posted by davidt on Thursday October 19 2000, @10:00AM
Info and links related to tomorrow's in-store signing at the Virgin Megastore in New York City will be updated in this article. Please post your stories and items of interest regarding this event to the comments section below.
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  • im thinking that the nyc signing will go smoothly. if east coast concerts are any indication, then everyone will be very tame and controlled. maybe the LA signing was so regimented because the fans there are wayyyyy more fans got killed at any east coast shows. there was no sleeping out for wristbands here. so with fingers crossed maybe we can all spend more time with morrissey and get hugs and photos and all. play it cool people!
    alrightalex -- Thursday October 19 2000, @10:14AM (#3414)
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  • Who needs to be babied here?

    Northeners don't need to be reminded of how to act in public now do they.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 19 2000, @01:08PM (#3429)
  • To everyone going to the New York signing, good luck and be strong! :P
    ladymoz -- Thursday October 19 2000, @03:07PM (#3435)
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  • Let´s just hope New York fans are at least more cute and handsome/good looking and thin than Los Angeles fans!
    eeeeeeWWWWwwwww in all that bunch of pictures I couldn´t count more than 2-3 cute ones .. less thin or original people ... all wearing the same frames and look a la smiths , oh Morrissey poor of you!
    David! ExcEllent work! once again you proof that you´re the best man! I´m sure you need some rest after doing all that ..

    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @06:47AM (#3465)
  • I hope everyone enjoys their moment with the man... enjoy yourselves!

    See you there :)
    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @09:54AM (#3474)
  • Good luck everyone!
    brenda *mozchick* <[email protected]> -- Friday October 20 2000, @11:14AM (#3478)
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    ------another day passes like a dream------
  • Oh, wonderful, wonderful.
    Morrissey is a very gracious man. And yes, all the fans were well behaved.
    If anyone finds pictures from the signing, i'd love to see em.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @04:15PM (#3485)
  • Just got back from the signing, and I am a truly disapointed Morrissey fan. Nohing against Morrissey himself, but security at Virgin treated everyone like cattle. They handed the DVD to Morrissey, if you were lucky, you might of got five seconds with Morrissey, all while 2 security guards hovered over you like you had a weapon or something. God forbid you wanted him to sign anything else but the DVD..they would immediatley take it away and shuffle you off. I know alot of people were happy just to be able to meet Morrissey, but to me..I don't feel like I met him, I feel like cattle...
    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @04:30PM (#3487)
  • I had a GREAT time! I met some great people and I got to have a few words with Morrissey...and I was able to get a picture signed for someone even though the security grabbed it away from me. Morrissey took it back from him! thank heaven...
    Also, we were able to watch the signing from across the balcony which was great!
    And David T. was there taking pictures! looking forward to seeing them! Thanks in advance David!
    prisoner of wombat -- Friday October 20 2000, @05:35PM (#3490)
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    that's no hydroxolide...that's my wife!
  • I was, happy when I met him. I walked up to him, introduced myself and said "Hello" and shook his hand. He said "Hello" I asked how he felt and said "I'm average." Then I asked him to write Tooled up Asian Boy and he made a silly face and laughed. I shook his hand again and said "Thank You." He replied "It was a pleasure." and nodded his head. I reached into my pocket to give him a letter. As I was giving it to him, the two idiot security guards snatched it while Morrissey was reaching for it. I told them it was a letter for him and gave it to him and he put it in his pocket. After the signing he came out through the cafe gates with those stupid security guards. Everybody clapped and he bowed. I then waited for him to leave. A bunch of us waited in the back exit. A security guard hailed a cab and when he came out, we again applauded. The cab had to pull out so he sat in there and when it pulled away he looked back and waved. A guy ran after the cab. It was a great experience. I'm still trembling. Better than Tower Recaords a few years back. Here's a link to my signed cover.
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Friday October 20 2000, @05:47PM (#3491)
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  • Crash Into My Arms (Score:2, Interesting)

