posted by davidt on Thursday December 20 2001, @10:00AM
How many bands are these guys playing with? That's at least 4 in the last year. Shaun Goater writes:

Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke have both joined with a couple of other well known Manchester musicians to play with the long established group, Jeep. (Manchester Evening News Friday 14th December)

Joined by Darren Partington (808 State) and Paul Wagstaff (Happy Mondays) along with singer Ian Eastwood, the group have been inexistance for around 8 years with various members.

A few weeks ago, the bassist left and Rourke stepped in, then when the drummer left, two weeks ago, Joyce was asked to come along.

Jeep play in Manchester this coming Thursday 20th December at Jillys on Oxford Street in the City Centre.

mannywho writes:

Bonehead (former Oasis guitarist) has started a new band called "Moondog One," which features Mike Joyce & Andy Rourke. More info is available at
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