meat Is Murder
    14. Mexico (For Want of My Love??) (New Song)
    15. November Spawned a Monster
    16. Speedway
    17. Theres a Light That never Goes out

    That is the Definitive Setlist.. Wrote it down as they played.. :o)

    What a great show... so many amazing old songs. and the Mexico song was GREAT!!

    Bye for now..... Butterfly ... Phoenix AZ
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:29PM (#35971)
  • or was it just my imagination??
    Anonymous -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:48PM (#35978)
  • that is a set list I've had wet dreams about.
    someone pinch me. hard. real hard.

    I am in disbelief.
    my god what a gorgeous set list.

    I hope it doesnt change too much
    before he comes to Eugene... See you there, Moz!
    measurectal -- Friday August 09 2002, @11:51PM (#35979)
    (User #186 Info)
  • November Spawned a Monter- Played too much on other tours
    Speedway-same as above.
    Meat is Murder- Great song but played on last tour

    Would drop the above and add:
    Find out for yourself
    Maudilin Street (great if actually on the setlist)
    Girlfreind in a Coma
    nobody's nothing -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:02AM (#35982)
    (User #264 Info)
    Morrissey and the Detroit Lions! A match made in heaven!
  • Can anyone relate any of the specific lyrics or general subject matter of the new songs?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:05AM (#35983)
  • He soundchecked The World is Full of Crashing Bores and I Like You.
    Those songs were actually played on the speakers outside the venue
    so about 10 of us got a crystal clear earful.

    Crashing Bores is really good musically, vocally and lyrically.
    I Like You is a middle of the road song.
    The First of the Gang to Die is a decent song.

    All three of these songs are about the same in that they are
    all sort of mid-tempo. Nothing heavy, nothing too soft.

    Mexico is more of a ballad type of song. It has a real nice
    rhythm to it.

    I would say in order of best to not best the 4 songs are:

    Crashing Bores
    First of the Gang to Die
    I Like You


    Please, Please, Please was a fairly heavy version.
    Jack the Ripper was the same.
    At Amber was ok. Moz had problems hearing himself all night.
    Alsatian Cousin sounded a lot like live version of the past
    but went straight into Little Man What Now just like the album.
    Hairdresses was just like the Oye tour with the same lyric changes.
    I Want the One I Can't Have was just SUPERB.
    Everyday is like Sunday and Suedehead were both played without distortion
    like they were played in 91 compared to 92 where it was all electric.
    Sister I'm a Poet was the same.
    Meat is Murder was just like the Oye tour.
    Ditto for November.
    Speedway was different in beginning the song. Morrissey sang the first
    lines VERY VERY slowly, more wording it than singing it. Boz had
    the chainsaw sample at his control but it was much much louder when
    the road crew tested it.
    The encore, There is a Light was great. Morrissey kind of gave up
    on the vocals at the end but the crowd didn't.

    Dean Butterworth had very short hair and a small goatee.
    Boz had light brown hair with a full beard and mustache and
    I think he was looking a lot like Al Borland from Tool Time/Home Improvement.
    Gary looked like he always does.
    Alain had some weird short haircut and looked like Joey
    Tribianni from friends.
    Moz looked good. I few less hairs but still Moz.

    The set list had me in utter disbelief. I knew something
    big was going to happen for the encore, I just had no idea.

    From beginning to end Morrissey seemed eager to prove that
    he can absolutely blow away an audience any time he wants.

    He kept asking repeatedly if the crowd liked the new songs, specfically
    Last of the Gang and Mexico. He didn't ask after Crashing Bores
    because the response was so much better.

    More on Dean.. he had a gong on his drum set like John
    Bonham or something. It was kind of funny trying to see
    when he was going to use it. I think he did some sort of
    drum roll on it to end Meat is Murder.

    He was real stiff and seemed like he was trying very hard
    not to mess up. I think by the time they get to Vegas he
    is going to really shine. He had some nice fills that spiced
    up November and some other songs but most notably he by far
    has the loudest drums out of him, Spencer and Spike.

    The show was in a round theatre and people were getting on
    stage like mad during Hairdresser. Gary's amps got knocked over
    as did Boz's and his broke. Alain's mic got knocked over as well
    and for a while it looked like it was going to get ugly fast
    but people backed off.

