posted by davidt on Thursday October 11 2001, @09:15AM
Mark Appleby writes:

Morrissey 'cried' when he saw album cover - posted on
"Morrissey says he cried when he saw the cover of his former band's latest compilation album.

The Very Best Of The Smiths was released by WEA Records, without input from the singer.

He says the sleeve artwork was "horrific."

Morrissey told Q magazine: "I've never been involved in any post-Rough Trade UK release.

"It's so distressing when people attribute those awful WEA sleeves to me. This latest one must be the nail: horrific sleeve, title misspelt on artwork, wrong publishing information. I cried.

"Remarkably, no-one at Warner Music was sacked! I believe it reached number 31? Too high, if you ask me."

Morrissey is due to release a new solo album in the next few months."

Story filed: 15:06 Thursday 11th October 2001
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