posted by davidt on Sunday February 04 2001, @12:00PM
Hairdresser on Fire writes:

The March 2001 issue of Q magazine has a Morrissey article on page 18. Entitled 'Morrissey's Back! Indie Godfather emerges from hibernation'(?!), the article talks about the recent Morrissey references on 'Who wants to be a millionaire?', and recent cover versions of Smiths tracks. More interestingly, it claims the man himself has revealed the title and theme for his next solo album.

"Entitled Irish Blood, English Heart, the yet-to be-recorded long-player explores his hiterto untapped Irish ancestry. "My Irishness was never something I hid," says Morrissey. "I was called Paddy from an early age. It was always odd later on with The Smiths when I was described as being extremely English, because other people would tell me that I looked Irish, sounded Irish."

However, the article makes clear that Morrissey is still without a record deal, and makes no reference to where the quote came from. The article goes on,

"Finally, the singer has even given a rare categorical denounciation of right-wing politics. Asked about Jorg Haider and the rise of European fascism Morrissey replied: "This is sad. Sometimes I don't believe we are living in an intelligent world."

Looks like Q magazine found this interview in The Irish Times from Nov. 1999. Hardly news, but I suppose not much has changed since then.
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  • Is it just me, or are all these magazines on crack? They love Moz for a while, then decide they hate him. But when Moz goes away for a while, the mags start whispering excitedly about the possibility of his return. What gives?

    I don't like Q. The writing strikes me as very self-important, as though the writers are trying to create some kind of zeitgeist -- in which they just "so happen" to find themselves at the center.
    s-man -- Sunday February 04 2001, @12:45PM (#7279)
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  • Why on Earth are they perpetuating an interview done back in 1999 as being current news?

    At least get a quote from this century.

    Although it is nice that they have put in writing that Morrissey is not in the studio....although god knows where they got THAT information from.
    suzanne -- Sunday February 04 2001, @04:31PM (#7285)
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    I scare dead people.
  • see what I mean, David t? the press is not interested in culling talent and helping resourceful people up the ladder. as you can see, they don't really reward other people for doing their research for them.

    I think maybe in my entire existance I've met or heard of about 3 people in ANY aspect of journalism, television, or music who would even arse themselves to hiring something other than their friends, or a warm body to fill a vacant seat who requires little training.

      as the years have proven as things that are written and archived here are routinely robbed of information.
    suzanne -- Monday February 05 2001, @12:30AM (#7321)
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    I scare dead people.
  • ...or did anyone think reading the article that all the writer had done was find morrissey-solo, read the submissions from the last year and cherry-pick a few of the more interesting ones? I klnow the "Millionaire" references were on the site, because I subbed one of them myself. Journalists Who Lie are obviously to be frowned upon, but Journalists Who Refuse to Attribute Their Sources are rogues of the highest order.
    danbutt -- Monday February 05 2001, @04:45AM (#7328)
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  • If this is the title of Moz's next LP, I'll eat my hat again. It's a terrible title - like an 80s Simple Minds album - and I refuse to believe Moz would even toy with such a ludicrous monicker...
    Dirk McNasty -- Monday February 05 2001, @11:17AM (#7346)
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  • I really want journalist´s job. You don´t have to work!!!
    Lazy journalists: please, something new for the next time. It´s so boring for us (but it´s so convenient for you...)
    BornAgainAtheist -- Tuesday February 06 2001, @04:56PM (#7427)
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  • He has the type of Bono.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 10 2001, @12:26AM (#7613)

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