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South With Morrissey
A DVD documenting the 2000 Latin American Tour

- A 30 minute tour film which includes concert footage and interviews with Boz Boorer, members of the crew and Morrissey's Latin American fans.

More details / purchase info at

"South With Morrissey" is not a corporate product.
UPDATE (June 26, 4:45pm PDT): Please read Morrissey's response to this item which was posted later in the day, after this item was published. According to the response, the sale of this film is illegal.
The director of this film, J. Barry, recently sent me a promo copy of this DVD. It was quite a surprise because I had heard occasional rumors of the filming of it but never really expected it to actually come out. As someone who followed this tour from behind the computer, it was incredible to see this footage, professionally filmed and carefully edited.

Seeing the fans (including the blind girl that got on stage who I'd only heard about), venues, and general hysteria that followed this tour was a great visualization and reminder of all of the great accounts I had read of this tour last year. There is actually quite a lot of footage of Morrissey in these 30 minutes - in concert clips but also backstage and in other more casual situations. Read more info about this film at the above link and I will be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
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  • I was dying to have some footage from the last tour, mainly because it was his first time in Latin America.
    This news is great!
    Lancaster -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:13AM (#13471)
    (User #1451 Info)
    Lancaster, Spanish Mod Sophisticate; A boy in Bush is worth two in the Strand
  • Hope I can get my hands on this one.
    Guilt By Implication -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:14AM (#13472)
    (User #429 Info)
  • Already ordered mines!
    DennisM -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:20AM (#13473)
    (User #85 Info)
  • Last time I got this excited was when my Delta flight to Atlanta almost crashed. How will I bear the next 28 days?
    WhoreInRetirement -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:32AM (#13474)
    (User #2420 Info)
    Telling you all that you never wanted to know...
  • This is very cool. Anxious is the word for the
    next month.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:41AM (#13475)
  • Look at the boarding pass.Good to see he flies tourist class ,just like the rest of us!
    mozbald -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:49AM (#13476)
    (User #2973 Info)
  • Brilliant, nice, nice, nice!! I'm so excited and looking forward to seeing it..... And so if one manages to bring out a non corporate video, why not a record, huh?
    Mozzarella -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:50AM (#13477)
    (User #864 Info |
    If I wasn't a cat, I'd be a girl.
  • Oh dear, I want this one. Ordered one. I can't wait to see it. Saw the video clip, after some web congestion. Were you all there trying to see it?
    Dorothea Yoghurt -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:56AM (#13479)
    (User #132 Info)
  • The only thing I'm wondering now is how is the DVD coded? Is it regionally coded for Europe only or for the US too?? It doesn't specify at the website. I already ordered mine, and would hate to find out it's only regionally coded for Europe when it shows up. Anyone know?
    WhoreInRetirement -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @11:26AM (#13480)
    (User #2420 Info)
    Telling you all that you never wanted to know...
  • I was supposed to have seen Morrissey Dec 1999 in Vegas for both shows. I was supposed to see Morrissey in Mexico City. Neither happened.

    This, I tell you, is exactly what I needed.

    Good night & Thank you
    palare -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @12:11PM (#13485)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • Oh look at his clothes, Now look at his face its so old. He doesn't look like the young Morrissey I know and love. He looks like Morrissey's grandpa.
    Anyways it is always very exciting to see Morrissey in live action. And its Morrissey's wit and mind we care about anyway. I'm just disappointed that its only 30 min long. Why not also put out a full length concert DVD?
    Makaveli -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @12:11PM (#13486)
    (User #1514 Info)
  • I would like to thank J Barry for creating such an extraordinary (OK, I haven't seen it yet, but it's potentially wonderful) memento of Morrissey's most recent tour.

    Personally, I can't believe Moz actually OK'd this (if he wanted a tour film, I would think he would recruit one of his "insiders" to do it...or maybe J Barry IS an insider??).

    At any rate, I will be purchasing this thankfully non-corporate DVD (note to self: buy a DVD player) and look forward to all that awaits me.

