posted by davidt on Tuesday October 02 2001, @10:00AM
In response to the recent article, "'Interlude' cover design contest winner (KROQ - 1993)", Joseph Magic Namsinh writes:

In regards to all the skeptics about my artwork, here is a scan of the check stub from Warner Brothers. I also included a scan of a Morrissey letter written inside the MORRISSEY SHOT book he gave to me when I met him.

In addition, here are 2 more illustrations I did for Moz. The b/w pencil he has in his collection and the color painting Morrissey signed it for me for my collection. Hope you enjoy them.

Anth2001 also writes and sends:

I was wanting to add a comment to the post "Interlude, KROQ cover design contest winner" and post my artwork entry. I hope you like it, I worked very hard on it. It is not painted, it is in black & white pen & ink. The original is sized to fit on a 12-inch record like the contest had requested.

Anth2001 - "Interlude" contest entry
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  • wow, that must've been a shock to get a letter from Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @10:48AM (#19568)
  • Hey, Congrats on winning the contest and being recognized by Moz, I can't imagine the thrill you must have experienced are very talented ...keep it up!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @01:10PM (#19596)
  • I hate that you had to prove this to those idiots who were in doubt of you, but I'd like to say, your pencil drawing was beautiful! I'd like to have a copy framed for my house!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing the letter that Morrissey wrote to you. You're very lucky!

    You're really very talented. Thanks again.
    hand in glove -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @04:46PM (#19616)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • I've seen his autographs before but is that is normal handwriting? woha :)
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 04 2001, @02:12AM (#19688)
  • When you slam down your hammer,
    can you see it in your heart?
    When you're standing on my finger,
    can you see it in your heart?
    When you try to break my spirit,
    it won't work, because there
    nothing left to break!!! anymore.

    Anonymous -- Thursday October 04 2001, @03:31PM (#19709)
  • So : the choice I have made
    May seem strange to you
    But who asked you, anyway ?
    It's my life to wreck
    My own way
    You see : to someone, somewhere, oh yeah ...
    Alma matters
    In mind, body and soul
    In part, and in whole.
    So the life I have made
    May seem wrong to you
    But, I've never been surer
    It's my life to ruin
    My own way.


    Anonymous -- Friday October 05 2001, @02:28AM (#19726)

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