posted by davidt on Friday July 13 2001, @10:00AM
Statement from J.Barry:
South With Morrissey is being withdrawn from sale. Everyone who ordered it will be refunded and no-one will receive a copy. As I said, only Morrissey and David T. have seen it and that is how it will have to be. Sorry to have raised expectations but I can only say my intentions were honourable. If this was 1984 I would be Morrissey and Morrissey would be Terence Stamp.
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  • Yeah, pity... but I've already received the refund. Hey David T. what about upload this video in secret web site.... just kidding... As I'm from Brazil and saw all the gigs in Brazil I was eager and curious to see Morrissey wandering through streets of Brazil... Next time maybe...
    Marco -- Friday July 13 2001, @07:17PM (#14630)
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    And all those lies, written lies, twisted lies. Well, they weren't lies, they weren't lies...
  • it would be nice to have a reason why the dvd wont be released.
    ill just assume its because moz got the lawers ready to attack...
    MrCupp <[email protected]> -- Friday July 13 2001, @07:27PM (#14633)
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  • I don't think there should be any hurt feelings on Mr. Barry's part. he may have had permission to film the tour, but he seemed to skip the regular channels for release. shouldn't Morrissey somehow been involved in having a say over final edit, etc? and don't artists receive royalties from releases such as this?

    but on the other hand, if this had been more subtly released from KTS or something similar, I would have gotten a copy.
    Angelique Upstart -- Friday July 13 2001, @07:42PM (#14636)
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    one should judge a man mainly from his depravities. virtues can be faked. depravities are real.
    • Re:*sigh* by shelby (Score:1) Monday July 16 2001, @03:20PM
  • And finally there is an end to all the controversy. The debate over its release could go on for ever. Either side has a totally valid argument for or against its release. It's just sad that things have to be this way. Why is the world of Morrissey so filled with drama, lawyers, lawsuits and bitterness and so lacking in record contracts, new music, love, peace, and harmony? Very nice, very nice, very nice...but maybe in the next world.
    Earl Graphite <[email protected]> -- Friday July 13 2001, @08:19PM (#14637)
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    Speaking your mind gets you in trouble every time.
  • Yeah, I got my refund yesterday. I was waiting for something to be said about the non-release of it. so, here it is. J. Barry (if that is his real alias, must have gotten some more legal action spokespeople breathing down his neck.
    palare -- Friday July 13 2001, @08:25PM (#14638)
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    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • we will see.... (Score:2, Interesting)

