posted by davidt on Saturday December 23 2000, @12:15PM
Patrick Crane writes:

Recently I was watching MTV2, when US-based joke/shock/rap/metal the Bloodhound Gang were choosing an hour of videos, and revealed themselves to be fans of the Moz. They chose 'Suedehead', with singer Jimmy saying: "We often talk about how cool it would be if Morrissey covered an Ice Cube song," before singing the song briefly in a parody Moz voice. Later, they chose The Smiths 'There is a light..', with their singer saying "The Smiths were pretty cool." Again, the parody Moz voice returned as he sang the song's chorus.

I'm not a fan of the Bloodhounds or anything, but it was interesting- what is it lately with US metal acts and Morrissey? (I don't need to mention the Deftones) I think that Morrissey could be in for a big comeback next year if he doesn't mess up, if you consider Robbie Williams' recent TOTP appearance and the interest from US alternative acts...
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  • I remember when I saw Bloodhound Gang in MTV and the singer presented themselves: "hello, I'm... and I am in the Bloodhound Gang but I preferred to be in (i don't remeber which band)..." and so on. Each one of them said they preferred to be in other bands and one of the guys said he preferred to be in Morrissey band!
    Fabricio <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 23 2000, @06:50PM (#6014)
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  • what does robbie williams have to do with morrissey making a return?
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2000, @12:29AM (#6020)
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  • Strange influences (Score:2, Informative)

    If you remember the NME poll for the most infuential artist a few weeks ago, there was a section in that edition of the NME with short paragraphs/lists for a lot of the polled artists' influences (or inspirations). Now, if I remember rightly, the Bloodhound Gang had a list of three bands, they being The Smiths, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, I think... Which struck me as being a little strange at the time, since I can't see much of a connection between Manchester's finest and the Bloodhound Gang.
    Anyway, my point being that it's not the first time they've namechecked the Smiths/Morrissey. Oddly enough.
    Boy With The Thorn -- Sunday December 24 2000, @08:47AM (#6029)
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