posted by davidt on Friday October 19 2001, @09:00AM
Kyle writes:

I am writing you concerning a fist fight that Morrissey got into with Johnny Witmer of the punk band The Stitches. They met at a bar in LA and the ensuing fight took place. The Stitches are a punk band from LA, California and they have a new 12" EP that just came out on Kapow Records.
From The Stitches website:

Johnny Witmer in fist fight with Morrissey!
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Larger image from Kyle.
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  • I knew this was too good to be true. (meaning a real fist fight). I like Moz'z gut, though. It matches well with the other picture I saw on the General Discussion board of his dirty fingers!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @09:22AM (#20236)
  • I mean come on! At least put some effort into these fake photos people!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @09:23AM (#20237)
  • I think the WHOLE POINT is that it is fake... oh come on. Where has your sense of humour gone?

    Oh, you crazy americans!

    Love the 'wacky' brit.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @10:39AM (#20258)
  • I just met him in California this summer and he looks exactly like this picture...(alittle gray on the sides; longer hair on top). I think he looks as handsome as ever. Moz, you are so beautiful.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @11:54AM (#20271)
  • SO not fake! I mean the picture isn't, the fight probably yet is! I can imagine the guys sitting together over a beer, suddenly thinking up how awfully funny it would be to pose for a picture pretending to have a fight. That's it.
    Mozzarella -- Friday October 19 2001, @12:15PM (#20273)
    (User #864 Info |
    If I wasn't a cat, I'd be a girl.
  • looks real to me. looks like it was taken at the cat & fiddle on sunset.
    MidwesternBoy <[email protected]> -- Friday October 19 2001, @12:45PM (#20280)
    (User #142 Info)
  • Oh Yes!

    Only I don't...fill it out quite so well!

    Looks like someone's been hitting the pork rinds more than the gym...

    ...and much harder than anybody's chin...
    green crooner -- Friday October 19 2001, @01:03PM (#20282)
    (User #27 Info)
    "I'm chilled to the bone, and I'm going home--alone"
  • Everyone is too fat on this photo...
    Anonymous -- Friday October 19 2001, @01:35PM (#20288)
  • Jesus, so Moz doesn't look like he use to O.K!, we all know that by now, why is it so important that he does? people do change their appearance over time you know. He looks just as darn good as he use to. He is bound to look older over the years. Moz is very fortunate to look as wonderful, great, and so damn SEXY as he does as he matures over the years, not everyone has such a gift, look at Marlon Brando!, he looks nothing like himself!
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Friday October 19 2001, @02:36PM (#20298)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • Grrrrrrrrrr!

    How dare you!How could you be so mean?

    Morrissey looks as beautiful as ever in this picture!He`s sooooo gorgeous!

    tibby -- Friday October 19 2001, @02:40PM (#20299)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • with a smirk on his kinda man. It's obviously a playful thing.

    He looks as lovely as always. I don't see the "fat" that everyone else is seeing. He looks quite nice and happy. You guys are too critical about his weight - he looks just fine.
    hand in glove -- Friday October 19 2001, @04:28PM (#20316)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Oh c'mon Morrissey, you know you're better than that.
    BOYRUSSO <[email protected]> -- Friday October 19 2001, @05:34PM (#20324)
    (User #304 Info)
  • Come on Rhino - here's the cover to the Best of Morrissey volume 2
    judeobscure -- Friday October 19 2001, @06:26PM (#20327)
    (User #3809 Info |
  • Teach him a lesson!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 20 2001, @11:39AM (#20357)
  • I think he looks great for his age!! I love the photo it's cute..
    Hocico -- Saturday October 20 2001, @03:11PM (#20367)
    (User #3209 Info)
  • he hits like a girl and, that's just the way i like him. for a second i thought he had gotten all manly or something, oddly enough i was a little hurt at the prospect. i'm perfectly happy with my little fantasy of taking him home and feeding him soup.

    jinxt(its been so long i forgot my password)
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 20 2001, @11:03PM (#20381)
  • How do you guys know its fake?
    msmoz7 -- Sunday October 21 2001, @07:35PM (#20420)
    (User #2634 Info)
  • okej if you click on the link that lets you see the picture it says in the adress"board" jpg...johnny morr?very simular to marr.he has a ring in the left ear.and moz is smiling very much.but everything with this picture is very strange.moz is the best.and if you believe that is a fight you're quite wrong.
    girlinmoz <[email protected]> -- Monday October 22 2001, @06:27AM (#20436)
    (User #3812 Info)
    The girl in moz's world
  • hey, well at least the website is keeping fans interested; i suppose. in this case, though, 1000 words would have been better than this picture!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 22 2001, @09:57AM (#20451)
  • Kick his ass, Morrissey!

    Actualy, I'd take a beating from Moz any day.

    Don't you think he could take just about anybody in a fight?
    fontor -- Monday October 22 2001, @06:23PM (#20478)
    (User #269 Info |
  • that this is serious?

    unless he was Hercules or Bruce Lee (as he has this nifty move where his body is in one place, but has one quick handmotion that will knock you down and is supposedly incredibly hard to do), he can't stand there like that and knock some guy's teeth out (a guy, might I add, who has the goofiest expression on his face). And on top of that, the guy's head would have jerked back unless he:

    1. has no lower brain function that would have reacted against pain and pulled back
    2. Lives in another planet where the laws of physics would state that there is no opposite reaction for every action.

    sheesh. it probably wasn't photoshop, or can't some people understand the fact that maybe people do bump into moz and they do goofy poses with him for photographs?
    suzanne -- Monday October 22 2001, @09:25PM (#20481)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.

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