posted by davidt on Monday September 17 2001, @07:30AM
Damian Morgan writes:

I have just interviewed Liam McKahey from London based band Cousteau, and I enclose here part of that article:

Liam McKahey left the southern Irish city of Cork for the brash lights of London at the tender age of 16, and after a heady decade and a half, which he maintains "are sort of lost, really. A lot of lost years" he has found salvation as lead singer of Cousteau, a band already doing great things in Europe, and about to start their first major headline tour of the States.

So Liam, what made you decide to leave Cork?
"Lots of reasons really, all the usual dreams you have as a 16 year old. I wanted to go to art college, and wanted to escape from Cork. I was, and still am, a huge Smiths fan, and when I heard 'William, It Was Really Nothing' I thought it was a personal message to me! 'The rain falls hard on a humdrum town', 'William, William!' I never did make it to art college, but I made it to London."

...another quote:

Liam McKahey: "I saw The Smiths in Cork in the mid eighties, and they got a rough ride because the crowd was so behind the times. Some dickhead spat at Morrissey, and Morrissey walked off. He came back on a little later and continued the gig. I tought there and then - this is the group I've been waiting for. Then and now, if anyone slags of Morrissey I fight his corner. If someone doesn't like the Smiths then I don't think as much of that person. The Smiths changed my life, when Morrissey sang 'this town has dragged you down' in 'William...', I knew he was giving me a sign, personally, to go and find my destiny. Sounds fuckin' corny now, but I still think it's true".
Just a snippet there. The full interview will appear at The site is having an overhaul at the moment, so may be a few weeks.

Having seen Cousteau play live -- though their music is darker than than The Smiths, Liam does have the brooding presence of latter day Morrissey. And he has a quiff... which is cool. They are currently on tour in the U.S., dates are on their aforementioned website.
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  • I saw 'em in London last year. The singer Liam is like a character out of a moz song, all quiff and tattoos. Looks like he should be working on the waltzers.....
    Really bloody good band.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 17 2001, @10:34PM (#19084)
  • eh, cheers damian & liam! What a gorgeous surprise to 'meet' YOU TWO here! Cousteau world order!!
    elsberry -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @01:49AM (#19088)
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  • They played here some months ago, and as usual I didn't know about it till late. The more they are compared to the Tindersticks the more I want to hear and see them - even because lots of people make all sort of wrong comparisons, and I wanted to check that out.
    However, some days ago I was at a record shop - and only then I saw their faces for the first time (don't laugh elsberry :)) and it struck me how actually he looked like Morrissey, same style! Same hair at least, but I didn't have the time to be there studying the picture in the sleeve for a long time. So that he likes Morrissey can explain that resemblance about the hair, perhaps.
    I am very much curious about them, and I hope that I can hear their music soon, at last.
    Havfine -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @04:47AM (#19093)
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  • Months ago I wrote something like a review of Cousteau after I'd seen them along with Elsberry... I kept going on about how great and gorgeous they were and was absolutely slagged off for it. This is my revenge.

    Just don't say I didn't tell you.
    Mozzarella -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @10:25AM (#19108)
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  • Liam McKahey is Morrissey, Scott Walker, Bowie, and every other magnetic frontman in history rolled into one intense person.
    Cousteau are the best band I've seen in 10 years, no question.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @12:45PM (#19123)
  • cousteau are GENIUS!!!!!
    see them live and share in this underrated band.
    but keep it our little secret.

    we knew when...
    I Know Very Well... -- Tuesday September 18 2001, @01:38PM (#19128)
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    I Know Very Well...
  • I saw Cousteau play in Paris in June, with Novastar. As soon as I saw the singer I wassue that he was a huge Morrissey fan : same haircut, same attitude.
    Of course their music is quite good, but not like Morrissey's.
    boy with a thorn <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 22 2001, @03:33AM (#19318)
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