posted by davidt on Tuesday October 16 2001, @09:00AM
alero writes:

I was at tonight looking for a release date on the new T[I]NC album. Reading the article on their page I found that their new album was actually compared to The Smiths (along with several other groups and singers). Go figure.

I'm not too sure about that comparison, especially since I haven't heard the album, but I'll let you be the judge...
The pulse-pounding sounds of THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY come roaring back to the music world with their diverse, lively and creative second full-length album on Epitaph, A New Morning, Changing Weather. The record explores a new side of the Swedish quartet; from the sixties radical punk sound on their debut to a more diverse mix of MC5, THE KINKS, THE SMITHS, JAMES BROWN, PRIMAL SCREAM and modern R&B. Not retro, rather a step into modern rock music made for the new century.
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  • I saw them about 2 years ago or so. All I heard was a typical garage rock band that has been done by every lame mod kid in town. It's a shame really because Refused, the lead singers old band, was really good. Except for their last album, that one sucked.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2001, @09:28AM (#20065)
  • INC is the best band in the world right now, the only band that really matters. Take a listen to "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" and then try to tell me any different.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2001, @03:05PM (#20100)
  • Typical? Hardly. The International Noise Conspiracy are great (on record, haven't seen them live)! Sure, other bands have done the
                                                      60's Mod thing, but no one has done it nearly as well. The energy is incredible and so are the lyrics. Refused were great as well and
                                                      it's almost too bad that they broke up (or else we wouldn't have T(I)NC). "The Shape Of Punk To Come", their last album is
                                                      fantastic as too. Better than their others by far. I wish more people would hear this record so that the album title would be the
                                                      prophecy it should be rather than just a promising title to great record that will go unheard and unappreciated for too long.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2001, @05:59PM (#20116)
  • I dunno know if I've heard them, but if the band includes a member from Refused, it just has to be a really, really dreadful band.
    Puppet on string <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @11:13AM (#20146)
    (User #2114 Info)
    Everyday I have the blues!
  • Someone high in the Epitaph chain (I won't name names) has convinced the president of the company that Morrissey has no fans and is a has-been who can't sell records, and she really has it in for MOZ (said she'd have beat him up if she was at the INC show)!
    I call on all MOZ fans to write email fax or call Epitaph and let them know what a strong and loyal and plentiful fanbase he has.
    You can email the president at [email protected], call their headquarters in California at (213) 413-7353, fax them at (213) 413-9678 or write them at: Epitaph
    2798 Sunset Blvd.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 14 2001, @04:44AM (#22293)

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