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John Fidler writes:

I've read that 'My Name Is Mortimer' (if it exists) is a Morrissey/Street composition. However if you look up the title on the BMI site, there is a song of that name by Mort Shuman. Is it possible that we are talking about a cover version, or has Moz just taken the title for himself?

Mort Shuman co-wrote 'His Latest Flame' with Doc Pomus, so it seems quite likely that Morrissey might be aware of this song. (Also, another co-writer of 'My Name Is Mortimer'is listed as El Moro, which might add to El Mozzo's interest!) Does anyone have an MP3? I couldn't find it anywhere.

On a vaguer note, I'm sure I remember hearing a song on UK Radio One once (around the time of Sunny?) which was announced as Morrissey's forthcoming single. It was quite a poppy number, with the line 'If what you say is true, why do you continue to inject yourself?' and also included a female name (Deborah?)' Does anybody else in the world remember this, or am I dreaming!

Here are the lyrics to "My Name Is Mortimer." If anyone fancies providing a translation, go ahead. I ran it through a web translator but it was a tad garbled.


My name is Mortimer
Je suis venu de loin
Que tu sois là, que tu sois là près de moi
Ca va me faire du bien

My name is Mortimer
Je me sens un peu perdu
J’aurai besoin d’un coup de main
C’est quelque chose que je n’ai jamais eu

Please call me Mortimer
Je sais, c’est un drôle de nom
Je ne te demanderai rien
Et je te chanterai une chanson
Je te chanterai le matin
Quand le monde ne bouge pas encore
Je te chanterai l’enfant qui dort dans tes bras
Je te chanterai me vent d’hiver
Qui a épousé la fille du Nord
Je voudrai ta main
Pour me sentir bien
Faire l’amour peut-être
Et quand je serai très loin tu comprendras

My name is Mortimer
Oui ça va beaucoup mieux
Tu as souri, tu as compris
Il a suffi de peu

Pour poor old Mortimer
C’est vrai je ne suis pas beau
Je n’ai pas grand chose pour te faire quelque chose
Je ne sais même pas dire de jolis mots

My name is Mortimer
Amène-moi dans ta maison
Installe-moi dans un coussin, ou dans tes draps de lin
Et je te chanterai une chanson
Je te chanterai cette fille que j’aimais quand j’étais
Un petit garçon
Je te chanterai ma tristesse et ma joie
Je te chanterai ma vie qui n’est qu’un piano et quelques chansons
Je te prendrai la main pour me sentir bien
Faire l’amour peut-être
Et quand je serai très loin tu comprendras
Lorsque je serai très bien tu m’oublieras
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  • John, I can vaguely confirm your story about the song on the radio. A few years ago, a friend told me they had heard a new Moz song, due to be a single, which had the refrain: "Melanie, don't inject yourself tonight..." I think this was on the Simon Mayo show around the time of Interlude or Boxers. I later assumed he had just misheard the lyric to Sunny, but perhaps there is (yet) another unreleased Moz song in the vaults. You would have thought that one person in the UK would have managed to tape it, wouldn't you?
    Dirk McNasty -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @11:39AM (#6839)
    (User #406 Info)
  • My Name is Mortimer (Score:1, Informative)

    My Name Is Mortimer sung by Mort Shuman is available on Napster...I just saw it there this morning.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @12:32PM (#6843)
  • No! You definitely did not dream this. I remember listening to Danny Baker on a Saturday morning, and he played "Morrissey's new single". I only heard it once, but I liked it. It was quite a poppy number, I seem to recall. Then "Boxers" came out and the song wasn't on there. I DO remember reading that "Sunny" was supposed to be on "Boxers", but was pulled at the last minute (presumably so EMI could release it as a single to act as a spoiler for the release of "Dagenham Dave"). I thought maybe that "Sunny" was the track that I'd heard, but I don't think it was. So yeah, we could have another outtake here...
    The Magic Fairy <[email protected]> -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @01:23PM (#6847)
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    "It was the trousers."
  • My name is Mortimer
    I cam from far
    so that you are there, so that you are there near me
    It will do me some good

    My name is Mortimer
    I feel a little lost
    I need a hand
    which is something I've never had

    Please call me Mortimer
    I know, its a funny name
    and I'll sing you a song
    While the world still hasn't moved
    I'll sing you the child cradled in your arms
    I'll sing you the winter winds
    That has married the Northern Girl
    I would like your hand
    So that I can feel better
    Make Love perhaps
    And when I'll be far, you'll understand

    My name is Mortimer
    Yes, things are much better
    You smiled, you understood
    That's all that was needed

    Pour poor old Mortimer
    It's true, I'm not handsome
    I don't have much to make you something with
    I don't even know how to utter pleasant words

