posted by davidt on Friday October 19 2001, @09:00AM
A lot of people reported this one. Elena was first to write: Tonight (17 October) on Dawson's Creek, "Girlfriend in a Coma" was played while Pacey was on a boat with a girl. Supposedly, the music was coming from their college radio station. The scene was long and most of the song was played.
Jet Pilot Playboy also writes: While watching Dawson's Creek tonight, There was a segment where a young college DJ plays a "classic Smiths ballad," "Girlfriend in a Coma." The song is played during some of the show. It's nice to see a show as young as Dawson's Creek playing something other than the bubblegum pop of the day, showing at least a little taste in the writer's pocket.
And manofslendermeans also writes: What's up with Jen and the Smiths and Moz and Girlfriend in a Coma??? She didn't want her guy, the dj, to play the "Smiths classic." She called it mope rock and made some comment about Moz (though not mentioning his name) being an ambiguously something genius (I don't remember her exact words). iI was cool they played the whole song, but at the end when the show credits the music used in the show to whatever artist is featured that week... they didn't say THE SMITHS... what's up with that?!?!?!? The show sucks but I may keep watching... they may play "How Soon Is Now?" On second thought... stop them cuz we've heard that one before!
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  • I saw that too. Just when I was beginning to like her character, she has to diss the Smiths like that.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @09:38AM (#20242)
  • she could relapse at any point (if the show needs ratings)...

    am i the only one that gets suckered into watching "Dawson's Creek" by the strength of the commercials alone?

    only to find out the storyline isn't as juicy as promised...
    texaho -- Friday October 19 2001, @09:49AM (#20246)
    (User #438 Info)
  • yuckers!
    SOUTHPAWmuse -- Friday October 19 2001, @10:38AM (#20257)
    (User #3123 Info)
    Southwest six with someone like you, keep thieves hours with someone like you...
  • I hate it when dumb shows happen to good songs.
    And as far as I'm concerned the show is stupid, the boys are pre-pubescent, and that girl Jenn is a dumb whore!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @11:50AM (#20270)
  • "at the end when the show credits the music used in the show to whatever artist is featured that week... they didn't say THE SMITHS...what's up with that?!?!?!?"

    -------------------------------------------------- -

    Near the end of last season they used Mark Kozelek's (Red House Painters) solo cover of John Denver's "Around and Around." They didn't mention Mark at the end of that episode but did take time to note that a Nelly Furtado song had also been used in the episode. It's disappointing because Kozelek could have really used the exposure but instead they chose to use that opportunity to further promote a Top 40 pop star. Go figure...
    rimbaud -- Friday October 19 2001, @12:18PM (#20274)
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  • They did mention that the song was by The Smiths about three times in the actual episode. Smiths releases are very easy to find so if some kid heard the song and liked it they already know who it's by and can find it with relative ease.

    I think the same music director who worked on Felicity a couple seasons ago and played some decent stuff like Paul Westerberg is the new programmer for's hoping for more good stuff. How about some Slayer?
    VickyR -- Saturday October 20 2001, @03:06PM (#20366)
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    "You're deep in love but you're deeper in the woods"- Alice Cooper
  • This is a very apt topic because my former girlfriend was obsessed with that damn show and never put out until each episode finished, even when i paraded my manhood at all angles to her whilst it was on. Eventually i got fed up of this and beat her violently on the head with it until eventually she herself was a girlfriend in a coma, do you see what i did there, did you see, well did ya?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 21 2001, @12:36PM (#20399)
  • She said the Smiths were, "misunderstood ambisexual geniuses."
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 21 2001, @02:10PM (#20404)
  • I used to watch dawsons creek back in the day when it was new,but stopped because I really hate It when 30 something year olds like dawson play young highschool/college students.Real life is not like It is on dawsons creek,my gosh they have so much drama in their lifes.Its like get over yourselfs and grow up!
    msmoz7 -- Sunday October 21 2001, @07:53PM (#20423)
    (User #2634 Info)
  • i cant believe how fanatical everyone here is when a smith/morrissey song gets airtime. i could just see everyone rushing to their computers to email David T. that a Smith song is playing on Dawson's creek. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morrissey is definetly going to sign with a record label now because of this exposure. Come on now!!! Im going to email David T. each time a Smith song or Morrissey song is played on a the radio, hopefully David T. will be checking his email so he could relay this information on the internet. Maybe, maybe, perhaps if things go as planned, someone can listen to the last 5 seconds of the whatever track.

    Frankly, im sick of all this hoopla about Smith songs being played on TV or commercials. Its all very old and boring. but i guess at this time in morrissey's life, any type of hoopla would be good for him.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 22 2001, @03:39PM (#20473)
  • Don't you people go out or go to school at night. You avid watchers of this "dawson's Crack" need to get a life. Get up your flabby asses and join a gym, go to night school, get out and have fun. No wonder it's you fans, not Morrissey, that are the masters of mope!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 25 2001, @01:41PM (#20634)

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