posted by davidt on Thursday June 28 2001, @08:00AM
Angelique Upstart writes:

The Donnas are sort of a heavy metal version of the Ramones. at their website the girls were asked to list their favorite songs. the guitarist Donna R. picked "Suedehead" to end her list. she says:
"That's one that doesn't have anything to do with the name, so whenever people say, "Suedehead, what's that?" because it's his hit single of all times. It goes, "I'm so sorry." I used to listen to Live 105 back when I was in middle school and elementary school, and that was the one that was always on. It's a really funny song because it's about a girl that's like obsessed with him, writing him love letters. I don't know what it is about that song, it's just so catchy. He's hilarious. I love him--I think he's hilarious. A lot of people are say "He's stupid." I also think he knows he's funny. He's aware that some of the stuff he does is really funny."
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  • the donnas suck!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2001, @02:26PM (#13744)
    • Re:ewww by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 28 2001, @04:38PM
  • The Wronged Boy author and this woman, and many others, seem to think that if Morrissey's music weren't so darn hilarious, all the critics would be right. But humor is actually not the first good quality of Morrissey's music that comes to mind. But we feel a bit more comfortable, when we can put his appeal in the "humor" box. Wasn't Nowhere Fast just a _hilarious_ song!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2001, @05:49PM (#13764)
  • go listen to some real punk...
    alero -- Thursday June 28 2001, @09:27PM (#13790)
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    the youngest was the most loved...
  • I don't understand when someone would say that the Donnas suck. Sure when they came out they hardly knew what to do with their instruments. And many people laughed and made jokes at their cost. But remember also that The Ramones were a JOKE to many people. And were seriously laughed at by the industry. The Donnas follow the Ramones blue print of punk, catchy three minute three chord songs. Hey, the Donnas are not trying to revolutionize punk. Their just making music and having FUN doing it. What's terribly wrong with that.

    The whole notion that, "oh a Donna thinks Morrissey's songs are hilarious, boy isn't she retarded, doesn't she know that Morrissey sings about love loss and dreaded loneliness". I find it quite notable that a person like, Donna can understand that Morrissey's lyrics are often very humorious but the whole music industry are quite to label Morrissey "The Pope of Mope" and all the other connotations that go with Dark and Depressive. Andy and Mike often said that they would just look at each other, when Morrissey would come into the studio and begin singing particular lyrics, and obviously get Morrissey humor for they were in on some of the humor that Morrissey was pointing out in his lyrics...ala "Frankly Mr. Shankley" directed at Geoff Travis, if I remembered correctly....

    So get off the whole Donnas suck bandwagon...because it's such an easy position part for one to play. The Donnas don't take themselves serious and either should anyone one else. It's all about having fun and making catchy punk songs...just like the Ramones did.
    Moz cowboy -- Friday June 29 2001, @12:48AM (#13804)
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  • it seems to me as if she has no idea what she's talking about! The Donnas do suck, they even came out in that one really retarted movie "Drive me crazy".
    Anonymous -- Friday June 29 2001, @08:19AM (#13831)
  • The Donna's are about as deep as tissue paper, and as thought provoking as a door knob...Sorry, but they do suck.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 07 2001, @05:38PM (#14329)

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