posted by davidt on Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:00AM
As comedian Michael Legge had earlier threatened to do, the 4 rare and unreleased tracks have been made available for download at:

Mrs. Shankly's Secret Website
  • "Striptease With A Difference" (Morrissey/Langer)
  • "Piccadilly Palare" - with extra verses (Morrissey/Armstrong)
  • "Oh Phoney" (Morrissey/Armstrong)
  • "Born To Hang" (Morrissey/Nevin)
I believe all tracks were recorded around 1989-90. Let's all give thanks to Michael for offering to share these tracks he somehow came into possession of and to Mrs. Shankly for encoding and hosting the files. Personally speaking, this is a historic day. I have been waiting 10+ years since "Striptease" was first mentioned in an interview and as for the others, they were rumored every so often and I wasn't even sure they really existed.
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  • Oh my god
    Smiths <reversethis-{moc ... a} {2eporhtdniw}> -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:09AM (#15253)
    (User #215 Info)
  • This Must Mean It Is The End Of The World! Its the only explanation!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:12AM (#15254)
  • My thoughts exactly. I told you it was going to be on Kristene's website. WOo-HOo. I just heard 3 songs out of the four. And I am totally shocked at the brilliance of our Morrissey. Striptease is now my ultimate dance tarck!!!!!
    moz_head_2000 <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:13AM (#15255)
    (User #263 Info |
    Sleep On And Dream Of Love, Because It's The Closest Thing I'll Get To Love....
    • Awful by Axed (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:17AM
      • Re:Awful by Lancaster (Score:1) Thursday July 26 2001, @07:27AM
  • I can tell why these were never released..They are horrible. But nice to have. Striptease is by far the best track. Born To Hang is just horrible.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:28AM (#15257)
  • Just got the 4 songs, still hearing Oh Phoney. If you are experience any difficult to download, getright really helps. Just loved Striptease with a difference!!!!
    Yes, Michael, many thanks :)))
    Havfine -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:29AM (#15258)
    (User #284 Info)
    "Have you forgotten how to love yourself?" Red House Painters
  • It must be a dream!!! That was the best news since the pronouncing of the tour in 1999.

    Some new Morrissey-tracks (and probably the last one in our lifes). That's a historic day.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:54AM (#15262)
  • The piano work on here seems very Bowie-esque to me, no?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:54AM (#15263)
  • I agree, these songs are terrible, mostly due to the terrible music accompanying Morrisseys singing. Now I see why he was so adamant about nobody hearing them. I will never ask to hear a song he doesnt want me to hear again.
    Bob -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:57AM (#15264)
    (User #246 Info)
    • Re:Ouch by MiltonDevil's Party (Score:1) Friday July 27 2001, @07:25PM
  • Yes, Thank you to everyone that was involved in making these tracks available!!! It is a real treat. Just curious is the tracks sound "muffled" to anyone else. Were these demos or was it the encoding used to make them mp3's? Surely if they were a finished/produced product, they would sound a bit more crisp, wouldn't they? What's the bitrate.....anyone? Not complaining, just curious.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:06AM (#15265)
    • Re:encoding by prisoner of wombat (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:46AM
      • Re:encoding by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:15AM
  • this is just mind blowing. it doesn't seem real. it's the biggest and best piece of news in a very long time. i personally like all the songs.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:07AM (#15266)
  • Wow. Years of searching and we arrive to this. What a relief especially when people used to look at me wierd whenever I mentioned these songs.

    By the way, the songs (while not great) are not TERRIBLE. Give them a fair chance, give them some time. I've heard songs that completely sounded different after a few days/weeks/months. Of course, crap is crap and a matter of personal taste, no matter what I or anyone else says.
    PeteMoz -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:09AM (#15267)
    (User #2608 Info)
    I don't want to be judged. I would sooner be loved.
  • Glad they finally came out. I want more, NOW!

    They are decent songs. I like them all.