    I was an incredible night! It was worth the waiting and nights of restless sleep. I met my friends in line at 4:30. The security had everyone come up to the door and then decided to get us in order when we were in a confined area! They were such assholes throughout the whole thing!
    When they finally opened the doors everyone was straining to get a peak of the man himself. I was #62 in line. My turn approached a lot quicker than I expected (the whole thing took about 2 hours).
    I was finally let through the door and I saw Morrissey sitting down. I got so excited and nervous I started crying. I calmed down though when my turn came. I walked up to him and said, "Hello, how are you?" He said "Good". I handed him my dvd and asked him to sign "Emily, Crash into my arms-I want you". He muttered "oh fuck" under his breath. I think maybe because it was a little long??? Regardless, he signed it. Then I asked him for a hug and he timidly got up and reached across the table. I hugged him and then I kissed his neck! I then looked into his eyes and got really choked up and told him "Thank you for always being there". It was incredible. I also got the pen he used to sign everything with after it was all over.
    I couln't ask for anything more. He was beautiful!
    Run Lola Run -- Friday October 20 2000, @06:18PM (#3492)
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    Do you see me when we pass? I half die.
  • I don't have a DVD player, I didn't buy an advance copy of the DVD, I couldn’t even leave work early, but none of this stopped me from seeing Morrissey this evening.
        I have only been to a signing once before, when I was 11, I saw Jose Canseco. I had over 200 Jose Canseco cards and was in the habit of pretending to be Cuban. My mother took me to this convention, she actually had to take out a loan to pay for the admission and his signature, really somehow, it was very expensive and we were somehow very poor. I stood online with my prized Donrous rookie card, for hours. When I finally got there, he signed my card, without so much as looking down at me. I stuck out my hand, he shook without even looking at me. I haven’t bought baseball card since. With this in mind I took the F train to 14th at about 5:10, walked to the Union Square where people had gathered for a Morrissey’s signing.
              The store is situated on a corner and it appeared there were two lines, one on each street and that the Virgin employees were moving the fans from one side to the other. I mention this because after going inside and buying the DVD, and a card, I went to the line on 14th street and may have skipped, accidentally, some people, only maybe 10 people if that was even the case, anyhow I apologize now. So I got on line and there were a few people in front of me a few in back. I've nothing negative to say about the NY crowd, however if you want negative talk, please read my review of the second Washington show. I don't know how many fans were in LA, but there wasn’t a HUGE amount of fans in NYC, say a 100, as a random guess. Which is fine by me, in fact I prefer small crowds, although I doubt Morrissey does. The line winded on the side street and lead into a side entrance to the store, near a cafe inside Virgin records.
              While on line a security guard, aka hooligan, approached an older couple in line and said something to the effect, "you've been on line once already, you cant get back online, get off the line now because you aren't coming in" Now the couple protests that they have bought yet another DVD and produce a new DVD, which is in all honesty, if you are buying multiple copies of a DVD to see Morrissey, is a sign of a bigger problem, but still I sympathize with them. Anyway when they get to the door, security keeps them from entering, and the lady, just breaks down, crying, hysterical. Anyway, another security guard, pretending to be a nice guy, ignoring that they’ve been such schmucks already, says, "I'm such a humanitarian I'll let you in." I am beginning to believe crying is good way to deal with difficult situations. The woman by the way makes a horrific scene, crying in front of Morrissey, trying not to leave, really Champmanesqe, it frightened me, I can only imagine how Morrissey felt.
    So I'm queuing up to meet Morrissey and I can see him now. He is wearing a white ruffled around the chest, button up shirt, and very cool looking. Then there’s the guy with the camera taking pictures, which I surmise is, David T. Well I get out my DVD and card. The card by the way has a photo of a baby face smiling in shock and happiness, I bought it, because I wanted to at least give him the greatest web address there is, that of MLU
    A bonus, which I realized only later, was the inside of the card said this "What I get both nipples!" Surely Morrissey’s humor. I write the web address and email inside the card. My turn comes, I want to say Hello to David, so I stick out my hand and say "Hi David, you helped with my Remedy website, Thanks, Hi" He has no idea who I am or what I'm talking about, and at this point Morrissey is waiting for me!
    As I turn to Morrissey, I think, of two jokes, one is, "Oh I'm sorry I thought he was Morrissey...," referring to David secondly, "is this the line for exchanges and returns..." however I don't say either. I go to look for my card, w
    Smiths <reversethis-{moc ... a} {2eporhtdniw}> -- Friday October 20 2000, @06:43PM (#3494)
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  • Virgin Encounter... (Score:2, Interesting)

