posted by davidt on Thursday October 11 2001, @09:15AM
Rogelio writes:

On October 7th Mexican-American performer El Vez from Los Angeles did a show in Salt Lake City. El Vez can be best described as an Elvis interpreter (not necessarily an impersonator) with tons of energy. He performs Elvis songs changing lyrics and beats where he sees fit, often employing a strong Chicano ethic. Check out his website for more info.

I was quite taken by many similarities between he and our fair Morrissey. Most obvious was the boxing. The entire show has a boxing oriented theme, it is called Boxing With God. There was also the obvious fascination with Elvis and James Dean. There was also many costume changes during the show and several times El Vez came out looking like Moz, quif and all, during the Bona Drag era.

After the show I was able to chat with El Vez and we talked for a while about Moz. He told me he had become a big fan of Moz since he opened some shows for him back in the early 90's. I am not sure which tour or show, perhaps some of you will remeber seeing El Vez. He also said that he had heard a short new song of Morrissey's when he was in the studio in LA before he started his current tour. He said the song was "a bit Mexican-American" which certainly fits in with current new Moz material rumors. El Vez also said that following the conclusion of his current tour he would return to LA to start a short tour with the Sweet and Tender Hooligans. Sounds like it will be amazing . We shall see.
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  • I love this guy!
    dacid -- Thursday October 11 2001, @11:49AM (#19901)
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  • did someone let el gato out of el bag-o?

    we can dream.
    suzanne -- Thursday October 11 2001, @08:26PM (#19942)
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    I scare dead people.
  • I was just on tour with EL VEZ and he hasn't any idea where this fabication originated. The last time he was in a studio was to record his "Boxing With God" cd, and Moz wasn't there. EL VEZ knows nothing about Moz's tour intentions. EL VEZ is preoccupied with creating his new Christmas show which should be on the road starting Nov.22. Please refrain from misquoting and creating rumors associated with the delightful Senor Vez.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2001, @02:05PM (#20087)

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