    Also, just to add, Suzanne is a beeeeeeach.
    nobody's nothing -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:11AM (#15268)
    (User #264 Info)
    Morrissey and the Detroit Lions! A match made in heaven!
  • dont look at me that way.
    or put me to the test.
    when they first saw you, people said.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:16AM (#15270)
  • Really today reminds me of nothing moreso than when I'd be listening to John Peel when I was 14 or 15 waiting for the first unveiling of a new session track or the Meat is Murder album preview, ready and sprung to tape it.I'm writing this as I just finish the downloads but so far they seem excellent to me. I love the way he sings "Yoou dooo-oh" on "Oh Phoney", pure Smiths live.
    I feel like a teenager again today it's that exciting. I love it. A MASSIVE THANKYOU TO ALL.
    paulybob <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:35AM (#15272)
    (User #2426 Info)
  • I try to play them and they play for about 5 seconds on real player then it goes mute! Anyone have advice on why it is doing this> ? Must hear the songs before mr morrissey finds a way to make them go !
    Unruly Girl -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:43AM (#15275)
    (User #249 Info)
    • Re:eeek by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:48AM
    • Re:eeek by Havfine (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:57AM
  • Yeah! Yeah! New stuff!

    Now we're all waiting for:

    Fantastic Bird
    Honey, you know where to find me
    Laughing Anne
    November, the 2nd
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:52AM (#15280)
  • After trying to download through IE with no luck, disconnecting after 400kb, I decided to download and use GetRight. However it's exactly the same, with GetRight saying that the server does not support resumed downloads. Ho Hum :(

    I don't suppose someone else could put them on their server?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:58AM (#15283)
  • The best way to download these songs is by using Net Ants. It is a downloading utility, but much better then getright, and its free!

    Go to and download the program. Then install it.

    Go to the site with the songs, move your mouse pointer over the song titles, but do not double click! Instead, right click on your mouse and click "download by Net Ants". You will then download the track and blazing speeds.

    Not sure how fast it will be using a 56K modem, but I got all 4 in under a minute.

    That should help all of you that are having technical problems.

    Please note this is for IE users only.


    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:08AM (#15285)
  • sorry bur i cry ....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:19AM (#15288)
  • Mister Legge should put the kettle on for the Lawyers. I think he could be in big trouble having doing that.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:20AM (#15289)
  • *wiping tears away*,
    this is too much, i need a drink!
    Striptease rocks! Born to Hang...... Well...

    All that matters is that it's Morrissey. And that I still need a drink.

    Dog days of summer,
    and loving it,
    Deb of the West Sider Riders ;-)
    Maplefreak -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:21AM (#15290)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • I just can't believe it when stuff like this happens.....listening to Striptease right now.....I can't say whether or not I really like the songs's just inredible to hear something new...I'm dumbfounded...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:25AM (#15291)
  • Thank you so much for posting these unreleased songs. Hearing them fills the void (ever so temporarily) for new Moz material. However, I must say, there is definitely a reason these songs were unreleased...they suck!! Pure crap. I'm sorry, but they are really bad. I've listened to them a few times now and they aren't getting any better. Moz does some interesting things with his voice on 'Oh Phoney', but other than that these songs should've been destroyed.

    Again, I thank the responsible people for posting these songs for us. It was sweet of you to think of the rest of the fans. Please don't take offense to my opinion on the songs though. I mean, honestly, you must agree that they are awful!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:27AM (#15292)
  • I think these songs are pretty good. I'm definitely surprised to hear so many people slagging them off - obviously they were unreleased for a reason, and it would have been unreasonable to expect hit single material. And besides, remember some of Moz's awful B-sides of yesteryear? I think compared to 'Get off the stage', these tracks are pretty good.

    I actually hadn't heard 'palare' for quite a few years (I have the 12" single, and it's in my parents' garage), so it was nice to hear it again. The new verses with their tinkly piano bits are nice too. 'Striptease' has the most substance of the new songs.

    I dunno - it's fun to listen to these songs, and my expectations weren't too high. Personally I'm way beyond that time when I hungrily devoured every new Moz song (e.g. I don't even own Southpaw or Maladjusted), so I'm pleasantly surprised.

    delicado -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:36AM (#15294)
    (User #2948 Info |
    ...and when I fell on the floor, I drank more...
  • Thank god Morrissey was smart enough to keep these unreleased. Oh Phoney is particularly embarassing....
    handsomedevilboy -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:41AM (#15296)
    (User #1191 Info |
    • Re:What crap by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2001, @12:08PM
  • When asked what he thought about these tracks being released, he replied:

    "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!"

    Odd....he spoke of world domination and provided this link:
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:46AM (#15297)
  • First, thanks Michael for making these available!! You are very kind. However, these songs should have never seen the light of day. They are torturous. Awful. Horrid. I'm sure Morrissey is a healthy shade of beet red about now. How embarrassing!

