posted by davidt on Thursday October 11 2001, @09:15AM
Neil G. writes:

Thought it might interest people on the board that Johnny Marr's 'solo' single entered the UK chart today at #85 over 30 places lower than Morrissey's worst ever position. So this poor performance could challenge the future of the Healers project and, who knows, maybe prompt JM into re-collaborating with former songwriting partners!
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  • I did, and I bought the single, for no other reason than I like them a lot. The gig was mightily musical and rhythmic, they boogied their socks off and you have to respect the fact that Johnny is out there, enjoying gigging AND recording.

    Keep Smiling!

    Whalley Ranger -- Thursday October 11 2001, @11:32AM (#19899)
    (User #2431 Info)
    "Give me a broom, and I'll sweep my way to Heaven"
  • Quite honestly. I'm sure the song's not that bad - definitely not #85 bad! Believe me, I don't look at chart positions these days - just depresses you and shows what the buying public like.
    JacquesTheLad -- Thursday October 11 2001, @02:54PM (#19915)
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    "She doesn't even like me...And I know because she said so..."
  • ...I've been in about 6 different record shops this week, and every single one of them has the Healers single as being out THIS week (it's certainly in all the new release sections everywhere), so I don't really understand what's gone on there.

    That said, the new Gene single is supposed to be out this week, and nowhere I've been thus far has received any copies, even though they've not been told any different about the release date.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 12 2001, @02:07AM (#19959)
  • Moz emerged with a brand new album just months after the Smith's break up while marr crept off into the background and became a studio musician for a few years. Moz, at his very heart, as stayed the same, while Marr goes from "i'm doing electronic music to doing Oasis type stuff" and the audience doesn't necessarily follow.

    Also, that song was available for quite a long time via an Uncut compilation, and through gigs. In a way, it's already old even before it got a proper release.

    there is no need to be mean about his chart position. There are even better bands that have never even gotten that high.
    suzanne -- Friday October 12 2001, @10:24PM (#19989)
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  • This guy has done nothing of interest for 16 years.Talk about being lazy. Why should anyone care about anything he has to offer up at this point. He's now just pointless and musically not interesting.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2001, @06:44PM (#20016)

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