    You know, I really hope that somehow a copy of this gets out in a bootleg format, because I am still very interested to see it. It's kinda funny though because I remember Morrissey being asked in an interview what he thought about all the bootlegs that appear from his work, and earlier Smiths stuff, and he said he sometimes buys them. If they were good quality anyway, was what he said. If I were an artist, and this was my DVD coming out without my permission, I would try and put an end to also. But I would also figure that it would probably end up on the illegal market eventually, and that's just something that I would have to deal with, just like the 100's of live recordings that are being sold all over the place. I think Morrissey disaproved of this release on the principal that this was being marketed and advertised as a pretty legit release, even though he was not involved with the entire process of making it, ie., marketing, editing, distribution, etc. I'm not sure that there would have been all this fuss, if this were a completely underground style documentry, that showed up on the bootleg market in the same way as a "Morrissey live in _ _ _ _..." video would have.
    Sharron Needles -- Friday July 13 2001, @11:51PM (#14656)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • It`s already been established that Mr.Barry had permission to film Morrissey but failed to get his approval to release this DVD.You can`t sell something that supposedly doesn`t belong to you in the first place right?And Morrissey says he owns this footage and whatever is done with it is up to him.It`s only right isn`t it?It`s his image on it after all and he has every right to control it.-Tibby
    tibby -- Saturday July 14 2001, @12:14AM (#14658)
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    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • I’m not going to bash Morrissey – I’m as big a fan and hardcore collector as anyone since the Meat is Murder days, but this sort of behavior is getting tiresome. How many times has a product or a performance been promised only to be vetoed at the last minute? This all harks back to the days when Morrissey used to abort tours on a whim minutes before he was about to board the jumbo jet at Heathrow or not show up to an Italian television station where the rest of the Smiths were waiting in the green room for a national TV performance/interview. Now it’s almost 20 years on – he’s granted an interested and ambitious independent filmmaker to shoot a tour (that the mainstream press would never care about) – and he’s pulling the plug on the project all over again. I understand that he demands 100% control over anything with his name on it (that he hasn’t sold the right to – hello “Very best of the Smiths), but why agree to have a filmmaker shoot hours and hours of footage only to waste the poor guy’s time? I’d put money on the fact that Morrissey was never going to allow this documentary to be released – even if D. A. Pennebaker himself filmed the piece. It’s not like J. Berry was going to screw our hero out of royalties – he was willing to split everything in half! That’s 50 – 50. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t come across a deal like that in these last few years that he’s been shopping around for a label. It’s too bad too because it looks like J. Berry really put together a nice package. I personally think that those 30 seconds of Morrissey walking around that outdoor market was totally superior to My Early Burglary Years by miles. I’m pretty sure Burglary Years held no surprises for anyone who glanced at the track listing while they were waiting in line to buy the CD at their local record store while everyone was counting the minutes for J. Berry’s 30-second clip to download onto their slow computers. I’ve rambled on long enough, but I suppose I’m just writing this in hopes that J. Berry is keeping close tabs to these boards (as I’m sure he and all parties involved are). Berry, if you’re reading this, I’ll send you double the amount you’re asking for a copy of the DVD – hell, I’d even settle for a dubbed copy on VHS. It’ll be a friendly transaction between you and me to be viewed only by my wife and I. It would be a complete waste of your time, talent, and patience for your documentary to gather dust under your bed. C’mon, what do you say? My email address is posted. Looking forward to doing business with you, old friend.
    eugenius -- Saturday July 14 2001, @01:40AM (#14662)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
    • Imagine if you were an artist by suzanne (Score:1) Saturday July 14 2001, @09:09AM
    • my heart is not full by mozzerian (Score:1) Saturday July 14 2001, @09:11AM
      • PLease, no more 'England for the english' comments. Don't, I repeat, DON'T take the lyric out of context.

        After all the riots in the north that I have to step over going about my life we don't need to hear that sort of stuff.

        And I know Morrissey wasn't intending that sort of "Whaaat?" reaction but I think your posting just goes to show how many people have misunderstood it. Shame.
        Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2001, @08:10AM (#14746)
  • I know that it's disappointing, but I never had faith in any of it, and I kind of thought that Morrissey would put a stop to it. That's why I never got excited about it in the first place. Then when Morrissey did say he wasn't pleased, I certainly knew then that it was a no go.

    I still believe that Morrissey will do something for us. He may release a new LP AND DVD, who knows? Have faith in Morrissey.
    hand in glove -- Saturday July 14 2001, @02:03AM (#14663)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • but didn't stamp finally settle the issue with morrissey, agreeing to the release?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2001, @02:37AM (#14667)
  • It would seem not. The goodwill is wearing thin, like your hair, my old friend.
    Morrissey fans have alsways had to put up with cancelled gigs, withdrawn releases etc etc etc.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2001, @02:45AM (#14668)
  • I'm right with you on this J. Berry. It was always pretty clear that your intentions were honourable, even more so now we see the testament of those who have already had refunds. You tried you're best to give us what we wanted and were infuriatingly thwarted by those arch-litigants Stevens Patrick and Morrissey. It's so sad that our undoubted hero seems to have forgotton what it is to be a fan. I just hope that at some time in the future your efforts are fully rewarded and that we may see them.
    paulybob <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 14 2001, @03:39AM (#14671)
    (User #2426 Info)
  • My hero my god my inspiration

    All i wanted was to see you as you are the real stephen.

