posted by davidt on Wednesday September 26 2001, @10:00AM
Mark Deveney, Charlton, SE7. writes:

Peterborough Column, Daily Telegraph 25/9/01
In a book review at the weekend, the polemicist and sometime rock critic Julie Burchill, revealed that she was once bearded in her own home by the patron saint of 1980's student self absorption.

"When I finally submitted to myself that I loved the Smiths", she wrote, "they'd been defunct for five years - something that didn't stop Morrissey, on hearing of my girlish swoon, from knocking on my door unbidden one morning and putting me through three hours of the most boring hours of my life."

Surely not. "It was social death!" Julie squealed when asked about it yesterday.

"It was a Saturday morning, I was off my face after three days on drugs and he just turned up on my doorstep. He came in and sat there slagging everything I'd ever said about all these other bands. It totally changed everything I'd ever thought about him."

But, she adds in a spirit of fairness:

"He was suprisingly butch, with big shoulders and actually really fit."

Talk about backhanded compliments!! The above had 2 face pictures of Moz and the fat old charliehead Burchill. He gets slated all the time, even in this period of 'retirement'.


UPDATE (Sep. 27): Scan of article from James Greenall
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  • Morrissey conspiracy numbero 9:
                                          He is quite conscious of his body appearence, despite the comments he gives regarding his fitness regimen, saying he does nothing more than walk or swim. The man works out, weights, stairmasters, ab roller and suzane sommers thigh buster included. Dont let him fool you he is as vain as a long stem rose. It just doesn't look good for an asthete to admit to flexing his muscles in the bathroom mirror. Sexy beast, go on show me your traps.
    giant -- Wednesday September 26 2001, @10:12PM (#19457)
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  • Who the feck is Julie Burchill to Morrissey? What qualifies one as a "rock critic"? Too basaltic. Needs more iron.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2001, @11:32PM (#19529)

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