    My name is Mortimer
    Take me home
    Put mw on a pillow, or the covers
    and I'll sing you a song
    I'll sing you this song, never a girl, never a boy (?)
    I'll sing to you my sad & pretty one
    I'll sing you my life, just a piano and a few songs
    I'll take your hand to feel better
    Make love perhaps
    and when I'll be very far, you'll understand
    When I'll be well, you'll forget me
    Fence -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @01:24PM (#6848)
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    Heel in the back, size 13
  • The single you heard was indeed intended to be a single

    that song is titled "A Girl I Used to Know", however it was trashed due to egos and label-hopping...

    just wanted to inform you.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @03:00PM (#6852)
  • This is what the lyrical database has to say about "A Girl I used to Know." Could this have been put out before boxers?
    "This song is mentioned as part of the the sessions that produced Jack The Ripper in David Bret's "Landscapes Of The Mind", a Morrissey biography. It is
              possible this was an early version of B-side You've Had Her."
    Andy-Mats -- Wednesday January 24 2001, @03:43PM (#6858)
    (User #151 Info)
  • The song you heard sounds very much like a song that was played on (I think) Dutch radio once, I don't know when. It was introduced as "the new single from Morrissey." There is a Morrissey-esque guitar intro followed by a voice that sounds astoundingly like Morrissey singing "Oh Melanie" - my heart skipped a beat when I first heard it. But after this first line, it is clearly not Morrissey; the intonation is all wrong. It begins:

    Oh Melanie
    You say you really love me
    You say that I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you
    Oh Melanie
    You keep telling me you love me
    You say that no one else in this cruel world has ever loved you like I do
    Oh Melanie, honestly
    There's something really troubling you
    If what you say is true
    Why do you continue to inject yourself?
    Inject yourself, inject yourself
    Oh, inject yourself, inject yourself, inject yourself ...

    It's actually quite a good Moz knock-off, clearly inspired by him, with fairly similar subject matter to that of "Sunny."

    If you want to hear the song, get it (soon, it won't be there forever) here.

    noelbows -- Thursday January 25 2001, @03:15AM (#6894)
    (User #2232 Info)
  • I read the lyrics ... they're very Morrissey-esque ... it reminds me of 'There is a light ...'
    Am I the only one?

    The french lyrics are great and it's very odd to see that you can perfectly translate them into English.
    Vincent <[email protected]> -- Thursday January 25 2001, @06:56AM (#6900)
    (User #1110 Info |
    Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are!
  • I 've taped this on Mark Radcliffe's morning show on Radio One years ago and I always thought the title would be "Oh Marilyn".

    Mark made this song a mysterium. He never said the name of the artist, and for me was it the new Morrissey single...
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 25 2001, @08:59AM (#6911)
  • but not that clever. Any real Moz fan will know this is bogus -- funny tho.
    measurectal -- Thursday January 25 2001, @08:06PM (#6940)
    (User #186 Info)
  • If you think this is Morrissey, you're nuts! Lyrically it's very lame... musically as well. I don't think Moz would ever release something this shitty as a single, hopefully not even as a b-side. But all that aside, the voice just isn't Moz!
    measurectal -- Friday January 26 2001, @01:16AM (#6951)
    (User #186 Info)
  • is there really any debate on whether or not this is actually morrissey? the lyrics aren't very good. the music isn't very good. the singing certainly isn't very good.
      if, by some remote chance, this really IS morrissey. i think it would be best if he and anyone else kept this little gem a secret, for it is really quite horrible. the end.
    spaceboy -- Friday January 26 2001, @11:27AM (#6967)
    (User #124 Info |
  • This is very interesting. The voice sounds like Moz, even though it seems very experimental..the guitars are very 1980 - something, don't you think? Who wrote it and who played on it? If it's post - 91 it should be Alain and Boz. But, well, it baffles me, because it got this almost glossy feeling to it, with those, very interesting indeed..I'm not making any sense, am I?:)
    Puppet on string <[email protected]> -- Friday January 26 2001, @02:46PM (#6978)
    (User #2114 Info)
    Everyday I have the blues!
  • I searched in Yahoo! and the first listing was for this site:

    It just says "My Name is Mortimer"
    "This is an unreleased song by Morrissey and Stephen Street in 1990."

    ShielaTakingABow <[email protected]> -- Tuesday January 30 2001, @04:02AM (#7130)
    (User #1780 Info |
    "We´re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" OW
  • Come on... The minute I heard this song it was easy to detect an accent. Possibly Dutch or Austrian... Even easier to detect near the end. It's not even a very good song... Sounds like some "Your Big Break" reject.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 19 2001, @08:39AM (#17264)
  • Since everyone knows that Morrissey has a wide range of vocal styles and was the actual singer for "Milli Vinilli" in the 80's -- it's quite possible this song is authentic.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 19 2001, @08:51AM (#17265)

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