    The first thing I said to Morrissey was "Hey Beautiful" (I have no idea why... just trying to get a strong reaction, I suppose). To this Morrissey turned to either side in a mock gesture to pretend that I was talking to someone behind him. Classic. Anyway, after five seconds that seemed like five minutes, I noticed that Moz was staring at me. He was waiting for me to tell him what I wanted written on the DVD. Of course, I forgot all of the clever stuff & simply said "Carlos". He then repeated my name in the thickest Mexican accent I've heard this side of Monterrey. It was really funny. I complimented him on his excellent pronunciation & he informed me that my name meant "Charles". I sarcastically pretended that I didn't already know that. Searching for something else to say, I asked him how he felt about signings & about people crying for him. Morrissey was quick to point out that people don't cry in New York. About the L.A. weepers, he told me that "It's very sweet" as I was nudged away by "security".

    So that was it! My first Morrissey meeting was over! I'm not so psyched about my rather plainish autograph, but I did enjoy watching Moz from the other side of the Virgin Café after my encounter. His coyness & overall awkward gestures really surprised me. The reports are true. He's quite possibly the most shy superstar on the planet.

    Overall, I had a good time. Met some really cool people: Hello Christine, Adam, Jessica, Glen, Raquel & Scott! Hope to keep in touch... or see you at the next drive-by signing! -carlos #21

    carlos -- Friday October 20 2000, @07:59PM (#3501)
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    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • Hey all...I was about number 45 or so...He was very gracious I felt, and hilarious. First thing that happened when I got up there was The Guards asked me where I wanted it signed (with the man waiting in droll anticipation it seemed) and I was unsure exactly for a moment--either at their supposed kindness or interference depending on your point of view-- And so I was like, "Oh anywhere" which I guess Mozzer interpreted as the front cover--he took the cue and mumbled jokingly "mrmrpghhhsh" mocking my indecison. I nearly laughed outright! The man's got a sense of humour!! He was very nice about signing a particular message I asked for, and I asked him if he was RECORDING anytime soon, and he replied, frustratingly, "I'm trying!" Hmmm.... I shook his hand and said, "I wish you luck."
    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @10:34PM (#3509)
  • I am so dissapointed to see so many comments here about what LA fans look like! I thought Morrissey fans were kind! I dont think that the people who posted negative comments about us are true Morrissey fans! If you are a true Morrissey fan you would know what it is like to not be the most beautiful person in the world, what it is like to be somewhat of an outcast. Isn't that how Moz feels...not to be like everyone else! If we were like everyone else we would all be the same and this world would be nothing! Full of nothing losers like the ones who commented on our looks!
    I know that I am no beauty! I never asked to look this way! I did try and look nice for Morrissey to the best of my ability! I did spend a night out on the street waiting for him...some of these things are not known to him nor appreciated I could only assume, but I did it and I am proud of it. I am proud of the way I looked for Morrissey weather he noticed or not! I actually went to buy a new sweater to wear! It is really sad that the only ones who cared about that are my friends and myself!
    But enough about me, I just am in shock at the way people were so harsh. To make commments on our looks without even knowing one of us is just plain mean! I hope you can live with yourself when it is your turn to be judged! At least we know we are good people! Are you?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 20 2000, @11:09PM (#3511)
  • I chased down MORRISSEY’S CAB!

