posted by davidt on Saturday January 13 2001, @12:15PM
rays_keen writes:

Found this little article (Rough Trade's Jubilee,, Jan. 11) regarding the Rough Trade label The Smiths once were on. Excerpt:
London-based record shop and label Rough Trade, the latter home to a generation of directional bands including Stiff)Little Fingers, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire and Subway Sect (to name just a few) is to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a compilation album, a new website and a clutch of gigs around the capital.

Founded by Geoff Travis, the Rough Trade shop opened in 1975, soon inspiring the independent label that was to play an integral part in British music. Its first single, Stiff Little Fingers’ Alternative Ulster, appeared in October 1978 and became an instant punk anthem...
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  • I think you'll find that Paris Maquis by Metal Urbain and not Alternative Ulster was RT 01
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 16 2001, @08:22AM (#6578)
  • I think you'll find that Paris Maquis by Metal Urbain was the first Rough Trade release and not Alternative Ulster although Alternative Ulster is immeasurably better!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 16 2001, @08:25AM (#6579)
  • i could have sworn rough trade had already closed their books. wasn't that the reason why the sundays changed distribution a few months after the release of 'reading, writing and arithmaetic'?

    perhaps it's following factory's suit - closing books, then opening up shop a few years later. all the same i suppose.
    state of emergency -- Tuesday January 16 2001, @09:18AM (#6582)
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