    Morrissey introduced Last of the Gang and started to play
    but Boz stopped him because of his amp not working and
    Morrissey quipped, "It's a short song"

    They replaced Boz's amp with the King Cheeta's amp.

    Overall the show was great even though there was sound
    problems and sometimes the lack of rehearsal seemed

    At one point during the show he said, "I thought by now
    you would have moved on.... There's still time"
    isleofdogs <[email protected]> -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:12AM (#35984)
    (User #1011 Info)
  • What was sister i'm a poet like?Was it like the one off of Beethoven was deaf/world of moz or was it more like the original version?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:31AM (#35986)
    • Re:Question by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @10:21AM
  • what was the mexico song about or what did moz sing?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:33AM (#35987)
  • Was there merchandise being sold, and if so give details, how much and what kind of stuff please.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:33AM (#35988)
    • Re:Was there? (Score:3, Informative)

      The Merchandise consisted of t-shirts only.
      the colors of the shirts were Blue, Pink and Black shirts all with the same italicized scripted "Morrissey" on the front. the blue and pink shirt were crew type t-shirts; while the black was a stretchy tank top for women.

      King Cheetha had only one shirt and it was black.


      Overall, I thought the show was great. I thought Morrissey was much more personalbe than the last time I saw him (97)' State Fair (Maladjusted). I am left to believe and I may be really off on this, but it seems as though he enjoys Arizona, for he knows where the shopping malls are located, includes Arizona on his tours, makes fun of pronouncing Tucson, said his skin was leathery from being born in Flagstaff and filmed a video (Lovelife) here, etc. - Maybe I'm reaching.

      Anyone figure out what the referrence to the song he said was dedicated to "someone who died 25 years ago within the last 48 hours? you know or don't you?" -- I believe the song was "There's a Light". I think he was fooling around, because a few things he said where very random, like being born in Flagstaff, etc. But if anyone knows pleast let me know.

      In closing, the Viva Hate songs revival, A. Counsin and Little Man What Now, were absolutely fantastic. Those two songs alone were worth the price of admission. Don't even tease me that Maudlin Street was on the setlist but didn't get played. - To all the people who have tickets for upcomming shows, enjoy.
      T-Dog -- Saturday August 10 2002, @02:21AM (#35996)
      (User #5853 Info)
  • What's printed on the merch?
    king leer -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:52AM (#35990)
    (User #80 Info)
  • Dean and more (Score:3, Informative)

    I thought Dean Was great actually. Maybe I payed more attention to him because I really wanted to see just what he had to offer. He was very crisp and I think he hit pretty hard.

    Morrissey's voice. In my opinion, he did not reaaly get warmed up until Suedehead, when his voice started to sound really full. He made a comment earlier in the show, saying, "the mic is off-key, not me."

    I agree with earlier posts--I want the one I can't have was fabulous. Unreal. The Viva Hate selections were great because I really felt like he had not played them in years alhtough I could be wrong, but I was happy about that because Viva Hate is a great album.

    As the show went on, I really began to think, "Gosh, Morrissey has so many great songs to choose from...he could put a different set list together for every night of the tour, and they would all be smashing."

    Moz was pretty talkative. You have already read about, "Good evening Wichita." He also quipped, "I really thought you would tire of this by now" (or words to that affect). He also said, "Before we head on to Tucson tomorrow, we are going to hit Fashion Square because we really need some 'fashion'". For those of you who don't know, Fashion Square is a snobby, uppity mall in Scottsdale, an uppity town, if you ask me, so the comment from Moz was classin IMO.

    He dedicated one song, I cannot remember which to "someone who died twenty (?????) years ago, I think you all know who, or do you?" And he also mis pronounced Tucson on purpose several time ("Tuxson, Tucson, Tuxson").

    Anyway, I hope that helps and look forward to reading other posts.

    The MAN is back. Believe it, and he is better than ever. Thank you Morrissey, thank you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @01:48AM (#35993)
    • Re:Dean and more by el Seor Consul (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @08:42AM
    • Re:Dean and more by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @10:29AM
      • Re:Witchita by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @04:36PM
        • Re:Witchita by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @07:59PM
  • Wonderful venue. I don't know what the "Fans First" tickets netted me. Nevertheless, even arriving only a half hour before the doors open, I was able to get a spot on the pit rail. The place looked packed...except (naturally) for the seats behind the stage. The pit arrangement was nice. Because it wasn't one huge floor (like House of Blues Vegas), there wasn't a lot of cramming and excessive pressure on those in the front.

