posted by davidt on Tuesday June 13 2000, @08:00AM
Jake The Stripper writes:

I found this on the net the other day and thought it was of some interest.

The Unreleased 'Dagenham Dave' Video:


Dagenham Dave Volume One
( 1998, 63 min, GB )
Director: Rick Moore
Starring: Paul Vagg
Label: Ariztical

Dagenham Dave is a sexy import from British Gay TV. The premise is that Dave is always on the prowl, and he always gets his man. In the first episode Dave goes home alone. He's always horny so he pops a porno in his VCR. Well lo and behold the young actor jumps out of the TV and Dave and he have a shag. In the next part Dave meets a hunk at work on the job site and they go at it on the floor. One thing to be noted is that Dave is always the top, and although he's not pretty, he's sexy nonetheless. Part Three has Dave pick up a sexy smooth boy in the bus stop and go home with him. While Dave is plowing his street find he utters these marvelous words, "we're digging it rather deeply" In other words don't depend on the dialog for your stimulation.

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