posted by davidt on Wednesday September 26 2001, @10:00AM
Back in 1993 (I think) KROQ in Los Angeles had a contest to design the cover for the yet to be released "Interlude" single. The winner would be chosen by Morrissey and also received a cash prize from his record label at the time (I think it was $500). I heard they received a lot of entries (thousands?) but after the contest ended, I don't recall hearing any sort of annoucement and the single was never released in the U.S. The release in the U.K. used a vintage Roger Mayne photograph. The winner of the contest, Joseph Magic Namsinh, recently sent in a scan of his winning artwork:

"Interlude" KROQ design contest winner (1993)
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  • i live in southern california and i remember this contest very well. but what i want to know is how do we know this person won? does he have a copy of the check stub? any type of physical proof? since kroq and the record company dropped the ball on this, anyone could really claim to have won the contest -- there were afterall thousands of contestants -- some i'm assuming much better. it's just that part of the contest was that morrissey himself was to choose the winning cover art, and i couldn't see him picking this painting for a single.
    eugenius -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @11:25AM (#19426)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • What a great peice of work! You did the man justice, he looks marvelous!

    DeB of the West Sider Riders ;-)
    Maplefreak -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @11:26AM (#19427)
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    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • hello all,
    yes morrissey did pick my artwork over many others, and warner brother did pay me $1000 (i still have the check stub) and i had a change to meet moz.
    thank you for all kind thoughts on my artwork, if you like it or not and thanks for the bashing too.


    joe magic
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @12:35PM (#19429)
  • I can understand why they never used/issued it. That does not look like Moz one bit.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @12:47PM (#19430)
  • For all the bashers...Show us what you could do.

    I think it's absolutely beautiful.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @01:32PM (#19432)
  • ...but I just can't imagine it being used as a cd-cover. Sorry, folks

    Bring back Whores In Retirement!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @02:07PM (#19435)
  • Christ Almighty. That's a fuggin' awful painting. I'm glad they used the Mayne photo instead.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @03:36PM (#19439)
  • Credit for painting Moz and credit for some decent art skills but no.....
    Please scan and post the check stub and any other evidence. I can't see anyone choosing this for a major single release. I mean no offense by that but this would never go. How many entrants were there? Back this nice painting up with some evidence and help put our sceptic minds at ease.
    MOZ IS GOD -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @05:07PM (#19443)
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  • so who cares anyway? i would put that "magic" image up on my fridge. good effort.
    fut -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @05:37PM (#19444)
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  • What a lovely name. Your painting of Morrissey is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    hand in glove -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @05:58PM (#19445)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • My nephew painted one just like this and he is in second grade. That painting is sooooo bad. It must be a joke. Whoever payed $1000 for that has extremely bad taste.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @07:13PM (#19449)
  • Joseph,

    You have to expect that a good amount(not all) of the people from Moz Solo are rude and obnoxious. Its funny how they comment yet have no clue of who you are and the people you know. They can only wish. Wasn't it Moz himself that picked the winning painting? For the people who have nothing positive to say... I suggest that they submit PROOF that they can draw or paint Moz or anything for that matter and also prove that they are not total and complete fucjobs! But I suppose that won't happen now will it?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @08:23PM (#19452)
  • But I sort of understand why they didn't use it. This was a song with Morrissey and souixie and the painting sort of goes along with Morrissey's whole (conceided) theme of putting himself on every single. So it being a duet .. I think I would have rather seen maybe a river with 2 empty boats going towards each other or something? Hey just my idea.. Or maybe even Moz and Souixie (sp?) In the recording studio together? Now there's a cover.
    Unruly Girl -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @10:31PM (#19458)
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  • A decent effort, but something's not quite right. I think it's the lips. Also, not a very appropriate shirt, and the background colors and composition don't really capture anything about Morrissey. The artwork on the rest of the site is also decent, but somewhat spotty. Portraits of Pee Wee Herman, Chris Walken, Dennis Hopper, and Janet Leigh are spot-on! However, there are several of Jodie Foster, my favorite actress, and none look ANYthing like her.
    Benji -- Thursday September 27 2001, @12:53AM (#19460)
    (User #1807 Info)
  • I can't believe he won with that. That is the goofiest piece of crap I've ever seen. That is terrible!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 27 2001, @06:31AM (#19468)
  • So everyone who is ripping this painting to shreds might as well send thier comments to Morrissey himself, since he was partially responsible for choosing the winner.
    I remember quite well that he was indeed the winner.

