posted by davidt on Friday October 19 2001, @09:00AM
Link to the posting at Memepool from Rachel:

Oct. 17
Online comics come of age with Justine Shaw's Nowhere Girl, a poignant, unflinching and hauntingly beautiful story of alienation. The lushly painted artwork is stunning, something like Love and Rockets crossed with The Breakfast Club, with a soundtrack by Morrissey, The Smiths and Elastica (and titled after the B-Movie single). NG has already scored props from big-time comix pundit Scott McCloud. When's the last time a comicbook made you cry?
to Comics by cricket

Check out the full comic. Smiths references are on page 1 and page 27

Update: 02/18/02 17:47 GMT: Greg Vondruska adds the reference on page 42.
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