    Maybe this will show him just how desperate people are for new material. Maladjusted would have been fine as a "swansong", but not these! Morrissey, you can't let it end on these notes!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @12:05PM (#15303)
    • Re:oh please by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 26 2001, @04:09PM
    • Re:oh please by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 26 2001, @04:10PM
  • it's the same feeling as when you first treated your ears to the voice of Morrissey singing something that you haven't yet heard, mainly because this isn't something we've yet heard. I think the songs are great, they definately sound similar to the early solo years. I could just picture hearing them as well as seeing them on Viva Hate or Bona Drag.
    Lord Henry Wotton -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @12:14PM (#15307)
    (User #2475 Info)
  • See guys, there is usually a good reason as to why songs do not get released. They are usually terrible and just not up to par as these tracks display.

    With rare exception do truly great songs get brushed under the carpet.. Kit anyone?

    But overall they are mostly crap..and do not see a release for good reason!

    I'm sure the majority of moz unreleased tracks are mostly crap, with rare gems...but we'll never know.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @12:44PM (#15312)
  • Is it just me or do these songs take you back in time somewhat? The whole feel of them is so Viva Hate/Bona Drag and I love them tremendously. The vocals on Born To Hang are superb. This version of Piccadilly Palare is excellent too, almost a different song altoghether, it reminds me of the live version played on the Kill Uncle tour, just like the 'Live In Dallas' version with the 'no dad'. I love it! I really don't see what people are complaining about. Can't please them all. But you've pleased me. Thanks!
    jack christopher -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:09PM (#15319)
    (User #3269 Info)
  • What an excellent surprise! I obviously thought it was some kind of hoax at first...Funny I was just about to burn a CD of rare-ish Morrissey tracks like Lost, Now I Am A Was, Jeane etc, then I check this site as I usually do and I see 4 new tracks to download..Amazing! None of them are really that great but that is not the issue is it?
    It fills a little hole so to speak!
    Baz -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:13PM (#15320)
    (User #2872 Info |
  • these are awful tracks (with the exception of Picadilly Palare)...but it is indeed nice to hear NEW material for a change.
    SOUTHPAWmuse -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:13PM (#15321)
    (User #3123 Info)
    Southwest six with someone like you, keep thieves hours with someone like you...
  • I seem to be having problems downloading the songs. I am using Gozilla to download them.

    When I downloaded Oh Phooney some sort of Indian song came out, I had the same problem with the other songs, has anyone put them up on their own server?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:22PM (#15323)
  • I cannot get these tracks to finish downloading. Even after getting Net Ants. Maybe the server is too busy? Is anyone else still having trouble? I can only get about 20 seconds each.
    Mark Migliore -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:27PM (#15325)
    (User #1343 Info)
  • Did anybody think to realize that the only reasons these songs may "suck" is that they were never finished?? I've heard many demo versions of songs that would leave me to think they "suck" only to find out that, after being properly produced, they are great. I think this version of Piccadilly is a perfect example of this. They were never meant for release because they were recordered and never refined for release. I can image all of these as being good or even great Moz songs if only produced to the full extent (especially Striptease). Take them for what they are and appreciate the fact that you even get to hear these rare recordings. Don't take them as new releases or even completed recordings (or do....see if I give a shit..)
    MozMan68 <{mozman68} {at} {}> -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @01:55PM (#15331)
    (User #859 Info |
    Cryin' 'bout the booty, t'aint gonna do no good...
  • Well I am sure everyone right now is excited about the new unreleased songs. I am also, I waited and reloaded every second unitl 9 am. Well I see that some people aren't able to hear the songs because of the major congestion to Mrs. Shankly's site, so I set up four servers in which you can download the songs from me. Please download with ease the link is on the bottom. Please email me if you have any comments on this matter, keep in mind I am not a web expert so if something doesn't download right well, I'm truly sorry.

    The link is on the bottom of my name, thats my webpage!!!!
    moz_head_2000 <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @02:00PM (#15332)
    (User #263 Info |
    Sleep On And Dream Of Love, Because It's The Closest Thing I'll Get To Love....
  • Has anyone tried doing the Hand Jive to "Born To Hang?" It's fun for boys and girls and somehow appropriate!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @03:39PM (#15337)
  • I first heard Morrissey in 1988 and my first record was Louder Then Bombs. Every fourth month an import single would appear, which I would devour. These remind me of 1989 when I was young and human. Then I had the world in front of me. Morrissey, please record again and I will buy two.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @04:26PM (#15340)
    • Re:oh by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2001, @04:35PM
  • hello
    anyone out there willing to put these on cd for me?
    please email me at
    [email protected]
      i have a crappy imac
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @04:48PM (#15342)
  • Oh Happy Day~

    First of all thank you thank you thank you to Mickey.Thank you for sharing these songs with us.And thank you thank thank you to Moz head 2000 for putting these on your wonderful site.I was devastated when thay woulndn`t download on the other site but thanks to you I finally got them completely downloaded.So again thank you to both of you I am eternally grateful to you.