    "Very Best of the Smiths," be damned! THIS is where Moz-fans' money should go.
    Lifeguard Sleeping -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @12:54PM (#13497)
    (User #58 Info)
  • Just as long as it doesn't end with Morrissey screaming for his life in an abandoned house, it should be good.
    Jim Rome -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:00PM (#13498)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • Some people know how to make money...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:22PM (#13501)
  • I've downlaod the video clip, he looks very old, and this chewing-gum thing is really vulgar.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:36PM (#13507)
    • Re:video clip by Natasha (Score:1) Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:49PM
  • Looks like I'm finally gonna have to get myself a DVD player. I've been trying to hold out until the whole region coding thing gets scrapped, but that'll probably never happen. (Damn greedy corporate bastards!) Oh well, at least the DVD is region free. I'm happy to hear that.

    Now all we need is another DVD signing from Morrissey. But since this isn't a corporate-backed DVD, I guess Morrissey's just gonna have to have it at his house. It's the only logical thing to do.
    half-a-person -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:44PM (#13508)
    (User #69 Info)
    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
  • The credit card page use no encryptation, it's not safe.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @01:47PM (#13509)
  • Just a warning to Netscape users, I had a really hard time ordering the DVD using Netscape. I had to switch to Internet Explorer.
    Aaron -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @02:05PM (#13512)
    (User #238 Info)
  • So have you seen the clips from "South With Morrissey?" Have you seen the recent photos of the man? He's aged TERRIBLY! I mean, really - he's looking more and more haggard and bloated and ugly every time I see him.. Such a shame - he used to be so handsome.. and it seems that his lips are gone - they've sunken into his face - which is now as big as a cream pie - and his hair is definitely in need of a tonic..
    Poor guy..
    Out with the looks, out with the fame, in with Los Angeles, in with the pain..
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @02:43PM (#13515)
  • Anyone have a DVD player for me? Anyone?! Cause then I can watch this new one, and the Oye Esteban one, which I have, and have yet to see. Why this new technology? I love my VCR, but MY KINGDOM FOR A DVD PLAYER!

    Lastly, to those who feel our man Mozz has aged terribly... It's happened to him, it's happened to me, and it will happen TO YOU!!! It is so sad, but what can anyone do? Life's a bitch, ain't it?

    The beer loving Montreal Mozzite,
    DeB of the West Sider Riders ;-)
    Maplefreak -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @03:05PM (#13517)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • those clips are in a way like young elvis
    pictures then the fat, pill popping,big mac eating elvis
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @03:47PM (#13520)
  • I can't download the QuickTime-Video!! Can't even watch it!! What's wrong with this??
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @04:10PM (#13521)
  • I just watched that clip and I must say Morrissey looks as beautiful as ever.Those of you who say that he looks bloated and old must be blind.His hair looks fantastic and he definetly does not look bloated in fact he looks very fit.He is as gorgeous as ever.He still is so "Bona To Vada".As Always Good Night And Thank You,Tibby How I Love All Of The Very Mozzer Things Of Life
    tibby -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @04:36PM (#13523)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • Something new, something to be exited over, for
    how long it takes, reading headlines today,
    wonder how it came that Morrissey gave the guy
    who shot the gigs and stuff all area acces and
    now he doesn't want the stuff to come out.

    It's great footage, to good to stay in the 'closet'

    Ah, somebody cure my Morrissey/Smiths addiction.
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 26 2001, @10:02PM (#13562)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • does anyone really want to trust their money to some guy who entered into a legal contract about what work they were going to do on someone's behalf, accepted their money, and ripped the paying party off?

    how do you know that he won't channel that money into legal costs, he loses, and oops, you still don't have what you ordered as he now has no money to send it with?
    suzanne -- Wednesday June 27 2001, @09:14AM (#13585)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • but can this be seen on US dvd players
    el-moz -- Wednesday June 27 2001, @09:35PM (#13642)
    (User #1596 Info)

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