    The NYC signing was great. Despite the confusion concerning the # on your bracelet (I was #101 and people ahead of me had 400+!) Moz was gracious to everybody. I waited about 1 hour and a half. People kept coming up to us to ask “what are you in line for?” (as if a line of people in NYC is something unusual..) I met many cool fans (as always, fun to see real, live Moz fans) including “Trouble Loves Me” from this site. I was also near the singer for the Salford Lads, who informed Moz “I’m you”, to which he replied “I might have guessed”. The security guy (they were big and MEAN) told me “no hugs”, so I opted for a handshake. I said “Hi, Morrissey!”, then I mumbled something about how I loved his 2/29 encore of “Drive-In Saturday” by Bowie, and how I thought he and I were the only ones in the building that night who knew it. He had no comment on that one. I told him my name to sign. “Watt” I said. “That’s not your name” he replied. I insisted it was, and I said “Bye Morrissey”! It just felt fun to say that.

    Afterwards I went home, only to head back out to do my run (in my goofy yellow shorts, for those of you who saw me) and since I live only a few blocks away, I went back to watch him through the glass. It was like a Morrissey Zoo. “Step right UP folks, see the MORRISSEY! Please, do NOT feed him meat”. We watched him finish signing and then disappear into the bowels of the Megastore.

    I ended up hanging around for a ½ hour with a girl in a colorful sweater and her two friends (including a Stone-Cold looking guy who nearly got into a tiff with the bouncers!) We waited around back with the faithful and sure enough, out came the Mozzer with his friend, a mysterious Asian woman. They just called him a regular cab! (No MOZZmobile, I guess). We cheered and clapped.

    They drove away, and I realized I was in my running getup, so I chased after the cab to squeeze in one more goodbye. I raced through 2 busy intersections and finally caught him at a light. I didn’t want to freak him out, so I stood back a bit. “Bye, Morrissey, thanks again!” I shouted through the glass. He looked tired and a bit startled, and managed a little wave. And I took off, that was it.

    Boy, I am a psycho.
    WattWhite -- Saturday October 21 2000, @12:16AM (#3514)
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  • By the way gang, you can check out my band at

    I'm the spiky blonde. I steal Morrissey's moves in EVERY show!
    WattWhite -- Saturday October 21 2000, @12:29AM (#3515)
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  • I'm really tired of all you people giving Morrissey a bad name. He did these in-stores from the kindness of his heart. Wanting to see his fans. The reason security was so harsh was that if everyone got the time they wanted with the man he would still be signing come May.

    Why do you people think he owes you something? Why is it not enough to have his words, his music? All that he is is within his lyrics. He is a beautiful man, the most beautiful person I've ever known. He has given his life, his words, his entire being to us, why is that not enough? Don't you people give a damn about him? Why should he have to give all he has to us? He needs to keep somethings to himsself. He needs his privacy. He does not owe anyone anything. He has paid the price. Lonely and sad he will remain, just for us. He will never know what happiness is, but we will. He has a heart of gold and we will always love him. Please try to be kind. If you could know what he goes through day in and day out you would know how deep your words can wound him. Such a beautiul person with such an evil talent. He's got all the love anyone could wish for, but he is never able to recieve it, he is and will remain alone. PLEASE BE KIND, PLEASE. Try to understand the pressure, the pain the responsibility he must feel. All he ever wanted was to make music and we've burdened him with our lives, our problems, our pain. I'd like to see anyone of you function under such high demands. after all he is human, just flesh and blood. He feels just as we do. give him a fuckin' break. He can not be everything to everyone. He can't possibly make everyone happy.

