posted by davidt on Tuesday January 22 2002, @10:00AM
Mr_Biffo_2001 writes:

I came accross this on the internet, I don't know whether there's anything in it or not, it seems to imply that there's a "Very Best of Morrissey" scheduled for a 2002 release in the UK.

view it here - Morrissey discography at

Not sure about this one - the release date is listed as Jan. 15, 2002. The original info is from AMG, the All Music Guide.
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  • By the looks of things i'm guessing that another compilation was in the works but EMI pulled the plug.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Tuesday January 22 2002, @12:56PM (#23453)
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  • was this not another release of Viva Hate with a couple of bonus tracks on it?
    I get confused with em all
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2002, @01:51PM (#23460)
  • My God (Score:0, Flamebait)

    Another compilation, pathetic. Who would be stupid enough to buy the very best of Morrissey, when the last album released was the best of Morrissey. Kinda makes the last release seem a little redundant eh?
    SIgh, release a new album already.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 22 2002, @08:46PM (#23476)
  • Maladjusted was 1997. I didn't realize it had been that long. Can we get some new music, please?
    Rowdy Yeats -- Tuesday January 22 2002, @10:03PM (#23479)
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  • ...keep an eye out for 'Morrissey: The Worst of', 'The Wonderful and Scary World of Morrissey', 'Morrissey: Chart Toppers', Morrissey: The Best of the B-sides', 'Morrissey: The Hits so far...', and 'The Best of the Best of Morrissey'. All this will be coming out sometime after the release of 'Morrissey Is Dead', a difinative collection of Morrissey songs celebrating his career from beginning to end.
    haze <[email protected]> -- Wednesday January 23 2002, @12:36AM (#23491)
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    • Sorry: irony by Stefan Krix (Score:1) Wednesday January 23 2002, @04:33AM
      • How about the anniversary edition to celebrate the re-release of Viva Hate?

        I think I'd even settle for a Morrissey Xmas album if it meant original material. Look for the singles: "No Turkey for me this year" and "All I want for Xmas is me".

        Or how about The Smiths: The Dance Remixes?
        Rowdy Yeats -- Wednesday January 23 2002, @12:27PM (#23504)
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  • when you click on "buy" it takes you to a CD now link with this: Date: Sep 19, 2001

    so it's probably just the rhino comp
    jessesamuel -- Wednesday January 23 2002, @12:41PM (#23506)
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  • Such Things (Score:1, Insightful)

    As previously stated, sometimes such things are unfortunately out well, out of one's hands and well we see the birth of re-issues, re-packaged, re-cyclye........umm, re-sold. The unfortunate rhythm of life.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 24 2002, @01:37PM (#23536)
  • Let's hope they're not confusing this album with "The Very Best of Louise Morrissey"

    ( see evel=CMCD_1063 )

    sleeper <[email protected]> -- Friday January 25 2002, @12:32AM (#23541)
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