    Christmas came early this year these songs are great.I love them all "Born To Hang" ,"Oh Phoney","Striptease with a Difference",The different version of "Picadilly Palare".I`m actually listening to them right now.I`m so incredibly happy right now.What a wonderful day!Morrissey should release these on an album you know we`ll go buy 1or 2 or 3.When Morrissey releases a new album we`ll do the same.We love you Moz!


    How I Love All Of The Very Mozzer Things Of Life...
    tibby -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @04:50PM (#15343)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • I hope more tracks appearing soon, please unreleased track owners follow Michael example and make all tracks available to download.

    mozware -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @05:05PM (#15349)
    (User #2156 Info |
    Bootleg Trader
  • I can't believe this. Thank you Michael, thank you so much! I am forever indebted to you. Today is a day I would have put money on as never happening. I am in total shock. Thank you SO much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today is the best day so far in this miserable decade of cultureless creations. Did I thank you yet? If not.....thanks :)
    You just made a million friends. Let me know if you ever need anything. Where can we buy your comedy CD or video eh?
    MOZ IS GOD -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @06:41PM (#15366)
    (User #3249 Info |
  • Hallo!

    I'm new to the board here, but I just had to say that I think the missing verse/lines from Piccadilly Palare are some of the most emotionally delivered in Morrissey's entire catalogue. The modification of the melody when he sings, "Am I really doing wrong?" It's almost pleading!

    These lyrics mean so much more to the song. Mayhaps they took out the wrong material! Thanks for putting this out there.
    ShamelesslyTasteless -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @06:43PM (#15367)
    (User #3270 Info)
  • First of all, I still can't believe this day came.

    On the mp3's I downloaded, the left channel's are a lot lower in volume (anyone else notice this?).
    Well, I fixed it.
    Plus I ran them through some mastering gear and viola! Mucho less mud.

    These are obviously unfinished studio tracks so to dis them is the biggest joke in the world. Do you realize how rare this is? How much are you paying for them????

    Again, thank you for such great source material.
    dacid -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @09:26PM (#15376)
    (User #106 Info |
  • I think that these songs are great. Definately Bona Drag/Kill Uncle sounding. Thanks to all who made it possible. Let's hope that more will be coming. Morrissey, these are excellent songs, please release a new album soon.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:03PM (#15379)
  • Thank you Thank you thank you!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:08PM (#15380)
  • it's pretty damn cool that we're hearing these songs, but 'oh melanie' was better.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @10:39PM (#15382)
  • They are UNfinished...warts and all. Many people here don't like Born To Hang, but I really liked it as a little bit of JD rock...but like the original versions of Sing Your Life and There's A would benefit from a rockabilly re-working and proper drumming!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2001, @11:16PM (#15385)
    Sorry, I'm just so happy to finally hear these songs. How exciting!!!!
    "Striptease..." is SO much fun. I'm doing a happy dance to it right now. Oh, I adore it.
    The other ones are good too, but I'm thinking "Striptease..." will be my favorite.
    I really dig the "you dooo" on the end of "Oh Phoney" as well. Wow...I'm just feeling good. How wonderful to hear something from my beloved Morrissey that I've never heard before. His voice sounds tops too.
                  Blissfully, DWGT
    Down We Go Together -- Wednesday July 25 2001, @01:41AM (#15398)
    (User #2485 Info)
    Me, with a preference for making things worse...
  • Weird how suddenly those who previously condemned Michael Legge for promising something "he won't deliver" are now praising the very ground beneath him. Certain people in particular really should apologise, as he's taking a quite serious risk to appease the faceless idiots that saw fit to slag him off.

    ...and as for some of the messages on his messageboard: I've never felt so ashamed to be into the same kind of music as certain people in my life. A lot of you people really are quite disturbingly sad and tortured morons (not everyone - just those that talk constantly in Moz lyrics).
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2001, @03:08AM (#15404)
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