    King Cheetah were a capable power-chord band. They were better than I expected. :) They sang a song which they claimed was dedicated to Morrissey called "Victoria In Reverse." Victoria in reverse is Airotciv, so I don't know what they meant: erosive?

    I was shocked by Please, Please, Please being the first song. For Everyday Is Like Sunday, Boz played a banjo. During said song, Morrissey grimaced self-consciously when he sang, "come, come, nuclear bomb" (I'm guessing because of the terrorist attacks last year). He introduced Everyday as a song about Flagstaff, AZ, which is where he said he was born. That's why he has a leathery face. Ha! His face looked very nice...actually looked better and better as the show progressed!

    It was interesting that for the new songs, Morrissey was singing with a higher voice than most of the other songs. He had a different style of singing, too...most notably on the Bores?/Balls?/Boys? song.

    Morrissey seemed a bit petulant about the touring (there were subtle things said); though it's only just beginning!

    As always, I got a kick out of hearing the security talk about the show: they CLAIMED Morrissey was really angry about the stage invasions and was about to cancel the rest of that show. A few who rushed the stage *were* a bit rambunctious--just let go when they're pulling you away!--but to everyone's credit, no one did anything distracting during the new songs. Morrissey sounded like he was finding his voice still...which is not surprising since it *is* the first show. He looked smashing; though, he could use a different wardrobe. Those ill-fitting cargo pants were tres unflattering. Great hair, sweet self-deprecation. Great setlist. I kinda' wish he'd saved Jack the Ripper for later in the setlist...when he'd warmed up more. There Is A Light was wonderfully sung.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @01:49AM (#35994)

  • come the people familiar with King Cheetah neglected to mention their lead singer was Conan O'Brian? I had no idea he could do such a horrible attempt at an imitation of Kurt Cobain.....
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @02:22AM (#35997)
  • I have been listening to Morrissey for only 6 months and wasn't absolutely sure until the day of show that I was going. Well I went, spent $68 on two tickets and was rewarded with the shortest concert I've ever been to. It lasted a total of about 75 minutes. Mostly disappointed with the fact he played NONE of the songs I was hoping (and expecting) to hear..."You're the One For Me Fatty", "The More You Ignore Me...", "National Front Disco", "Find Out For Yourself" and "Certain People I Know" to name a few. However, I will say that the first new song he played was really good. Hope you respect my unbiased opinion.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @03:04AM (#36000)
    • I never went - I am in UK - but I dont know what your preconceptions were. Looking at the set list most long term fans would have been delighted. Some of the songs you refer to were milked to death on past 2 tours. Moz has never been a 'hits' performer, his setlists are always esoteric and surprising. As an objective judgement from someone who never went you were very fortunate to be there.

      Do you not realise that you saw Morrissey sing "There Is A Light" for the first time since 1986! And "Please Please Please"! Plus for him to go back and play so much off "Viva Hate" is quite extraordinary. Also, after all the worries over his future, 3 new songs is VERY encouraging indeed. A permanent recovery seems on the horizon.

      You say about the songs you were "expecting for" - you are indeed a new fan as one can never pre-empt Morrissey. Every tour is an event, always different. Stick with him and in 4 or 5 years time you may indeed see him play the songs you wanted but you were at an historic gig and should count your blessings. If I'd have been there, I know the setlist would have fried my mind. Think yourself lucky. Roll on Albert Hall!
      Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @03:23AM (#36001)
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @04:22AM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @05:42AM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Davey Boy (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @07:59AM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @10:16AM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @10:53AM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @02:49PM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by averylyssa (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @04:30PM
    • Re:New Morrissey Fan Disappointed by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @07:21PM
  • As with the previous posts, I too thought the show was great. Just wish he would have played Maudlin... oh well, maybe in "Tuck-son".

    I don't remember when he said this, but it was mentioned somewhere in the beginning of the show. He said, "I really thought by now you all would have moved on... (crowd yells NO)... but there's still time."

    Moz also changed the beginning of Hairdresser and sang... "Where is Phoe-nix? Jeezuz, I'm in Phoenix. Is it home of the free..."

