posted by davidt on Saturday October 06 2001, @09:00AM
Chris V writes:

Rumor is that Recher Theatre in Towson (Maryland, USA) is in negotiations to host an event later this year featuring Moz. He most recently played the 9:30 club in Feb 2001 at the 9:30 Club in Wash DC.
Several people contacted Rhino about the record deal rumor. Chris LaMorte sends a response from Dr. Rhino:
The only Morrissey information I have is that we have a "Best of" collection scheduled for release in November. Here's some track information...
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  • I believe he played in Feb 2000, not 2001.
    Alsatian Cousin -- Saturday October 06 2001, @09:25AM (#19756)
    (User #164 Info)
  • the recher is a bad place to see a show. and the owners of the place are dicks.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2001, @04:45AM (#19767)
  • I can only handle Suedehead and Eeveryday Is Like Sunday on so many albums! It's time for some NEW material!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    DeB of the West Sider Riders ;-)
    Maplefreak -- Sunday October 07 2001, @10:09AM (#19772)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • I do Apologize to all, But screw the music or whatever for a moment, because for me i would like to get the hell out of California for awhile and see morrissey out of state wherever the concert or event is going to be at. And i do Sangre hope this RhinoRecords stop acting stupid and stop giving the Fans Bushwhacking comments and get on with the show!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 09 2001, @11:38PM (#19845)
  • I called Recher Theater, someone, who was unable to help me, told that he also heard a rumor about Morrissey coming to Recher. I live in Virginia, and if there is any Mozzers, I would like to Contact them! my email : [email protected]
    Mr.Entertainer -- Wednesday October 10 2001, @07:45PM (#19873)
    (User #2852 Info)
    • Re:I Called by suzanne (Score:1) Wednesday October 10 2001, @09:20PM
  • first of all Rhino records can kiss my ass!!
    and of all, second i did hear about moz getting a deal......but i just want to say that rhino records can kiss my ass for putting out a smiths greatist hits album that has the same track's as
    the best vol 1 and 2,and not to forget the singles
    .why cant they put diff tracks like the smiths older tracks or like b-sides?well it goes to show that rhino records suck's a fatty!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 10 2001, @08:33PM (#19874)

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