posted by davidt on Tuesday October 23 2001, @09:00AM
Nobby Stiles writes:

Well, I've waited a long time to post one of these but, it finally happened.

Attending my day job in a Manchester department store today (Oct. 22) a familiar figure cut a dash through the menswear department, accompanied by none other than Linder Sterling. The internal phone system started buzzing and I was summoned to confirm the identity of our visitor. With a dark blue winter coat and a (surprisingly) thick black quiff, Steven Morrissey was stood in front of me. Abandoning my usual decorum I proceeded to shake uncontrollably and offered my hand shortly followed by pen and paper. Moz duly obliged for myself and a colleague before we left him to it.

There is so little you can say when he catches you out and you're limited to 30 seconds before you lose his attention with bumbling non-conversation. I've never been so nervous in anyone's presence in my life. I'm so glad I finally had the pleasure, all too brief though!!
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  • I'd like to believe it... but I can't. I HOPE it's true. It would be such a nice story. Thing is, there are so many people who make stories like this up. I'm not saying that happened here... it would be a great little story irf it was the troof.

    Is it that gratifying to read your make-believe story on the internet? Is that why it happens so often?

    Maybe I should try it... One day, I was walking my dog in Leeds - when who came past and tried to bite my pet poodle? Why, it was Morrissey!!! I was nervous and didn't know what to say... I mean, within 30 seconds, Fido was a gonna. I gave him my pen and he very pleasently signed my whole back with his name. Aww, bless. I then left him to his own devices.

    Nah, I can't say I'm getting that excited. Oh well, back to daydreaming.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 23 2001, @09:11AM (#20492)
  • here's a true story.
    i once saw morrissey, four years ago, in the gents of a popular bar, one that shall remain nameless. he had pissed all over his trousers.
    he ran in, turned them inside out, then left, sharp-like. i tried to say hi. but at this moment, i pissed myself also, laughing.
    why the hell am i typing this nonsence?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 23 2001, @11:48AM (#20499)
  • No Fair! (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Lucky punk.I wanna meet Morrissey too.
    msmoz7 -- Tuesday October 23 2001, @08:34PM (#20540)
    (User #2634 Info)
  • Well if we're heaving in with 'i saw morrissey or at least someone i know did' stories here's a rather charming one that i can only assume is true, it dates from when he was still on our fair soil. anyway... Walking down Deansgate lucy fan espies morrissey coming towards him. Star struck and such and such he assails stephen and is graciously given an autograph. They go their seperate ways.
    A few days later walking through manchester again, this blessed fan again sees morrissey walking in the same direction this time. with the bloody logic of fandom he pursues moz in a subtle but ultimately flawed stalker-like fashion for some time. eventually morrissey, always on the ball spots that this chap is wending from lamp post to lamp post after him and stops and turns round to look. Rumbled humble fan approaches morrissey ostensibly to attempt to explain what overcame an otherwise rational member of society and compelled him to celebrity stalking. But before guilty fan can utter a word with a smile morrissey says, 'Oh hi! Do you remember me?'
    How good is that?
    If this is some sort of Morrissey urban legend or the like then i apologise i was told it by a journalist (and we all know what they're prone to do). But it makes me smile non the less
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 24 2001, @01:27AM (#20545)
  • Jimmy Hill (Score:1, Funny)

    When I was a kid on holiday in London, I was nearly knocked over by Jimmy Hill (crappy, big chinned footy pundit on British television). He then mouthed to me 'You stupid c##t'.

    That is it. Morrissey has not had the pleasure of meeting me, but if he does I hope he does not treat me like Jimmy Hill did.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 24 2001, @08:55AM (#20561)
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  • Oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    blkeyedsusan -- Wednesday October 24 2001, @10:52AM (#20574)
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    "Anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes."
  • How do you know that he was with Linder Sterling? I've just done a search and can't find any websites on her, haven't got a clue what she looks like.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 24 2001, @11:23AM (#20578)
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  • remember how you met moz at the tianguis while you were shopping for some beans and moz signed the beans for you (9 to be exact, each one containing each letter of his name). that was the shit man
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 24 2001, @08:51PM (#20606)
    • Good one! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 29 2001, @10:25AM
  • Its nice how we can somone for somebody else.! I too wish I could meet a look alike!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 25 2001, @01:18PM (#20632)
  • I can confurm that yes Morrissey was in manchester, or in Selfriges in the trafford centre to be exact. I believe he bought a nice little shirt. Apparantly he's staying in the country for a couple of more weeks so some more of you may be lucky enough to get a glimps of the big guy.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 25 2001, @01:57PM (#20636)
  • This story certainly sounds genuine to me. I once served Johnny Marr where I work in Manchester Airport. I remember being so anxious as he slowly approached the counter, I was shaking, my heart was hammering, and my mouth was as dry as a cheese cracker. By the time I served him, I was all but a puddle on the floor. 'Could I have your autograph', I dryly squawked. 'Yeah no problem mate, who's it to ?' he replied. I was blown away by how down to earth the guy was. I was half expecting him to smash his guitar over my head while I was in mid shake or something, but he was fab. It's truly invigorating to meet your idol in person, next in line Mozzer !!!

    Multitude -- Friday October 26 2001, @05:12PM (#20672)
    (User #2823 Info)
  • file with rhino deal
    mozdad2001 -- Sunday October 28 2001, @12:14PM (#20711)
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  • Were you in the menswear dept of Kendals by any chance? I was shopping in there on Monday the 22nd and I didn't see Morrissey (!) but I did bump into Jim Glennie (bass player from James) coming out of the changing rooms.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 11 2001, @09:49PM (#21406)

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