    Moz introduced the new song The First of the Gang to Die by stating, "Here's a new song that none of you will listen to!" They actually had to restart that song.

    Moz said the new song, The World is Full of Crashing Bores, "(it) covers my personal interest in love making... (hears crowd laugh)... which wasn't meant to be funny." Opps!

    Before going into Everyday is Like Sunday, he said, "this song is about Flagstaff... which is where I was born... which accounts for the fact that I have leather skin."

    Then Moz mentions before Sister that they have to go to Fashion Square (local mall in Scottsdale) "because obviously we need to buy some fashion." Moz didn't change once. He wore a white button down shirt from beginnng to end. Now compare that to Oye Esteban (West Ham t-shirts, etc...)

    Moz asked after singing Mexico... "does it sound really terrible? (crown yells NO) are you sure? did it sound ok?"

    Finally... Moz ended the show with his blessing... "God Bless You... Thank You!"

    I can't wait for tonight! I need to get some sleep though... it's 4:30! Good night!

    Mesa, AZ
    Az Moz Fan -- Saturday August 10 2002, @04:23AM (#36004)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • So, only three new songs? (Well, four if you were on drugs,apparently). That's not much, is it? It's worrying that no one's able to tell us what they're about, too...Are you sure they really exist,folks? Or was that the Arizona heat?

    I don't know; the concert may have been nice, but this set list looks like a bit of a jumble. I fail to see the coherence in it. Looks like the man doesn't have a lot of new things to say anyway. Ain't that a pity?
    darlington -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:16AM (#36005)
    (User #4803 Info)
    "and just because you're gay, I won't turn you away" (BB)
  • I didn't go to the gig, but it's great to know that there IS new material, let's hope for a record deal and a new album soon, VERY soon.
    Spineless Swine <[email protected]> -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:18AM (#36006)
    (User #4968 Info)
    Leave your future behind you.
  • I'm so jealous. God knows when our hero's gonna swing by our way. The new titles sound absolutely thrilling...The First Of The Gang To Die...!! I take back every vitriolic thing I said. Come to Europe, Moz, pleeeeze!
    Ramon -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:26AM (#36007)
    (User #2577 Info)
    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • Did anybody record Phoenix show?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:30AM (#36008)
  • This is getting a bit anal, but would any of you who went hesitate a guess at who (Boz or Alain) wrote which of the new songs?

    And how about a more in-depth description of those songs while we're here.

    ...Demanding, aren't we?

    king leer -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:56AM (#36011)
    (User #80 Info)
  • can you imagine the atmosphere if he plays this?

    5,000 people singing along to the greatest song of all time!

    reckon he's probably started singing it coz he nkows Marr&Finn have been playing it...

    john steed.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @07:10AM (#36013)
  • What a wonderful setlist...though there seems to be only one post-1991 song which is a shame considering how great Southpaw sounds live.

    I can't believe he played 'There's a light'.

    So when will we get live recordings of the new songs? Please please please let me get what I want...I'm sure somebody must have recorded the show.
    Joemoz -- Saturday August 10 2002, @07:12AM (#36014)
    (User #1342 Info)
    • Re:Oh my God by robert (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @08:40AM
      • Re:Oh my God by Joemoz (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @06:37AM
  • DavidT (Score:1, Informative)

    "I Want The One I Can't Have" is missing from the setlist at the top.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @07:26AM (#36017)
  • It seems as if you all had a good time, well most of you anyways. I wish he would come to Buffalo...
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @07:32AM (#36020)
  • Lets see. A short ,poorly rehearsed set, A few band members with facial hair. One with a soul patch for God sakes! Some new middling songs that sound like "Maladjusted " rejects. And some oldies thrown in just like Ringo's all-star band. Sounds just wonderful!
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @07:53AM (#36023)
  • I envy all of you lucky people. I have heard nothing about Moz coming to the east coast. I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything. I am reading all of these comments and I am dying to see him.....thanks.
    Rebelda -- Saturday August 10 2002, @08:10AM (#36028)
    (User #4514 Info)
    She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool....
  • Interesting to note nothing off Majadjusted got played, or Southpaw for that matter, or even Lost!
    Set looked great in any case, and if he plays that at either of the Albert Hall nights I will die a happy man, hopefully under the wheels of a double-decker bus.
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Saturday August 10 2002, @08:57AM (#36031)
    (User #1016 Info)
    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • I'll get the ball rolling for anyone who wants to play. This is what I remember about the new songs. They're mostly paraphrased, but if any one cares to expand and add, I'm sure those unable to attend would be very interested.