    Off the subject-
    Joseph, do you still keep in contact with Michelle F.?
    Johnny Marr -- Thursday September 27 2001, @09:14AM (#19473)
    (User #1113 Info)
    Going Underground
  • Since the painting didn't make it on the record, it should be placed on the side of every bus in L.A. Or, maybe on bags of Starbucks coffee beans (or on the bootleg cd of the new album demos - which will be available on this site when, exactly?) This author likes it, and expects to see it added to the top of the main page random picture selection.
    mattorefice <[email protected]> -- Thursday September 27 2001, @11:07AM (#19476)
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    Leslie Towne Hope = Packy West
  • his jaw line is too short, his neck is too thick, and his shoulders are way too broad. but it's not bad though. really, it isn't.

    I honestly commend you for it because it's MUCH better than anything I could EVER draw!!

    nice work. thanks for sharing it.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 28 2001, @01:12AM (#19489)
    • kind thoughts by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 28 2001, @08:16AM
  • No offense Joe Magic, but I like mine better. I was always under the impression that the KROQ Interlude contest was a big joke being that the winners artwork was never produced. It should have been.

    How can I attach a TIFF file to show everyone?
    anth2001 <Pasadena> -- Friday September 28 2001, @04:19PM (#19501)
    (User #2668 Info)
  • the interlude cover was to be a photograph of morrissey and siouxsie sioux sitting together, bare-arsed, on magic's morrissey painting. when warner bros wanted to crop the photo to exclude magic's painting, morrissey shelved the entire project in a fit... no u.s. release.

    honestly, you're a talented guy, joe magic. but that painting belongs air-brushed on the back of a denim jacket, not on an album jacket.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 29 2001, @08:05AM (#19509)
  • this painting sucks and it would NEVER be on a moz release, not even a polish bootleg
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2001, @02:01PM (#19526)
  • Lips are kinda funky! but it is a heck of alot better then my stick figures I'm capable of.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 01 2001, @01:41PM (#19533)
  • and thats to say the least. Boy that painting sucks ans so does everything else on your website. I'm only telling you this because what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. Maybe when your out of high school and in art school you'll develope your personal style. One last suggestion, stop copying photographs and learn to draw from real models. Try doing some of your friends first
    theboyracer -- Monday October 01 2001, @02:32PM (#19534)
    (User #456 Info)
  • It would make a good airbrushed know which ones i'm talking about. The kind you see at the swap meet, Cesar the gangster charging 10 bucks a pop for his homeboy's funeral...
    Jim Rome -- Monday October 01 2001, @03:26PM (#19536)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • i consider myself an artist and i would like to offer you tips on improving your future paintings. you say you have studied from others and i can't believe that they have never told you some of these very basic things.

    1. never EVER put your signature in or near the center of the painting ESPECIALLY when it becomes a focus point. even if this painting was brilliant.. your "magic" signature would steal so much of it and it would be tragic.

    2. don't outline. i mean.. somtimes you can but the way you did it to moz makes it look VERY amatuer. perhaps you've been looking at too many comic books (and i'm not knocking comics either.. i am actually currently making one)

    3. you have lots of negaitive space that was used up by splattered paint. it looks like the composition wasn't thought out and you didn't know what to do with the back ground so you just painted it blue and when it was too boring you splattered paint over it. next time, don't put a person floating in space unless you are doing a sci-fi thing. cuz that's the only curcumstance i could think of to make since. make the surrounding make since with the content you are painting.

    4. i've looked at your other works and it shows you don't suck. personally.. i don't think it looks like morrissey. i think some of your other stuff is better. your moz looks like a football player. did you look off a photo or just drew a guy and put some moz hair and eyebrows on him? there are 3 levels of art. 1(the lowest) art strictly from your imagination. 2.(medium) art from a photograph or other painting. 3. (highest) photo from real life. obviously you couldn't have painted it from real like but in my opinion it didn't look like you used a photo either. (ps. a combiniation of the 3 is recommended)

    i could go on but i hope this helps you. if i knew how i'd post some of my stuff and i wish i knew about this contest cuz personally i think i would have won. not to have my head up my ass but to be honest i take very much pride in my work.
    homeboyhug -- Thursday October 04 2001, @08:12PM (#19718)
    (User #3734 Info)

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