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I was listening to 1st Wave this morning around 6:50am.
Sluggo announced that MORRISSEY would be the Guest DJ all this week alongside Richard Blade beginning at 3pm Pacific.
Morrissey turns 58 on May 22, 2017

From Cosmica:

Irene Diaz is Los Angeles' modern day Torch Singer Songwriter. Within a short amount of time Irene has gained national acclaim. NPR's Don Gonyea says "anyone who hears your voice will wonder where you have been all this time". This version of "There is a light that never goes out" is a tribute to Morrissey on his Birthday.

Info on Irene:

From Irene:

The Smiths and Morrissey are artists that my older brother would listen to while we were growing up and I always looked up to my brother and his taste in music. I don't normally cover other artists, but being able to take a song like this one and make it my own was a lot of fun. I hope my take on ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ does the song justice.

Link posted by an anonymous person:

'Who would I like to say sorry to? Myself. I put myself through torture': Inside the head of... Morrissey - Daily Mail

The Daily Fail with an 'interview' with Morrissey - zero indication of where or when. With him being very low key, it would have been nice for a bit of background.
Article by Olivia Buxton. 20th, May, 2017.

For those not wanting to give the rag any 'clicks':

Born Steven Patrick Morrissey in Lancashire in 1959, the frequently outspoken former Smiths frontman, singer and author turns 58 tomorrow. His bookish song lyrics were hailed as the finest in rock music, yet his novel ‘List Of The Lost’ won the ‘Bad Sex In Fiction’ award in 2015.

What is your earliest memory?

Being carried on my mother’s shoulders… up and down the living room… nothing’s changed since then.

What sort of child were you?

Perfect in every way.

What is the worst thing anyone has...
"At 58, