posted by davidt on Tuesday October 02 2001, @10:00AM
austere writes:

This just appeared on not-as-good-as-it-used-to-be gossip site

His new material is very, very good. Has a curious Mexican feel in parts?

(coco, Tue 2 Oct 14:25)"
Make of that what you will, I suppose.
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  • I have also heard the rumors of the new album making the rounds. I have several friends who know a source close to Alain, and apparently this source has (had?) a copy of the new album. An aquaintance even claims to have heard the album through that source.

    As you may expect I am working on getting a copy for myself or even just getting to listen. If I hear anything more, I will report it on this site.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @10:32AM (#19565)
  • There is no recorded album, believe me.... it's still in the heads and draws of the participants.
    Mozzarella -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @11:35AM (#19577)
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    • Re:Correction: by Mozzarella (Score:1) Tuesday October 02 2001, @12:17PM
  • i remeber when morrissey cancelled in vegas we met up with gary day and boz as they walked in the mandalay bay and we asked them if we could hang out so we were drinking beers for about 45min and boz mentioned to me one of the songs would be called "the mexican" and it was great and 1st new cd would have about 10 or 12 tracks who knows if it was the beer talking or if he was serious as soon as i get a scanner i will scan all the pics we took together drinking post them up lates.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @01:11PM (#19597)
  • Hazard View: If there is an album actually recorded and prepared, then it WILL include Boz
    and Alain in the band.

    I would best my last penny on that, for sure. Whether they have recorded these tracks
    all together in the same place, at the same time,
    is another thing.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @02:38PM (#19602)
  • Dear Jim,

    I have a curious Mexican feeling my parts.


    Melanie Griffith
    Jim Rome -- Wednesday October 03 2001, @12:32PM (#19673)
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    ...and how?

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