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Johnny Marr - Lifetime Achievement.

"As one of the founding members of The Smiths, Johnny Marr was responsible for reinventing guitar music for a new generation. And since then, it’s perhaps easier to list the artists he hasn’t collaborated with rather than the ones he has – no joke, there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to it, from Bryan Ferry to Paul McCartney, Talking Heads to The Pet Shop Boys."


Johnny Marr vows to never retire as he picks up GQ Award.

"The former Smiths guitarist said it would be a waste of his famous haircut if he were to call it a day in the music industry." ...

The Radio Dept call out Morrissey on politically charged single “Going Down Swinging” (listen) - Brooklyn Vegan


The Radio Dept. have shared a new single, “Going Down Swinging.”

...Like usual, The Radio Department sing softly but carry a big stick, and the song contains the following verse:

These church bells
I love what they say
Nazis should be dealt with like in Normandie
Only inbreds join an alt right parade
Someone please tell that to Morrissey

Came across this today when pulling up Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging. YouTube must have jumped in a “swinging” theme. Decided to give it a listen and discovered Moz reference in the lyrics.

Radio Dept - Going Down Swinging

Church bells are ringing today
God is on the right side for once
We will go down swinging you say
Oh to die at...
Hello lovely forum readers,

I'm Steve, the author of the BowieStyle book. As an aside I was the person who unearthed the charming pic of Moz and Bowie at Maine Road 1990 (following a tip off from Linder Sterling as it happens.), which was used for the first time in BowieStyle.

I'm actually here to tell you I've sort of penned something specifically on The Smiths for the first time. It's on my website and I do hope you like it. Love on ya.

It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Morrissey Meets Marr at a Patti Smith Show -
Morrissey z ważnym apelem do prezydenta Andrzeja Dudy - Teraz Musyka

Google Translate to English:

Morrissey with an important appeal to President Andrzej Duda
In the "Now Rock" granted to the interview, Morrissey touched on many topics that were important to him - not only musical but also world-view. He even appealed to the president of our country.

Morrissey is one of the heroes of the September issue of "Teraz Rocka", which since yesterday is available for sale. The artist was interviewed by our editor, Jacek Nizinkiewicz , and the men talked about many issues important to the music - including his health condition, "This Is Morrissey" compilation , as well as plans for coming to Poland.

The September 'Teraz Rock' is now on sale

At the end...
Advert with Russian text:
20180831_142124.jpg 20180831_142505.jpg

The promotional advert (clue in the name) is still available on FB official page, but some marketing genius has limited the audience.
(Link resolves to a digital portal for Apple Music, Deezer & Google Play).

Not so much a 'release' in the US, but Amazon and indie stockists are supplying the vinyl as an import:



Amazon, despite still using the Sire cover have added a picture of the back of the record which is the Parlaphone version - the picture isn't brilliant, but the French liner notes can be made out:
(They also have the CD now tagged as 'UK edition').

So, it looks like all vinyl buyers gets the 13 track version.
To help collectors, does anyone have a different version?

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A couple of pictures showing tour adverts in Buenos Aires:


Nothing too exciting.

Chile advertising added too:

Here's another IG one:
Jerome Reuter, who is behind the neofolk band Rome, expressed his opinion about Morrissey and the current media fuzz recently in an interview with the swedish blog for alternative music 482 MHz. Find the bit about Moz under here and the interview via this link:

You studied in Manchester when you were younger – an industrial city with a deep, rich musical heritage. Has Manchester inspired you? And what is your favourite Mancunian bands?

Joy Division, obviously. And I just love Morrissey. Manchester is a Moloch, yes, tremendously inspiring. To this day, actually.

I’m also a long term Morrissey fan. He’s suffering from a bit of a backlash...
Details posted by Famous when dead:

The actual article:

Billie Joe Armstrong, Duff, Jonesy, Fred and Moz Show for Johnny Ramone - California Rocker

Morrissey’s New Record.
“I’m here in Los Angeles doing some recording,” he told in the VIP tent at the event. “I wouldn’t miss this.”

Morrissey was kind to the fans, posing for pictures and then jamming along in the audience with McKagan, Armstrong, Armisen and Jonesy on stage.

Morrissey and Linda Ramone strike a dramatic pose

Pointing out Ramones badges:
[​IMG] ...