      It should be enough that he did this. He signed everything that everyone had. In Los Angeles he stayed for over 3 hours as he did in New York. He met everyone that was there. Signed everything he could. It's just not fair for you people to still want more. When will it ever be enough. Why does he have to give you everyting you want? WHAT KIND OF LIFE DOES THAT LEAVE HIM????????????? Please try and think before you speak. PLEASE BE KIND.....
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 21 2000, @12:40AM (#3516)
  • Is that true that you didn't even have to buy an advance copy of the DVD to get into the signing? Now I am peeved. I didn't go to the NYC signing because I had to come from out of town and I couldn't come from the 17th onwards.
    Also, I wish David had told us he would be photographing the event because not being able to get a picture was another part of the reason I didn't think it was worth bothering travelling to NYC.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 21 2000, @06:01AM (#3523)
    • Re:oh to be clairvoyant by prisoner of wombat (Score:1) Saturday October 21 2000, @07:53AM
      • Aargh! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 21 2000, @12:06PM
  • ok ive written this three times and ive deleted it every time by accident.
    last night i hugged morrissey.
    i came face to face with morrissey, touched him, sort of talked to him, and hugged him. i met wonderful people in line and it was an amazing experience. but i am disappointed in myself because i lost all brain power when i was actually in front of him. i got up to the table, after nursting into tears in line after my first glimpse of him, but i was somewhat together by this point, and i got to the table and said, "hi". hey, there's something he hasn't heard before. all i could do was sort of nod when he inquired about the spelling of my name. i was so dumbfounded by his eyes and the fact that, if its possible, he's even more beautiful up close than at any shows or in any picture i've ever seen. realizing i was missing my chance, i leaned over and asked, "do you think i could have a hug?" he stood up and leaned over and oh my god he hugged me. or i hugged him. whatever. i said "thank you" and he sort of shrugged. then somehow i had my dvd in my hand and was walking out the door, it's kind of a blur. then i fell on the ground outside and cried for twenty minutes. after composing myself, again, we went inside and watched him sign for a little while. and even though i was thrilled to be in the same vicinity as he was, i was getting a bit sad watching other people actually converse with him and even make him laugh.i mean, i am happy for everyone, but i really wish i had been able to speak to him and say something intelligent or even say i love you.but... so we went for coffee, figuring we would come back and he would still be there ( i was only #31, and there were a lot of poeple still in line when we left) but when we returned he was gone.
    all in all, imagine this, i hugged morrissey. maybe next time, having accomplished this basic step, ill be able to say something to him.ahhh well. i am so grateful that he took the time to come out to new york and do this, it shows how much he understands us- he knows how much it means to us. ahhh. i still feel like it was sort of a dream.
    well, hello to missy, and her friend(i didnt get your name!!), and #30, and peter and romeo, it was great meeting you guys. floating til next time...
    love & morrissey,
    goblinmoz -- Saturday October 21 2000, @08:30AM (#3528)
    (User #1580 Info)
    "now my heart is full..."
  • you guys are so lucky your meeting him I love to hate the ones that do!
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Saturday October 21 2000, @10:04AM (#3535)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • I got to the signing a little bit early - there were a few people there and barricades were set up, but it really wasn't clear where we were supposed to stand on line because barricades were set up on both sides of the store. Since line-up was supposed to start at 4:30, at about 4:25 me and a nice girl I met in the pre-lineup (#98, I think) went into Virgin to find out exactly WHERE we were supposed to be. We asked an employee by the door and he pretended not to know a thing - he said that he would know in another half hour, which would be 5:00. Nice for Virgin to print up a set of rules that they would only follow selectively.
    They started moving people to the cafe side of the store, but only a few -- they basically left the rest of us standing there for dead -- then me and #98 decided to go around to the cafe side of the building to see what was going on -- they already had people lined up in supposed "order" in tight barricades. At this point we realized that the whole idea of getting in numerical order was farcical (if that's a word) because it was too crowded to push through the barricades to ask everyone what number they were. I guess the whole "numbering" system was just to get you a spot on line. I really didn't care about the order, and the whole thing went rather quickly. Standing on the line I met up with some really cool people, including Watt from this site. :)
    People kept stopping and asking what the line was for, and when I replied "Morrissey" I got replies like "I don't know who that is" and "Macy Gray?" It got REALLY tiresome after awhile . . .
    So I finally get up to the doorway to see Moz and I was finished -- I was thinking "omgod, that's it" -- this was my first meeting with him. After having my DVD opened about 4 or 5 times by security to see if I slipped anything else in there for him to sign, it was my turn, and I did something that I feared I would do, I sounded all giggly like a bimbo! I said "Hiiiiiiiiiii Morrissey, how are you?" And he replied "fine." Then when I told him my name and spelled it for him, I was giggling and he looked up at me with a grin and said "What's so funny?" OK so I felt really stupid, and I said "Nothing, I'm just happy today!" Then I asked him if he would write "Now My Heart Is Full" on the DVD and he said "of course." I spotted David and said hello to him and told him who I was while Morrissey was signing. I told Moz he was a genius and thanked him for doing the signing and he said "No, thank you for coming." Then Morrissey looked up at me as if to say "OK, what next?" It seemed as if he was getting up just in case I asked him for a hug - I totally froze and got terrified at the thought of hugging him - I don't know why - probably because it was my first meeting - and then I held out my hand so that he could shake it.
    WOW his hands are TREMENDOUS! I was very happy after that. All in all it was a good experience, but the security was a bit much.
    I waited outside for some people that I had met to hear their stories . . . a nice Yale student that I met got to give Morrissey a film she had made in film school, and I hung around outside afterward with a nice bloke (you know who you are) - we decided to go inside and watch him sign from across the way and take a few pictures, but honestly, it got boring after awhile watching the heavies lean over each person as Morrissey spoke to them. I also got to meet Carlos from this site when we were watching - cool! :)
    As we were leaving Virgin, I wanted the nice bloke to take a picture of me standing next to the Morrissey sign at the front of the store. A Virgin employee stopped him and gave him a REALLY hard time about it - I thought that was a bit much. I mean, people were taking pics of Moz from across the way while he was signing! But it was OK, I got my 15 seconds with Morrissey, and met some really cool people. :)
    TrblLuvsMe <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 21 2000, @10:02PM (#3549)
    (User #122 Info)
  • some pix (Score:3, Informative)

