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GabrielGervais writes:

From The NME website - TABLOID HELL - SEPTEMBER 17 2001:
Elsewhere, The Sun also reports that lanky comic adulterer and alter-ego of Bob The Builder, Neil Morrissey, is set for some chart competition. Morrissey, who as Tabloid Hell has previously pointed out, used to be lead singer with 80s indie icons Smiths before becoming a comedy actor in such hits as 'Men Behaving Badly' and probably others, will have to battle it out with the man he cuckolded Les Dennis, a game show host of some considerable standing in the game show hosting world. So well respected is Les that some of his peers call him Les 'The Host' Dennis. Les is to team up with rock outfit Frigid Vinegar to release 'Diddlysquat', a song about game shows. "That indie twat Morrissey is probably bricking it now," says a game show fan. "Les is a born entertainer and he certainly has never sang miserable songs about being miserable. He'll take great delight in rubbing Morrissey's nose in it."
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  • I think they forgot to mention his career as a director of Andy Warhol's films.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 03 2001, @05:00AM (#19647)
  • Sharing my flat with a true Morrissey devotee and working as product manager for the German releases of Bob, the Builder, the difference between S. P. Morrissey and N. Morrissey makes me laugh, every time I "come across" one of them! I suppose two people of the same name couldn't be much further apart. Just imagine S. P. Morrissey loudly shouting "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!" at all hours...
    ;) Corinna.
    Corinna -- Thursday October 04 2001, @05:55AM (#19693)
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    "What for a party - I LOVE she!"

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