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25 copies in bigger HMVs (seen with my own eyes in B'Ham) and 75 in London according to their computers.
Don't pay the extortionate Amazon price that it currently quotes.

The digital purchase of just the A-side has been active for a while and the digital B-side will be available when the deluxe album appears next month.

Due to speedy work by @adhouse - the 7" A & B side are now available in the download section to listen to:

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Damon Albarn: ‘Brexit has revealed terrible truths about the mental health of the English’ - The Irish Times
The Blur frontman on ‘Merrie Land’, Britpop, Oasis, Morrissey and John Lydon


When The South Bank Show profiled Blur in 1999, Albarn revealed that when Morrissey claimed there will never be another important British band after The Smiths, his teenage self wanted to prove Morrissey wrong, while also harbouring the fantasy to say the exact same thing when he got to be on The South Bank Show himself.

“Oh, I was absolutely mortified that he said that,” Albarn howls in horror at his younger, cockier self. “You can’t do that! I’ve adored The Smiths and Morrissey my whole life.”

Recently, Morrissey endorsed a far-right fringe party, For Britain. “I don’t understand it at all,” Albarn says. “I think...

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Morrissey envió carta a Batres para Ley de Bienestar Animal -

Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

The British singer Morrissey sent a letter to the Senate in favor of animal welfare , as confirmed by Martí Batres , president of the Board of Directors of the Upper House .

"This presidency of the Chamber of Senators received a...
It's all there.

VIDEO: Johnny Marr - How He Wrote The Smiths' Debut Single - Radio X
The legendary guitarist shows Radio X how he came up with the riff to Hand In Glove.