    here's a few pictures...
    prisoner of wombat -- Sunday October 22 2000, @08:04AM (#3555)
    (User #54 Info)
    that's no hydroxolide...that's my wife!
    • Re:some pix by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 23 2000, @08:14AM
  • hey fellow californians:

    don't you wish we could've been second, not the first ones?
    as i sit here reading the new yorkers comments, i'm thinking, hm, they got to break the ice with our hero by stating their names (wretched yellow post-it's). what a Travesty! the nice cup of coffee i just had is turning sour in my veins as i write! yes, i'm jealous! vive la resistance!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 22 2000, @10:31AM (#3558)
  • so, yea, i came all the way from boston tuesday morning, and was in line by 6am. It was a very sad line, even by 9. I went back later that day, and came to new york again friday afternoon. When moz came out i got a glimpse and i screamed and eveyone told me to hush. When it was almost my turn I was in such a state all the security guards told me to calm down. When I finally got up there, I almost passed out, and I was shaking, and I asked Morrissey to please sign my dvd, "little lamb, you're not the only one." And then he noticed Ihad something written on my hands which was please hug me, so he got up and hugged me, despite the protests of the security, and I kissed him. Then I said will you sign my shoulder, and the security was like, "no, dvds only" but he was getting up, and he said he would make it quick, and then he asked me if i wanted moz, and i said no, morrissey, and they had to pull me away because i was still looking at him dolefully and muttering i love you. I went across and watched for a while, and then i decided I wanted more, so I bought another dvd, and went up again, and all the security guys were like, "she's back" and when i came up the guy on the left was like, "no hugs this time," so i asked him to write "In my sorry way I love you," and he asked me if it was my favorite song, and I said, no, now my heart is full is my favorite, and can i show you my hear t tattoo that has those words around it? and the security guys was all, "No tattoos," and moz said, show me quickly so i turned around and showed him, and then shook his hand and kissed it, and when he left I got one of the silver markers he was using!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 22 2000, @05:34PM (#3565)
  • Congratulations everyone!

