posted by davidt on Tuesday September 04 2001, @10:00AM
It's been about 3 weeks since the pledge drive post (Aug. 13) and so far the results have been mixed. The quality of the donations were very good, but the quantity was a bit disappointing. As of this writing I have received contributions from 56 people and I believe I have enough now to pay for the bandwidth of the site for the next year. The other costs I will deal with on my own. I am very thankful to each of those who sent in a little something, especially to those who sent in a little extra. I am especially thankful to the few people that went way beyond the call of duty and to the one person that went way beyond the call of duty, if it were not for you then this goal would not have been met.

Overall, the drive was good not so much because of the results but because it put me in touch, and in some cases back in touch with the site's biggest supporters. Contributions are still being taken and there are some that are still coming through the mail, I believe. Again, the best way to contribute to the site is through your unique submissions, news items and comments (for the most part).
Jonathan Ian Mathers writes:

Dear Morrissey-solo website people:

Though money is tight here (as I am a starving artist, seriously... I had a marshmallow for breakfast) a donation would be a little hard to do right now, however I did put together a Morrissey-solo desktop theme (800x600, 507K) that you can use for logo as well (If you want)... I figure it would be a treat to Morrissey fans and it might give them a little more incentive to submit a donation, hope it helps.
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  • Jonathan,

    Are you a Tim Burton fan? Moz looks like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas. Kind of reminds me of Mr. Burns from The Simpson's, too. Don't take this the wrong way, the illustration is cool.... just knd of "dark".
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @10:16AM (#18168)
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  • And I'd completely agree with Dave T (the one who isn't me) that the best way to contribute to this site is to send material in.

    But surely there are more than 56 people who use this site who would be able to make a small donation to it? This site is so important to so many people out there: why should it all come out of Dave T's pocket? I hate to sound like Bob Geldoff, but, jeez, give him yer f*cking money!

    Dave T: it would help if there were a permanent paypal logo on this site to help to remind people to donate as and when they felt the urge.
    David T (different) -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @11:38AM (#18181)
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  • as i abuse this website more than anyone...and I've been meaning to...

    but if it makes you feel better, I found out this morning i'm over half a month late on one of my student loans, and my car inspection is a few days over. i'm very scatterbrained these days.
    suzanne -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @04:08PM (#18221)
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    I scare dead people.
  • Hmmm... Any relation to Jerry Mathers? Just kidding!

    In all seriousness though, there are several thousand people who use this site. I'm sure they all can donate something. I mean, come on people! It doesn't hurt to donate a couple of dollars -- even $2.00 would help. I'd hate to see this site disappear. Give til it hurts!

    half-a-person -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @05:35PM (#18231)
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    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
  • Forgot.

    Where's my mind last months, damn.

    Well, make it up, anyway.
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @05:57PM (#18234)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • David....could you please post an address where a check could be sent. Thanks
    Fence -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @06:54PM (#18246)
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  • I happen to know that the person who gave a big contribution of $500 to this site was Brianne out of her deep love of Morrissey and her interest to further his career any way she can and keeping this site around and updated was certainly one way apparently.
    Just a shame certain people on this site have, through their criminal activities and harassing actions, made Brianne reluctant to even visit this site in general and the chat room in particular. I just have to speak for Brianne because I know she won't but don't understand why that chat hasn't been shut down - David knowing the circumstances why wouldn't you do that for her.
    Of course given the amount of contributions from these alleged Morrissey fans that frequent this site, I hardly would expect anything but this intrusive and deranged behavior; perhaps they could contribute to you David a postcard from their next big trip they are always taking - that should help pay for nothing. Or better yet, from their next trip from Taiwan to Switzerland, they can send you David a commemorative pen for you to sign the checks out of your own money. Maybe they can send you a penny from their luxurious trip to Paris.
    No wonder Morrissey doesn't put out a new album, he probably thinks his fans are too cheap to buy it.

    Someone who knows.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @07:08PM (#18249)
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        • I believe it is important NOT to blame David T for moderation, in fact everybody with a non-negative karma can be a moderator here, and that is how slash-dot works. Also notice that it is a common situation to have several moderators on the same topic, and unfortunately it became common practice that a given moderator just starts doing his/her work after some days the topic was posted, so she/he can change more easily the work made by the moderator who has already spent the points, I know because it happened to me when I started moderating some topic just to see everything I'd done changed in the end, and it was curious how people complained when the scores I gave were changed. I really don't know if the system can be changed and anyway I don't think it should be associated with sending a donation, but it is in fact a positive criticism in overall terms, and I would suggest that at least the name of the moderator can be read and how the topic was moderated by each moderator, also that a more specific ethical guide should be provided to be used as a model by the moderators.
          Regardless moderation, in case it is possible to make a contribution, I will, because despite all these problems David T is making such a wonderful job and if nobody else, he deserves our high respect.
          Different One, I agree with everything you said and just wrote this to reinforce some points.
          Havfine -- Thursday September 06 2001, @03:24AM (#18444)
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          "Have you forgotten how to love yourself?" Red House Painters
  • Someone should let Morrissey know about this, I think it's incredible that someone sent $500 to keep this site going while Morrissey hasn't put an album out in years, and doesn't look like doing so. And, more importantly, doesn't make an effort to reach out to his fans.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @07:54PM (#18260)
  • well sorry dave but i'm just a Moz-loving freeloader i didn't submit any moolah because i don't work so maybe i should get off my lazy arse and get a job at Mickey Dee's but hey all you moochers out there let's give good ole David a helping hand and forget those donations to Jerry's kids.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 04 2001, @09:57PM (#18269)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Did Morrissey gave something ???
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 05 2001, @12:58AM (#18290)
  • What I have to say is not going to add much to the debate, I know.
    Though I don't even have a credit card I checked the link provided hoping to find some alternative, and they asked me to register since I don't live in the USA. So, I can only suggest, as many people already did, that some sort of address is supplied so people who don't have credit cards/don't live in the USA can donate too. I wonder if there could be such a thing like a PO Box in a bank where we could send money to.
    Also, it would be fine if that account could exist in some permanent basis, because though for those like me it might be hard to donate right now, the situation can change in future, hopefully. I agree that keeping the credit card link in a permanent basis would be good for the site too.
    Havfine -- Wednesday September 05 2001, @09:16AM (#18318)
    (User #284 Info)
    "Have you forgotten how to love yourself?" Red House Painters
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  • sort of looks like Moz has that Michael Jackson skin discoloration thing going on. Maybe its something contagious amungst oddball solo artists?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 05 2001, @11:06AM (#18339)
  • Seeing as though someone gave $500, can I please be one of the 50 people that don't need to contribute $10 as a result?

    Anonymous -- Thursday September 06 2001, @05:50AM (#18455)
  • I am embarrassed by the fact that so many people are acting so rude and selfishly. I am going to give all of the "extra" money from my next paycheck (which won't be very much, I am sure...but it will help), because this site is wonderful...and if the only way to keep it up and running is to financially help the person who runs it...then that is what I will do.

    I am someone with VERY little money to use for anything other than school and living costs...but I will give that $10 or $15...and then I will do the same with each of my paychecks until I feel I have given an amount that is at least equal to the amount of times I visit this site. Hopefully the "pledge drive" won't shut down...because I'd like to be able to send my meager little monetary increments in...continuously until I feel I have contributed all that I can.
    *_Lilla Molntuss_* <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 09 2001, @10:38PM (#18703)
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