    The First In The Gang To Die
    the first in the gang with a gun in his hand
    and the first with bullets in (his side)?
    the first in the gang to die

    You think because you're rich and white
    that everything should turn out right
    I just don't understand

    I went down to Mexico
    I lay on the grass
    And cried my eyes out

    **That's all I have**
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @09:08AM (#36032)
  • So, what little nuggets can we look forward to on this tour?
    Jacques Brel -- Saturday August 10 2002, @09:20AM (#36033)
    (User #4128 Info)
    Travel, trouble, music and art.
  • great setlist. great jealous feeling. great fucking moods for get a plane to usa. oh my god (i mean: oh my moz) why are u living (and singing) there? you need some spanish sun, this is a good advice, so, little boy, be good and come soon!!!!
    (AGGGGGGHHHHHH). it´s ok. i´m fine. i´m not in love. i´ve never been. i though i heard u laugh. just kidding. ripping. mummy daddy, please let me go!!! for the first time, u know... did u know rimbaud? CAN U read? (can i speak english? y español? oh moz).
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @09:22AM (#36034)
  • I just hope he adds "Now my heart is full" to the set before he gets to London, to my mind his best ever song. I think it unlikely we will ever hear him do the NF Disco live, which is a great shame but understandable given that the NME hacks and its ilk would be given the chance to have another moronic crack at Moz. How about You're gonna need someone on your side" instead, or "Boxers" the set needs to balance up his early solo stuff with his mid 90s songs. Minor gripes, can't wait really, got tickets for both the Royal Albert Hall gigs just hope he's not to knackered by then.
    stockwell martyr -- Saturday August 10 2002, @09:59AM (#36036)
    (User #5795 Info)
  • it all just sounds so lovely. NEW YORK, moz! please..?
    18th pale descendant <[email protected]> -- Saturday August 10 2002, @10:06AM (#36040)
    (User #3874 Info)
    a little cloak-and-dagger
  • That set list is awesome(er no I'm not a 12 year old American just can't think of a better word) and restores my faith in old maladjusted of Davyhulme, I was worried that he was going to stick to his Vauxhall/Southpaw/Malajusted songs as he has done on the last few tours, "Viva Hate" era tracks are in my eyes some of his greatest work(solo) and barring a few glaring omissions this would be a sort off dream set for me.
    Can't comment on the new songs though as I havent heard them but one does have a great title, although in saying that the others are terrible.

    Is Morrissey using his fans reaction as a guide to what new material he puts on the l.p?

    Roll on the next chapter in the musical life of Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey and please give us a full scale U.K tour.

    Wooo did I really type all that without using a corny Morrissey lryic quote?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @10:53AM (#36049)
  • once again Morrissey left me speechless....he looked wonderful!!! and his voice and presence still make me melt! =) I still can't get over the great set list he put together for this tour!!! it was good to finally hear I want the one I can't have and please, please, please let me get what I want....

    Viva Morrissey!!!!!!
    Still Docked -- Saturday August 10 2002, @11:05AM (#36051)
    (User #869 Info)
    I want to live and I want to love
  • Can someone list here the intermission music played between King Cheetah's and Moz's sets? Cheers!
    Confidential Person -- Saturday August 10 2002, @11:18AM (#36052)
    (User #5858 Info)
    • Re:Intermission music by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @12:35PM
    • they played a version of "Old Shep", that was not the Elvis version. They also played a very old punk song called "Part Time Punks", but the bands name eludes me right now. I have the cd at home, but i'm 1000 miles away from it for the shows
      Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @03:31PM (#36085)
  • Before There is a Light... Morrissey said:

    "This song is dedicated to an American who died 25 years ago, with in 48 hours. You all know who I'm talking about... well, maybe you don't.... you don't know who I'm talking about."