    Uffff! I Wish I Was In NY!

    In THe Pics of LA, Moz looks GOOOOOORRRRGEOUS!!!
    to be in his 40's.

    I especially envy the anonimous who stepped twice!
    djpekky -- Sunday October 22 2000, @07:52PM (#3568)
    (User #1453 Info)
  • Moz in NY (Score:2, Informative)

    Well my story of meeting Moz isn't as exciting as some of the others posted but I felt a personal acheivment was accomplished. I was number 46 in line so I didn't have to wait too long to see him. When it was my turn to have the DVD signed the security asked who do you want it signed to? I said "backscrubber" then Moz replied "Did you say backscrubber?" Yes. Moz asked "Are you one?" and I said "yes I'm a licensed massage therapist would you like a business card" Moz nodded yes(not that he would call or email but the fact that Virgin said no gifts or anything. So I put my business card down on the table and security seem to put in a pile of a few letters. So the victory of getting something past security was great.) By this time Moz had finished signing the DVD and security was already pulling me away before I could even grab the DVD off the table and as I was being shoved aside I managed to shake Moz's hand and said "Thank you for all your work, I appreciate everything." By this time I was now being tugged by the other security guard. Eventhough with the tight security which I figured would happen. It was still worth every second. (Probabley less the 25 seconds)What I really wanted to ask Moz if he had a Ouiji Board 3" cd for sale just to see his reaction but that never came about.
              So to the person above that was truly dissapointed. Why let those idiot security guards take away the joy and pleasure of meeting Moz? It's not worth the aggrivation of thinking of them. Just remember the hand shake.

    To David T if you are posting pictures or sending some out. I would of also liked to thank you for your work on this site. I was # 46 in line and my email is [email protected] Thanks

    Dave L.
    backscrubber <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 22 2000, @08:47PM (#3569)
    (User #1095 Info)
  •       Hi just want to let people know about the little page that i made containing pictures of the LA signing, pictures that were taken outside of the signing (since, David was one of the only ones permitted to bring a camera inside).

    check out this site>>> going to meet the one i love
    please help the cause and contribute any pictures that you took outside the signing.

    My encounter with the great one:

    Finally I get my chance... I greet him with a hello and a warm smile.

    ME: "How are you tonight?"
    MOZ: "I'm doing quite well, thank you."
    ME: "I just want to thank you for all you have done."
    MOZ: "Why, you are very welcome"
    As MOZ signs my DVD...
    ME: Gazing at his hand... "How is your hand holding out?"
    MOZ: "I can go on all night"
    ME: "May I shake your hand?"
    MOZ: smiles and nods.   ~   MOZ extends his hand, we shake, and i turned his hand over and gently kiss the back of it. When I looked back up at him... MOZZER looks down to the side in a bashful manner.

    The experience was better than sex itself.
    UrArsenal -- Sunday October 22 2000, @10:45PM (#3572)
    (User #1745 Info)
    "is it wrong to understand the fear that dwells inside a man?"
  • It pains me to read some of the harsh critisms levied on some folks here. Do yourselves a favor sometime and REALLY listen to the words Morrissey sings. Go all the way back to the first Smiths LP and LISTEN until the last. You'll see that Morrissey is all about empathy and validation, a sort of "Yeah, I know how you feel and you're right, it sucks". Morrissey deserves thin fans??? I for one feel blessed to read some of the true life experiences of fellow fans whos lives have also been changed for the better. Berating others for their physical appearance is abhorent and immature. Chiding others for their temporary break from emotional fortitude in the face of one so esteemed is brutish.