    ps if anyone did get a copy email me
    I pay big dollar
    mozzerian <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 14 2001, @07:35AM (#14681)
    (User #3157 Info)
  • Is it merely me, or does it appear that Morrissey is trying to frustrate us all to pieces with his lack of generosity towards his fans...I mean, has the man become such an old bitter slag that rather than let us FINALLY see some new "unofficial" footage he'd rather have our hopes risen and then shot to the ground? I think it is time to put all my old memorabilia up for sale. Any takers?? Asar
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2001, @10:48AM (#14694)
    • never! by Angelique Upstart (Score:1) Saturday July 14 2001, @12:27PM
  • It is all going to start over again?The mean nasty remarks about Morrissey are not true and certainly unecessary.Just because you don`t agree with his decision is no need to bash him.Try explaining your point of views in a rational,adult manner.Namecalling is not a mature way to get your point of view across.Stopping this dvd from being sold is Morrissey`s right as his spokesperson said he owns this footage.Halting the sale of it is not showing disreguard for his fans.I think Morrissey has his fans best interests at heart.Did you ever think he stopped this because he didn`t want his fans shelling out twenty-nine dollars for an inferior product?I truly think that was the case.I know that everybody wants new Moz stuff to buy it`s very understandable I myself chose not to buy it out of respect for his wishes but please remember what kind of artist Morrissey is.Moz is most definetly NOT a manufactured pop star.He not a vending machine that you push a button on and something just pops out of it.I recall Morrissey saying in an interview that whatever he does has to come from inside of him.So please no more namecalling and Moz bashing.Remember what a friend Morrissey has been to you through his music and hold on to that friend.I know in my heart that he has wonderful things in store for us.And if we wait patiently we will be rewarded.-Tibby

    How I Love All Of The Very Mozzer Things Of Life...
    tibby -- Saturday July 14 2001, @04:05PM (#14709)
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    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • It could be worse. I recently saw an ad for an obese Vince Neil from Motley Crue appearing at a decrepit 500 person capacity '80s candy metal bar in Detroit.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2001, @04:47PM (#14716)
  • i think that it's good that the video wasn't released because morrissey wasn't to keen on the idea so i think we should respect that
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 14 2001, @07:55PM (#14722)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • iDLEWiLD - 100 Broken Windows
      At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command
      Jumbo - Retaurant
      Coldplay - Parachutes
      Grandaddy - Sophtware Slump
      Gorillaz - Gorillaz
      Aterciopelados - Gozo Poderozo
      Radiohead - Kid A
      Radiohead - Amnesiac
      jj72 - jj72
      * BONUS Badly Drawn Boy - Hour of The Bewilderbeast
    In no Particular order
    SILENTnGRAY -- Saturday July 14 2001, @09:56PM (#14734)
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  • i don't want to get involved in this really but all i feel just now is that yet again i've been greatly dissapointed by many more times? well quite frankly, f*ck this.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2001, @02:20PM (#14753)
  • Let's face it again...

    We wouldn't even argue about crap Cover, spelling mistakes, legal/illegal DVD's and 7 or reissures/repackages such as "South With Morrissey", "The Very Best Of The Smiths", "MEBY" or "The CD Singles 88-91" we had since 1997 if the man himself would kick himself to get up and release new material.

    Unless then, please do not complain if the fan wants to get anything "slighly new" which is offered.

    And, by the way Mr. Morrissey, there were a few bands which survived a 'non-release' period only because of bootlegs, e.g. Guns 'n' Roses. Maybe an official release of "South With Morrissey" won't be such a bad idea... unless you don't have something new for us.
    Stefan Krix -- Monday July 16 2001, @12:08PM (#14823)
    (User #357 Info |

  • He didn't use his real name cuz he was a
    CROOK. Oh sure, he used a fake name cuz
    a few people had trouble pronouncing his
    real one. Right! And it's just a coincidence
    that he comes up with this fake name just as
    he knowingly was breaking the law and thieving
    from Morrissey and his fans.

    If you wanna make a film to sell, make a film
    and sell it. Don't eff with another artist
    and try and make money by ripping him and his
    fans off.

    He tries to come off all idealistic. Well
    then why did he try and make $$$$$$ off it??

    He had to withdraw it cuz the facts were
    against him.

    He tries to manipulate us by saying he's not
    one of the people in suits. Blah blah blah.
    But he was after our $$$$$$$.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2001, @03:30PM (#14838)
  • This all a sad assortment of affairs. I never intended on buying the release, but this whole debate interests me.

    It seems to me that some Morrissey fans will begin to spill comments against Morrissey the second something "contrary" happens, which really is sad. Morrissey has a right to protect his own name and that of it's distribution. J. Berry should have known that; no question about it. I don't buy his arguments of ignorance (because, after all, that's what they are, ignorant). Morrissey also has the right to release material whenever he wants to; so to even gripe about the lack of output over the past few years is pointless.

