posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
GabrielGervais writes:

Inrock finally denied (Oct. 24) that Morrissey signed a long term contract with Rhino saying he was only there for the Best of...

In the same page, they talk about the new Neil Finn album and mention the Smiths cover "There is a Light (that never goes out)". Yes, not only Warner can make an error in a Smiths song title.
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  • I cannot think of anything to say.
    eh, ahm fooked iff eye cayre, mee son, ehm fooked eff eye doo.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 29 2001, @10:35AM (#20763)
  • when talking about the "best of....", this article says something like (paraphrased very loosely on my part), "one finds within the booklet, there are rare photos and a recent interview..."

    so, this basically confirms what said.
    suzanne -- Monday October 29 2001, @06:05PM (#20822)
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  • Morrissey de nouveau compilé
    Contrairement à ce qu’on a pu lire ici et là, si l’ex-Smith a dernièrement bien été aperçu au siège du label américain Rhino Records. Mais ce n’était pas tant pour y signer un nouveau contrat discographique que pour surveiller de près la confection de The best of Morrissey, nouvelle compilation consacrée à la carrière solo de Momo qui ne devrait contenir aucun inédit mais dont on dévorera le livret, où l’on trouvera de rares photos du Moz et une toute récente interview. Sortie américaine le 6 novembre. (24 oct. 2001)

    Morrissey's new compilation
    On the contrary of what could be read here and in other places, indeed the ex-Smiths was recently seen [acknowledged] at the site of the American label Rhino Records. However, it was not to sign a new contract, but rather to supervise the making of The best of Morrissey, the new compilation dedicated to Momo's solo career, which should not include anything unpublished though anyway will present a booklet where Moz's rare photographs and a whole recent interview can be found. The American release will happen on the 6th of November (24 oct. 2001)

    (translated with a little help from my friends)
    Havfine -- Tuesday October 30 2001, @07:33AM (#20855)
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  • It really sickens me to hear little sickly pussies whining about the 11th of September.
    Its over, it happened, you didnt die, so get over it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2001, @11:08AM (#20922)

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