    Have a heart all you Siskels and Eberts out there, don't survive without feelings or blood!

    Beethoven <Everyday is like SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!> -- Monday October 23 2000, @06:40AM (#3580)
    (User #312 Info)
  • I think he was and is absolutley beautiful. If he never did another thing I would be completely happy to have know his work in my lifetime.
    myheartisfull -- Tuesday October 24 2000, @04:49AM (#3609)
    (User #1248 Info)
  • The Truth in

    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 24 2000, @07:47AM (#3615)
  • my moz meeting (Score:2, Interesting)

    Hi all, I figure I better add my story just so I can prove that it's more disinteresting than some of the others people have claimed to be dull. I woke up all early tuesday to rush down to the Virgin store so I could get to be number 97 in line. When the day arrived, that apparently did not matter. The night before I bought a ridiculous cowboy shirt from a local thrift shop to wear to the event. Just to be a dick. So I'm waiting in line. I'm stuck behind an elderly couple and in front of a couple in hockey jersey's. The story of my life. Everyone else is stuck behind some beautiful single boy or girl. But not me! The couple in jersey's had to field a question from some doldrum on the street every two seconds who wanted to know what the line was for. I think they started to say it was for Limp Bizkit after awhile. Since I fear social interaction I put my walkman on and listened to the new AFI album (which rocks by the way..and the guys in the band like Moz) and tried to think of something to say to Morrissey. I was considering being more of a dick and telling him that, "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" was my favorite album of all time and then sort of squint at him and say, "Oh, my mistake, wrong guy" and then exit quickly. As I gradually moved toward the man it occured to me that i had absolutely nothing to say to him. I mean I love the guys work but he really hasn't had that great of an impact of my life as a whole. So what are you gonna do? I figured once I was able to see him I could work some sort of witty comment out but by the time they cut my wristband off and moz was full in view, I found myself next in line with nothing to say. The security guard told me "no hugging!." "No kissing?" I asked "No petting behind the neck? No cooing into his ear?" "NO!" the guard snapped at me. "Jeez, it's like a first date" I muttered. That, or going to Michigan U. Before I knew it I was thrust in front of Moz. My dvd was snatched from me, thrown in front of the man and the two other security guys closed in around me. So there I was. Trapped in a human box with Morrissey. Yummy. I panicked. I still had nothing to say. I leaned into him and in a coy, seductive voice said, "hello, hello." Moz giggled and whispered back, "hello, hello." I simply stared and watched as he signed my dvd. He handed it back to me, I took his giant hand in mine, looked him in the eye and said, "Goddamn you still look fantastic!" to which he replied "Eh..I try." What a card. I rushed out of the store and to my suprise I was shaking. I don't get starstruck too often so this kind of suprised me. I guess the myth behind the man was so big it was almost beyond belief that i got to take up five seconds of his time. Either way I will always have my dvd and when ever I look at the silver scrawl that reads, "moRRiccby", I'll remember my meeting with Moz. Unless I've sold it. I mean come on! That things gonna sky rocket through the roof in a couple years. Cha-ching!

    PS. ) Mad props to David T for the pictures. I'm in gallery 7. I have the dumb, blue cowboy/rockabilly shirt on and my hand raised so it looks like I'm busting some dope freestyle rhymes to the man. Which would have been more interesting than what i actually did. Oh well.
    VickyR -- Tuesday October 24 2000, @10:12AM (#3630)
    (User #1700 Info)
    "You're deep in love but you're deeper in the woods"- Alice Cooper
  • david,

    thank you thank you thank you for putting up the photos, especially PA200901 (me) and PA200903 (my friend katie). i thought you had forgotten to put us up! a hello to the folks i met (you probably don't remember me anyway) and let's do this again sometime, surely. what a man we've met...

    rocketship -- Monday November 06 2000, @07:04AM (#4374)
    (User #1838 Info)

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