    A 2 day window 25 years ago is very close to being the day Elvis died, which was August 16, 1977...
    isleofdogs <[email protected]> -- Saturday August 10 2002, @11:27AM (#36054)
    (User #1011 Info)
  • I thought it was great! 3 new songs, several I had NEVER heard live before, even with the Smiths!
    And I was FIVE FEET frim his face throughout. Bavd was in gret form, even Boz's amp blowout didn't cause a missed beat. Saw some old friend, was too pooped (and wet) to go to the post-party. No mney for Tucson. Owh well, I am satisfied HIGHLY even though the souvenier shirts were piss-poor. BY THE WAY: GENE and memebres of New Order and Marion are coming to Nita's Hideaway Sept7 (SAT) BUT they must have a guarantee of 150 ticket sales or the show is no-go. C'mon you Phnx GENE fans LET'S GET ON IY! Nita's is at McClintock and Rio Salado Pkwy in Tempe, their # is 480-966-7715. It' VERY VERY small. Can you imagine seeing Gene there? I guess you'd have to be a fan. GAWD I slept 12 hours after the show last night! VIVA MOZ! Oh, and the nicest fans swere there too No pushing or shoving and I got to see a couple old friends, one for the FIRST time who I met in chat. That's IT! MIKE
    Mike Mozfan -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:20PM (#36057)
    (User #442 Info)
    • Re:Phoenix Show by Mike Mozfan (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @12:27PM
      • Re:Phoenix Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 10 2002, @12:37PM
        • Oh BEHAVE! by Mike Mozfan (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @03:26PM
  • I loved the show last night... I didn't bring my camera, since it's a big old manual, and I very much regret it. I suppose still shots don't quite do justice, especially when it's live action we're all after....
    Does anyone know of a video or soundboard recording that's available? I would love to have the convenience of reliving the experience.
    Pictures, even give me pictures! Anyone! Help!
    vapid -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:21PM (#36058)
    (User #5861 Info)
  • Someone mentioned that he hoped Morrisey has fully recovered now.....what was he recovering from, and also, was he really born in Flagstaff, AZ like he said in the show or was he pulling my chain?, Oh, one other thing....the chick at the ticket counter said he doesn't play in California anymore....why not? The only thing I can think of is that he gets too many men rushing him on stage...and not just the five he got last night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:32PM (#36062)
  • God Dammit why did he have to cancel the Vancouver show!!!! THe set list is so good.#@
    alexkick -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:34PM (#36064)
    (User #5101 Info)
  • I think it would be fantastic for all Royal Albert Hall attendees to meet in a pub of relative style near the hall itself, to begin the night with a fine few jars of ale.

    Start early I say, after all, I imagine many are travelling from around the country for this event.....JOIN US!! Share the excitement, fuck it, let's anorak together!
    notRoddyWoomble -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:38PM (#36067)
    (User #2833 Info)
  • It was wonderful! It were some setbacks but it was the First Show. I loved it, Morrissey you wonderful one. "Alsatian Cousin into Little Man What Now?" and "Sister I'm a Poet" made me cry!. And the new songs he sung wow!. The last time I saw him was in Mexico City, and problably he liked so much because he sung a new song named: Mexico. Nevertheless "The First Of The Gang To Die" it's a SHOT. Thanks Charming MAN Thanks MOZ. Tucson here I come!
    baldo -- Saturday August 10 2002, @12:41PM (#36068)
    (User #3429 Info)
    My truly love.
  • a beard and a banjo?

    he's one of the soggy bottom boys!
    suzanne -- Saturday August 10 2002, @02:11PM (#36079)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
    • Re:boz... by TooledUpAsianBoy (Score:1) Saturday August 10 2002, @09:03PM
    • good one by darlington (Score:1) Sunday August 11 2002, @02:05AM
  • what was that intro from? That was going on before he went on stage? it sounded like bizzare circus music with some one talking about "dying little body" does anyone no where this came from or who is talking? it was cool and I wont to know more about the intro morrissey used at the show.
    stink -- Saturday August 10 2002, @02:37PM (#36081)
    (User #5864 Info)
  • So Moz was mispronouncing Tucson several times ??
      Wait till he sees the theatre, He'll be begging for Yuma. Getting ready to go now, Ill be the one in front with 2 glasses of ale.
    kram -- Saturday August 10 2002, @04:31PM (#36089)
    (User #5621 Info)
  • I'm soooo sad...I'm crying my eyes out!!!! Please come to the east coast, Morrissey!!
    hand in glove -- Saturday August 10 2002, @05:33PM (#36096)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
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