posted by davidt on Thursday March 07 2002, @10:00AM
Mud writes:

"My Life With Morrissey"

Talk about CAMP.

This movie made John Waters films look like something from DISNEY...

To say that it was "over-the-top" would be the understatement of the new millennium to say the least.

It started with a great turnout- fortunately I called ahead to warn them that 33 seats wouldn't be enough- and they were able to secure the neighboring screening room to boost capacity to 57- which was overflowed with several more seated on the floor with even more turned away. The crowd was mostly "" and when I announced Dave Tseng was in the audience everyone applauded... pix to come!

Oh that's right- there was a movie, too.

It started with a shot of the heroine, Jackie, sprawled out in her bedroom waking up to a new day with her many Morrissey posters, pins, pictures and assorted other memorabilia scattered about. She gets ready for work and kisses all of her Moz pics on the way out the door- and then comes back in and gives a hint of what is to come throughout the film buy lunging back into the frame and tonguing the posters with relish... the initial shock of the audience never really wore off as her downward spiral of obsession is graphically displayed in alarming detail. The characters in her office are equally violently over-acted: you could tell everyone had a riot filming this, holding absolutely NOTHING back.

Things REALLY got racy once she finally meets Moz (played by a Sweet and Tender Hooligan, Jose Maldonado, who kept his "cameo" part filmed last Summer a secret from EVERYONE- including his own band- until word leaked out a few days ago). She goes around the known Moz haunts around L.A. religiously until her odyssey leads her to a HOT DOG STAND where the Pope of Mope apparently was eating a tofu dog. She doesn't see him at first but she does see the meatless weenie and proceeds to felate it unaware that he is watching from afar- and to her amazement: appears and offers her a ride home.

From here the film goes REALLY psycho.... She is now convinced that she is engaged to him and the fantasies get even more bizarre, if that's possible, including vibrators, inflatable love dolls with Moz' face plastered on, and slippery shower heads. Fortunately all of the self-love sex is implied and thus keeps this film out of the porn section.

Her return to the office is even more outrageous as she literally goes postal on her co-workers. Just when you think she can't push the envelope any further: it's hurled with fascinating abandon. This was a car wreck that one simply couldn't take one's eyes away from- WHAT INSANE THING WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

A tour-de-force in extreme acting and dialogue. A MUST-SEE for low-budget Indie film lovers that have any shred of an interest in the Cult of Morrissey.


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  • I thought this movie was bad news. It was good to see that they chose to use Morrissey as a topic of sorts, but the film realy did a disservice to Morrissey and really poked fun at Morrissey fans. If you think about the story line it could have just as well been a movie about an obsessed Bon Jovi lover. It didn't really have much to do with Morrissey as a person. I don't know about you but I certainly have found myself visiting cat & fiddle or other various moz hot-spots, but I have yet to be seen hissing like a cat in a box because I have lost my mind over loving Morrissey. I hope Moz never lays his eyes on this movie, a real Moz fan would agree that someone of his intelligence would most likely be offended by such a tasteless movie. Especially since most of the emphasis was about a crazed stalker, how a majority of people who were not familiar with Moz had to bring up the question of weather or not Moz is gay, and also how she thought he would be seen remotely near a hot dog stand. If Morrissey didn't give "Louder than Bombs" a chance there is no hope for this trash wich I think is for the best.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 07 2002, @10:34AM (#25800)
  • with the extensive use of sex toys & vibrators,
    this is as close to Morrissey starring in a porno as we'll ever get...
    texaho -- Thursday March 07 2002, @10:39AM (#25801)
    (User #438 Info)
  • I thought the movie was hilarious! :) i haven't laughed that hard in a while. to say it pokes fun at morrissey fans is ridulous. it depicts the insanity of one girl! not a herd of fans. get off your high horse and learn to laugh once in a while!
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 07 2002, @10:56AM (#25822)
  • i thought it was hilarious. your review says it best mudd (funny and fun)...good job, although you did blow my eardrums out last night while you were having a very loud conversation over my shoulder with someone david, it was really great to see you at last. the applause must have really touched you and reminded you that it's not all for nothing. i would have said hello, but i'm too shy. =)
    Mozzeybite -- Thursday March 07 2002, @11:11AM (#25849)
    (User #3695 Info)
  • this movie is sort of the Julia Riley story.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 07 2002, @11:31AM (#25859)
  • Vic Chesnutt (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Has anyone here heard of Vic Chesnutt, the paraplegic troubador from Athens GA? He is brilliant. Beware, his voice would bore a hole through a peat bog.
    Lord Cheapside -- Thursday March 07 2002, @01:08PM (#25873)
    (User #4472 Info)
  • Female Trouble 2 (Score:2, Interesting)

    The movie was hilarious!!! It was very borderline John Waters. The movie showed the individuality of us Moz fans. I'm so glad they didn't do the stereotypical "hispanic greaser" fan. I was one of the unfourtunate ones to sit on the floor in front of the screen, but I must say it was well worth it. I would definantly spend money to see this again. The movie just goes to show everyone how dedicated we are to Morrissey. I give congrats to everyone who participated in this film. Job well done!! I'm looking forward to seeing it with proper editing. My only gripe about the movie, was who was picked to play Morrissey. They could have gotten someone who looked more like him!! Thats all ;-}
    Innocent Vain -- Thursday March 07 2002, @03:38PM (#25876)
    (User #4564 Info)
  • Morrissey-Cholo- a true story about "real" moz rockabilly greaser fans who fight in mosh pits at makeshift Sweet and Tender Hooligan shows, who think that Morrissey's new album Viva Hate is the best thing since hs last single "la vida loca".

    Moz fans are the worst nowdays.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 07 2002, @05:21PM (#25886)
  • I am in the San Francisco area -- how can I see the movie?
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 07 2002, @09:08PM (#25900)
    • You will be able to get info about the movie, future screening dates, and general theatrical release plans on our website: The website should be up in a few days. We have been flooded with emails from people asking if the film will be coming to their town. In response to this we will also have a sign-up sheet where people can let us know they want the movie to play in their town. This helps us as leverage against corporate suits who tell us Morrissey "doesn't have a following anymore". Thanks everyone!
      Overtoom -- Friday March 08 2002, @11:13AM (#25924)
      (User #4571 Info)
      • dvd by texaho (Score:1) Friday March 08 2002, @11:17AM
        • Re:dvd release (Score:2, Informative)

          A dvd release is in the works, however it will not pre-date the theatrical release, so you'll most likely get to see it on the bigscreen before the small. Any other fans interested in a DVD feel free to email and we will put you on a mailing list for info.

          [email protected]

          Overtoom -- Friday March 08 2002, @06:32PM (#25965)
          (User #4571 Info)
  • Why does this movie sound so familiar to me?
    This Charming Girl -- Saturday March 09 2002, @03:34PM (#26015)
    (User #2756 Info)
  • I can't help but feel like this movie got inspiration from people like Miharu and Cindy who ramble on in the guestbook on this site...
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 10 2002, @08:58AM (#26050)

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