posted by davidt on Tuesday October 16 2001, @09:00AM
An anonymous person writes:

On Sunday night an interview with Noel and Liam Gallagher was broadcast on UK PPV channel Sky Box Office, prior to the airing of their Glasgow Barrowlands gig from the previous evening.

Johnny Marr and The Smiths got a few mentions with Noel saying how he had wanted to be in a band with the power of The Jam and the grace of The Smiths. Surprisingly, Liam also said he was a bit partial to "The Smiffs". Incidently, Andy Bell the Oasis bassist (formerly of Ride) mentioned in a recent interview that after seeing The Smiths in his home town of Oxford in '86 he knew he wanted to be in a band.

Johnny Marr joined Oasis on stage at Glasgow for an excellent version of 'Champagne Supernova', which was the highlight of an otherwise drab affair, and the Beatles cover 'I Am The Walrus'.

Brad also sends this link from

WELL LIAM, IT WAS REALLY SOMETHING - Has Johnny Marr recorded an entire Liam Gallagher album? Nine or ten "incredible" songs have been recorded, apparently...
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  • you stole my exclusive........

    i should get up earlier...........

    inlovewiththepast -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @12:51AM (#20128)
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    truth rest your head there is more than a life at stake here..she may well sell sanctuary but she'll also sell your soul
  • Incredible songs recorded by Liam and Marr? Wonder who wrote them....
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @10:31AM (#20143)
    • Re:incredible by inlovewiththepast (Score:1) Thursday October 18 2001, @12:35AM
  • my war on the intelligentsia isnt over yet.
    i must mention, although oasis are pretty awful, id choose them any day rather than the new-sensitive starsailor-tuin brakes, buckley inspired sickening dross.
    i really couldnt care less if daddy was anal-cholic.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @03:13PM (#20170)
  • But not anymore.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @06:27PM (#20179)
  • You gotta roll with it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 17 2001, @10:25PM (#20186)

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