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A good sign that there will be an album early next year!?
Moz on HMV showing of the It's over 7“

December 20, 2019

"Making a thud similar to a dropped cabbage, some copies of "It's Over" have been spotted in a couple of HMV's - six weeks after its release date. My greatest vocal, my most proud single release … and nobody knows what to do with it. Roy Orbison would turn in his urn. The sheer excruciation endured in trying to see "It's Over" released has once again defeated me. Everything, it seems, has been done to make "It's Over" pass as quickly from human memory as possible, and a forest of cliche's will no doubt explain its unintentionally hilarious disappearance. When we first released California son, it was "It's Over" that received the most airplay, and the time was ripe to launch it as a single. But, no! Let the year pass and...
Dale Hibbert writes:

I have taken the channel down, before the gossip and rumours, no one has forced this, it was my choice. I made it available for people with an interest in the music, and in the embryonic development of bands.

I did not make it available for the likes of the the fuckers at NME and other music rags to use as click bait.

What frustrated me the most was the absolute shit arsed laziness of the journalists, copying and pasting from old wiki entries, absolutely no fact checking. This was never intended for you.

I would imagine that everybody that wanted to hear it, now has.

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By Steve Jennings.


"Conwell says Morrissey is always very involved and very interested in the look of things, that he will generally come up with the preferred backdrop images and will come up with an overall visual look. “We’ll discuss specific song looks as new songs are added to the repertoire. Usually at the start of the run we will have a pool of 30 to 40 songs and by the end around 50, and these can be in any order on any night."

An interesting article with an emphasis on the lighting gear. A bit of behind the scenes mentioning Morrissey that seldom gets discussed.


A selection of good pictures too (35), with various lighting effects captured.

December 20 finally sees the UK release of the 7" blue vinyl of It's Over.
There is no matrix message on this record.
The word 'stereo' is replaced by 'rodeo' on the B-side (as pictured).
It features a cover of Tim Buckley's "It Happens Every Time".

Information about dates/stock outside of HMV and European sellers isn't currently available other than the release dates already quoted on their sites.

The convoluted It's Over timeline from announcement to release:
  • February 25, 2019 - appears on Spotify.
  • February 26, 2019 - released digitally as an 'instant grat' & pre-order bonus prior to California Son (radio airplay of the track especially in the UK). Physical single is mentioned (with Brow Of My Beloved as B-side - Mitchum green, red & white cover shown).
  • March 27, 2019 - Central shares an unofficial It's Over video....
It's been 24 hours, if anyone has away. I will do my best to answer them. I suppose the main question is "why now" ? It's been a long time. I once had a friend, who found a singer, for six months we rehearsed, talked, examined possibilities. The friend convinced me to leave the band I was with, and join him. We were kids, to be fair, but...

It's a sweet, innocent, charming recording and one that I am fond of.
Anyhow, this means a lot more to some people than it does me, it's out there because it brings joy to people.
We change as we age, if you can make people happy then do it, that's "why now". It was set to premiere on my birthday because anticipation is exquisite, we now live in an "on demand" society, I prefer the old ways.

If anyone is old enough to remember the excitement of Thursday evenings, or the countdown on Sundays, cassette recorder at the ready, fingers hovering above play+(red)record, you will remember the old ways.

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