posted by davidt on Thursday October 11 2001, @09:15AM
Lancaster writes:

From the BBC Radio 1 site, an interview with Noel Gallagher (it was broadcast on the 3rd this month):
Q: So you think the snap-decision makers are too proud to go back and say 'C'mon, lets forget the arguments and get on with it.'

A: I can't speak for the people in the groups but I would imagine that maybe the Smiths, the Verve and the Stone Roses are thinking What If? I think The Smiths would have been the biggest band ever, ever, ever if they had stuck together another six months. As I think the Verve would have been, The Stone Roses would have been, if they had got past those hurdles. But people in bands aren't the most easy-going of people. There's all politics going on behind the scenes...
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  • Noels comment sounds like if my 5 year old brother wants to tell me eating the things from your nose wouldn't be that bad if it weren't the things from your nose...
    Jan.cs -- Thursday October 11 2001, @01:37PM (#19912)
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    • roar by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 11 2001, @01:53PM
  • That's the beauty of pop music really. A band comes along, saves you from every horrible thing ever thrown at you and then split. A bittersweet love affair.
    Librarian on Fire -- Thursday October 11 2001, @02:22PM (#19914)
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    "I'm just a country mile behind the whole world"
  • I think Noel has it all wrong The Smiths are and forever will be the greatest band of all time even if they didn't hang around for another six months.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 11 2001, @03:21PM (#19918)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • well that's a sweet sentiment from ole noel but true commercial fame would've killed morrissey possibly quicker than cobain. also an additional 6 months wouldn't have really afixed that crown atop their collective knobs. afterall, they didn't seek that out as, say, u2 did. i mean it took rem until 1991 to rule the "world" and then that was fleeting as by 1992 they didn't even really matter. and the stone roses? i'm sorry, who? i think i remember their one song but i can't exactly name it. and the verve! well sorry, by the time i finally saw them they had obviously stayed together 6 months too long. the only band to have come back from sacking their lead guitarist was aerosmith, and then only after they hired him back. bad luck for us.
              as for the smiths, bless them for they are ours and not everyones. never will they grace a ktel "songs of the 80's" two-disc set. for that i am eternal grateful, even if steven doesn't have a record label at present. afterall there's always vegas, which he could conquer as certainly as elvis. hmmm, well at least he could infringe somewhat upon siegfried and roy's target audience, particularily if stipe shows up for a duet or lion taming.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 12 2001, @12:15AM (#19953)
  • Hmmm, maybe Noel Gallagher is right, maybe, if The Smiths had stayed together for 6 more months they could have been the biggest band ever..........Kind of ironic hearing that comment from Noel Gallagher though, song writer in a band that COULD have been the biggest band too.......IF ONLY they had STOPPED 6 years ago....hehe
    mozzergirl -- Friday October 12 2001, @06:36AM (#19962)
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  • ...6 months after Definitely Maybe came out!
    magic1 -- Monday October 15 2001, @09:34AM (#20045)
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