posted by davidt on Tuesday April 02 2002, @10:00AM
jessesamuel writes:

I live in Costa Rica. I was at the beach here all last week (Holy Week). On Saturday (the 30th?) I just happened to run into Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'll spare you all the non-Morrissey-related details. He says he likes the Smiths, and he just recently started to get into them. He doesn't have any Morrissey-solo stuff, but he said that's just because he hasn't gotten around to it yet. I think he asked me if it was good, and I said that for me it was just as good as the Smiths. Then on to other topics...
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  • At least it's not Kid Rock he's listening to! I don't know. I try to convert as many people as I can into Morrissey fans. Why not encourage people to listen to fantastic music rather than that top 40 crap?! I'm glad to see someone unexpected listening to Moz and the Smiths.
    MozGirl18 -- Tuesday April 02 2002, @07:12PM (#27299)
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  • I quite liked their last album although I have never been a great fan. Hopefully he can get some influences now and improve even more.
    Finnished -- Tuesday April 02 2002, @11:17PM (#27310)
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  • I was a drummer in the post-punk scene in California in the '80s-'90s, and during the ChiliPeppers craze, there was me, The Smiths fan, by myself. So now Flea likes The Smiths, about 17 years too late to matter in a useful way. And the ChiliPeppers were "cutting edge" back then...what, The Smiths albums somehow slipped by him without him noticing? I lived in a remote farm town and I STILL had a sizeable Smiths collection. I'm trying not to be bitter but I'm just not that strong.
    hanz_ofbyotch -- Wednesday April 03 2002, @07:27AM (#27335)
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  • it's not fake, dude. you wanna start somethin´? i´ll be waiting for you in san jose, cr. ha ha. by the way, only a delusional morrissey worshipper would assume that everyone has heard mozz´ solo stuff. anyway, calling the smiths "popular" has to be a relative term, because most of la´s millions of residents have probably never heard the word "morrissey" pronounced. anyway, it really did happen and i have witnesses.

    and why are morissey fans so dumb (myself and a few other choice souls excluded)?
    jessesamuel -- Friday April 05 2002, @12:37PM (#27529)
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    On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure. -O.W.
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