    At the same time, even though Morrissey does have an image to protect, he also does have somewhat of an obligation to his fan base. To claim that he doesn't is to participate ones thought in futility. I think he should at least give some kind of response to his fan base about his recent lame duck attitude to his fans, which I don't believe he has done for quite sometime. The recent poll question on this site even points to this; we wouldn't have to ask such questions like "Does Morrissey want us to leave him alone?" if he would at least recognize his fan base every one in a while. It's obvious he has an adoring fan base who takes great interest in his art, and to ignore that kind of adoration is selfish (maybe on both parts).

    He really has forgotten us in a way, but at the same time, we have forgotten that he is an individual with his own agenda. That's what makes Morrissey so appealing; he's just Morrissey, and to ask any different of him would just be against everything he as an individual stands for.
    bjmorga <[email protected]> -- Monday July 16 2001, @08:18PM (#14849)
    (User #3219 Info)
    And everything will flow....
  • A fan since my first purchase of the 12" Hand in Glove ('83 or '84), I only now come to the realization that Moz really couldn't give a care about his fans. Does anyone really think he wakes up at 3am to think "I wonder if there's a fan thinking about me at this point?". His hearing aid ploy in the '80s was pure publicity in my mind, so were the flowers. If he can't make it as a singer/songwriter any longer, I believe he's got a fruitful career ahead of him in advertising/publicity. I mean look at me, I've been fooled for almost 20 years now
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2001, @08:46PM (#14851)
  • In my sleep I dreamt I was sleeping and dreaming of leaving here for there, then back again!
    Most of these entries were put up two weeks ago!
    So, in the spirit of repetitiveness, I'll say what I said then, again!
    None of us know the facts, and quite frankly all this second hand guess work is becoming as redundant as the topic at hand!
    haze <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2001, @07:38AM (#14874)
    (User #1115 Info)
  • Now we all have to go to ebay and buy this must see dvd. And i know the price is going to be like 10 times the orginal "limited edition" bullshit! i should of got my copy , damn! MOz go on tour! fuck the amount of money they give you, the longer you wait the less money they will offer, if your fans are thinking if you can do ot after so long what will the record companies say?!?!?!?!
    Get a deal and go on tour time is running out....or is there no time... please inform your fans if you have called it quits we should have the right to know! dont leave us hanging.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2001, @11:53AM (#14888)
  • but here is my list.

    THE MOUNTAIN GOATS -- The Coroner's Gambit (everyone needs to buy this!!!)

    MOGWAI -- Rock Action

    AIR -- 10.000 Hz Legend

    ARAB STRAP -- the Red Thread

    RADIOHEAD -- Kid A & Amnesiac

    THIS BUSY MONSTER -- Fireworks

    LUSHLIFE -- DF'ed Blues
    (amazing album, produced by the great team at Stereophonic Productions)

    these are the first to come to mind.. so that's it.

    VAUXHALL <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2001, @04:50PM (#14901)
    (User #1211 Info)
  • The Morrissey of old that we all know and love is gone - totally gone. Vanished. He's been replaced by a self-serving, self-righteous fool who I'll spend no more money on. I ask the rest of you to boycott this new Moz incarnation, at least until he is better to his dwindling fan base.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2001, @01:08PM (#14928)
  • Enough already with the insults and the snap judgements about Morrissey.They are unfair and untrue and unkind.

    First of all thid whole dvd thing is not about the money.Morrissey has never objected to the loads of bootlegs that are in existence.But if you want proof here it is.The following is from a 1990 KROQ interview.

    Richard Blade~"How do you feel when you travel around when you are in America or Europe and you see the Morrissey or The Smiths bootlegs coming out because people put them together because theres nothing available?"

    Morrissey~"Sometimes I don`t mind if they are good and sometimes I buy them I know your supposed to be very annoyed because they make lots of money and none of it comes to you but that really doesn`t bother me and I`m glad there`s enough interest in The Smiths for there to be bootlegs and so forth so it`s really just pleasing."

    So there you have it .I think Morrissey objected to the sale of this dvd on pure principle.He had a working relationship with this person and that person released it without his permission.So come on it wasn`t about money.

    Now all the Moz bashing and namecalling and old man jokes are not only unkind they are untrue.Morrissey is beautiful inside and out.But let`s all remember what`s important here his truly beautiful music.Isn`t that why we are all here?So give it a rest and give him a break .-Tibby

    How I Love All Of The Very Mozzer Things Of Life...
    tibby -- Wednesday July 18 2001, @07:28PM (#14939)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey

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