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"British artist Phil Collins has made work in conflicted geopolitical sites around the world, including Baghdad, Belfast, Bogotá, and Ramallah, creating nuanced representations of people and places. In a departure from much documentary and site-specific practice, Collins engages politics and pop culture in tandem, often soliciting the participation of the communities in which he works. His video installation dünya dinlemiyor (Turkish for "the world won't listen") features young people in Istanbul performing karaoke versions of songs by the 1980s band The Smiths. Within the politically fraught context of Istanbul, The Smiths' melancholic pop takes on new poignancy, asking us to listen to what the rest of the world won't. Collins was a nominee for the 2006 Turner Prize."

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Both hilarious and moving, we watched all of Phil Collins'...
The usual scattered and meaningless pop cultural appropriation a la Urban Outfitters t-shirt rack or an actual fan?

He did go to college in Austin and lives in SF now. I wonder.

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Kevin Durant arrives in India wearing a Morrissey Boxers Shirt

I had ESPN on tonight and just happened to glance up at the screen and saw the NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant wearing a Morrissey Boxers shirt as he arrived in India.

It's time the tale were told: Mark Gill on his new film about Morrissey before The Smiths - Herald Scotland

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ENGLAND IS MINE: Writer/Director Mark Gill Talks About His Morrissey Biopic - Britflicks
Britflicks Podcast host Stuart Wright talks with writer/director Mark Gill about his debut feature film: ENGLAND IS MINE...

Jack Lowden, the man who would be Morrissey: ‘It was probably helpful that I wasn’t a massive fan’ - The Guardian
The Scottish actor may not have grown up with The Queen is Dead but still looks the part in England is Mine. He talks about his ballet-dancing youth and...

Revisit Our November 1992 Morrissey Your Arsenal Cover Story: The Sorrow and the Pity - SPIN
Morrissey's Your Arsenal was released July 27, 1992. To mark the album's 25th anniversary, we've digitized this interview, which appeared in the November 1992 issue of Spin.
Me, Morrissey & Manchester… - Billy Duffy

As a teenager growing up in Manchester in the 1970s Billy befriended Steven Morrissey, drawn together by a mutual love of underground New York Music. They played in a band together briefly before both going on to extremely successful careers in music.

Now that period of Morrissey’s life has been bought to the big screen as ‘England is Mine’ and we catch up with Billy and the actor Adam Lawrence who played him in the film for an exclusive interview for

Words & Photos by Mick Peek

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The Smiths' drummer opens up ahead of Wolverhampton date - Express & Star
By Tom Oakley


Two years on after splitting up, they returned without guitarist Johnny Marr for what would be an unofficial Smiths farewell gig – and Moz’s first solo show.

With Craig Gannon (known as the fifth Smith) filling in on guitar, entry to the night was free to fans wearing a Smiths shirt and only half of those who travelled actually made it inside the venue.

“Me and Morrissey had discussed a concert but decided it shouldn’t be a Smiths one because Johnny wasn't there. So we decided to play his solo stuff and there were Smiths songs we’d never played live before, said Joyce.

“It was a one-off gig and free to get in with a Smiths shirt on but it was chaos. Maybe not on the level of Beatlemania but I found it quite disconcerting. I didn’t really embrace it.

“It was so chaotic...
In Conversation: Trent Reznor - Vulture
The Nine Inch Nails’ icon on his new music, the future of streaming, and his tortured past.
By David Marchese


For a long time, you were one of the real avatars of white male angst and anger. Have you noticed a change in how those feelings get expressed culturally? There’s a toxicity and meanness in the air now that I don’t think was there when you one were, for lack of a better term, a poster boy for alienation.

I never thought about Nine Inch Nails in that context. From my perspective, I was doing what Morrissey and Robert Smith (Steven Patrick Morrissey of the Smiths and Robert Smith of the Cure. Icons of 1980s English-rock melancholia.) had done, which was expressing a sense of “I don’t fucking fit in anywhere.” It was never about any larger cultural sense of oppression or...
UPDATE July 27:

The dates no longer appear in Spotify.

Spotify is listing the following under the concerts -> all concerts section of Morrissey's entry on their app/site.


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