posted by davidt on Monday August 06 2001, @10:00AM
Disco Dancer writes:

Attended the Billy Bragg & The Lowest of the Low show in Toronto last night... Bragg was excellent and as humourous as usual. He spoke of Morrissey to the seeming delight of the audience, recalling a rather humourous incident from the 1985 Smiths/Bragg show at Canada's Wonderland. Using free passes given to them, Morrissey and Bragg apparently enjoyed all the rides while being chased around by, as Bragg described, the "posse" of Smiths fans. All was going well until both Morrissey and Bragg decided to get sick (literally) on the upside down part of a looping rollercoaster.

Bragg did indicate that he is in email contact with Morrissey and while they are either just getting along or getting along really well, they always indicate to each other that no matter what happens in their relationship "we always have Canada's Wonderland".
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  • I remember that show. It was my first concert.
    That's a pretty cool story.
    haze <[email protected]> -- Monday August 06 2001, @10:20AM (#16292)
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  • What a great story! And Canada's Wonderland is the absolute BEST! Best part of sinkhole Toronto, and MUCH better than Disney World.... I wonder which coaster they went on, Bragg should have mentioned WHICH ONE!!!!

    DeB of the West Sider Riders ;-)
    Maplefreak -- Monday August 06 2001, @11:06AM (#16298)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • Never- the- less, funny that two men would run around in some fair getting their kicks from rides and such, and then top it off with the "fun" (???) of getting ill on a ride. Its funny how fond memories can pop up and make a thousand or so people smile for a few days.

    Laura <[email protected]> -- Monday August 06 2001, @11:25AM (#16300)
    (User #3128 Info)
    Freudian slips are my specialty! What can I get you: a phallic symbol, mother/son relation, or father/daughter blue pla
  • Ah, our luverly Moz is a nethead just like us lot after all. Good-o. But what we really want to know is the address!

    Moi? Obsessed fan? Never.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 06 2001, @11:29AM (#16302)
  • I think its a real sweet story. Its also cool that they enjoyed themselves and even got sick on a rollercoaster which I think many have, including myself(yes, I'm ashamed to admit it but whatever) Now if only they could give us Morrissey's email address..Hmmmmm..
    BettyLuvzMoz <[email protected]> -- Monday August 06 2001, @01:35PM (#16326)
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    "..Style is what one wears oneself. What is unstylish is what other people wear.." O.W.
  • I'd just like to explain a view that I hold in that Billy Bragg has been very underated as a UK musical talent. At the time - the time that I remember, at least, - his songs like 'Greetings for the new Brunette' were greated with average sales but an excellent reputation for 'rocking' in his live stage shows. I recall him having to compete with bands like The Housemartins, the Beat, The General Public, UB40, Ultravox, Duran Duran .. and so on .. down the hill....

    Years afterwards Billy has, and always does, tell it like it is. You would have to be hard pressed to think of a time when he has not been approachable and honest in his views, but also a very underated UK musician and entertainer.

    Anonymous -- Monday August 06 2001, @02:49PM (#16334)
    • Re:Hazards View by Librarian on Fire (Score:1) Monday August 06 2001, @08:01PM
  • i suppose nobody can now honestly say that moz doesn't know how to use a computer.

    suzanne -- Monday August 06 2001, @04:31PM (#16343)
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    I scare dead people.
  • oh please! one of the "posse" must have had their stalker-camera with them! for heaven's sake, let us see Morrissey and Billy sitting crammed togheter in one of these tiny rollercoaster vehicles, terrified look in their tiny faces, just about to get sick.....
    what a thought!

    btw, right on, Billy B. - I always considered him the right kind of penpal for dear old Mogsy....
    elsberry -- Tuesday August 07 2001, @04:39AM (#16388)
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    +++ Of all of the fuckups that I do, I saved the best one for you +++
  • i live for these stories. they make me feel all warm and squishy. must a been a good show through out, i imagine.

    well, anywho...what a nice little picker-upper of a story.

    viva moz,

    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 07 2001, @07:26AM (#16397)
  • I think it's a great that Moz actually has an e-mail address. I wonder what it is? Ok how about we all go to Billy's house and beat it out of him.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Tuesday August 07 2001, @10:22AM (#16411)
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    True friends stab you in the front.

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