posted by davidt on Monday September 17 2001, @08:30AM
Ruffian writes:

Boz Boorer plays with 'Johns Children'... TREX/BOLAN appreciation band who features Rolan Bolan on their informal tours. Boz Boorer played guitar. The full story goes that I arrived at the Camden Underworld about 19.30...

...As I went downstairs to the Underworld, Boz was coming up them. I couldn't believe it at first, was it him? I thought, and then I stopped and fumbled with my change to give myself time.

Some guy was asking Boz about what lead plugs in where. Then the guy went and Boz got his phone out. I stepped up to him and said 'It's Boz isn't it?' He smiled and said yes, I shook hands with him as he switched phones and his cigarette!! I made 'bumbling' apologies for interrupting him and he was really OK, explaining he was trying to get a signal for his mobile. The picture was taken and I went into the bar.. completely happy!! Not everyday you meet a hero... the man who wrote 'Now My Heart Is Full', 'Speedway', and 'Jack The Ripper'. Then I met Mimi and Elsberry who were nice. We had a talk about Morrissey and Boz as you'd expect... they are well in with Boz, nice girls.

The gig was good, American flags were flown as a support gesture, and it was a celebration of Marc Bolan, the crowd were a good mix of young and old, and the music was rock'n'roll standards and Bolan classica. Boz looked cool, 50's suit and rock'n'roll chic. He's a lot smaller in real life (I thought) but the unmistakable cut of his guitar style was obvious. I just watched and drank it in. He was enjoying himself as well, just playing for fun. They did a fair few TREX songs 'Children of the Revolution', 'Cosmic Dancer', 'Telegram Sam'. All good stuff. Unfortunatley, Rolan Bolan was due to attend but the US situation stopped him flying, a suitable sombre apology was read out.

Afterwards, I couldn't resist, Boz was on stage packing his leads away and I thanked him for the gig and asked him if I could take a photo. He came off the stage and cheerfully stood next to me. I put my arm around him (!OK, I apologise for such crass behaviour!) and was bemused by the bloke taking the picture, but taken it was. And even if I look p1ssed (I wasn't)!!

Thanks to Mimi for the inspiration to write this.
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  • I'd like to see the picture!
    Puppet on string <[email protected]> -- Monday September 17 2001, @08:56AM (#19017)
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    Everyday I have the blues!
  • Can we see the picture?
    MOZ IS GOD -- Monday September 17 2001, @03:36PM (#19059)
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  • Boz is great and I am not surprised of his good manners towards you. Great man and thanks for sharing this story with us!
    Anonymous -- Monday September 17 2001, @07:31PM (#19074)
  • Nice review - it was good to meet you there and Elsberry and I had a great time too. The night after that John's Children played another totally unofficial gig at a bash celebrating the anniversary of Marc Bolan's death. You should have seen it.... Boz wore a great Johnny Cash t-shirt. The set was kind of short but very intimate in the midst of some really crazy fans. Rolan Bolan is playing London soon so keep a look out for that....
    Mozzarella -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @11:30AM (#19109)
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