posted by davidt on Thursday July 20 2000, @10:00AM
GurgleJerk writes:

New listing of Morrissey material. I don't have any other info, except that it is certainly an import, and probably "official" EMI material.

From in the "future releases" section:
Morrissey "New Item" Box Set, 3CD $36.99
Includes)the albums "Bonadrag", "Kill Uncle" & "Vauxhall & I". Release Date: 4-Sep-00
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  • I don't the box set going to provide unreleased songs or is it just straight carbon copies of those three albums.

    ...if so whats the purpose of calling it a box set. I wonder if its the booklet or artwork or what have you that is of concern here. In any case is this box set really needed?
    Moz cowboy -- Thursday July 20 2000, @10:40AM (#996)
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    "Kissing can be rather tiring...I'd much rather read to you."
    • Re:Box set? by jypu (Score:1) Thursday July 20 2000, @11:25AM
      • Re:Box set? by LOVE (Score:1) Thursday July 20 2000, @01:21PM
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  • Great! More re-issues!! Morrissey Rocks!
    Morrissey Sucks -- Thursday July 20 2000, @11:41AM (#1002)
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    Morrissey Sucks (and all is well)!
  • "Reissue, Repackage, Repackage"!!!

    In addition to the same songs already released years earlier, this "new" 3-CD boxed set will include...

    a.) outdated Morrissey photograghs.
    b.) an extra track.
    c.) a tacky badge.
    d.) all of the above mentioned.

    "But you could've said no if you'd wanted to.
    You could have walked away, couldn't you?"

    Well, couldn't you? Huh? I am certain that this worthless move is not Morrissey's idea & he may not have the power to stop it. However, now it's nearly five years on with no new music from the man & things look bleak. Why repackage & reissue the old stuff while previously unreleased music goes stale on the studio shelves. Yet another reason to go independent.

    Keep holding out for NEW music.
    I know it's gonna happen someday.
    LOVE -- Thursday July 20 2000, @01:16PM (#1010)
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  • Update (Score:2, Informative)

    Further investigation reveals....

    There are a whole slew of 3-CD LP box sets being released in the UK over the next two months. R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, AC/DC, The Cramps, Crowded House and many more all have 3-CD LP sets coming. It must be some sort of event, like the "Centennary" edition of Viva Hate.
    GurgleJerk -- Thursday July 20 2000, @01:23PM (#1012)
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    GurgleJerk of the in-limbo Rush To Danger
  • I know record companies live on this re-issue, re-package rubbish but these people are really making a fool of themselves....I mean, who's going to buy this??? Only the one in a million fans who's main ambition in life is to own every single piece of crap in the world that ever had Morrissey's name on it.
    Well that's not me, but I have a friend who fits the above discription (cheers Kevin ;-) )
    Mozzarella -- Thursday July 20 2000, @01:38PM (#1014)
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    If I wasn't a cat, I'd be a girl.
    • Re:Fools by half-a-person (Score:1) Friday July 21 2000, @08:53PM
  • well, here we go again! I want NEW material! I am really beginning to think Moz is just in it for the money now. Disappointed, moi!
    Mike Mozfan -- Sunday July 23 2000, @05:36AM (#1071)
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  • yet another.... (Score:2, Informative)

    It is advertised on as being released on 4 September, 2000.

    Label: Emi;
    ASIN: B00004W3LM
    Catalogue Number: 5283762
    Looks like another great 'Moz can do nothing about it' EMI swindle.
    Famous when dead -- Sunday July 23 2000, @11:24AM (#1074)
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    Some of us is turning nasty
  • The only reason they re-release, re-package...etc., we've referenced "Paint A Vulgar Picture" far too many times...unfortunately, it is always applicable. Regardless, the only reason companies seem to do this is to proove to themselves that nobody wants to buy Morrissey material. Unfortunately, the truth is that fans don't want to buy regurgitated material, it has nothing to do with Moz and everything to do with record companies' inability to standardize and manipulate music consumers. They keep trying to stuff Moz fans into a box, they never take the time to realize that it is impossible to catagorize a "typical" Moz fan, contrary to non-fans' popular opinions.
    Fozzie Moz <[email protected]> -- Monday July 24 2000, @11:45AM (#1085)
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  • Morrissey released this sometime ago, in regard to the unautorized publication of his essay "Exit Smiling" -- If he is not involved with the publications of either box sets, he should release something similar to this >

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 25 2000, @04:24PM (#1125)

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