posted by davidt on Tuesday October 02 2001, @10:00AM
Jeff writes:

Last Sunday, I went to see a documentary called Lifetime Guarantee. It's an hour long documentary about Phranc and how she sells Tupperware. She is one of the biggest sellers in the country. During the film, she was talking about great moments in her life and she mentioned how she played in front of a soldout crowd at the Forum. She then explained that this was when she was opening for Morrissey. She talked briefly about the rest of that tour and how she left it early when her brother was murdered. She didn't really say anything about Morrissey himself. But there were a few guys at one of her Tupperware parties who were telling her that they had seen her open for The Smiths in 1986 and then again for Morrissey in 1991.
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  • Now that's funny. I wonder if she's held a party at Moz's
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 02 2001, @05:33PM (#19620)
  • You can see Phranc (and Morrissey) topless in the wonderful Peepholism book...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 03 2001, @05:17AM (#19648)
  • I saw this film at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this year. It is an amazing documentary. The director was present at the screening and had a Q&A session afterwards and handed out free tupperware!

    I spoke with her about being a Morrissey fan and said this was how I found out about the film. She said she also liked Morrissey. One of the festival selectors was there and she too said her attention was brought to the film by a mention of Morrissey in an article and that this was a factor in her choosing the film. Seems he has got some pulling power!

    Take care

    Sean xx

    Sean <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 06 2001, @05:29AM (#19754)
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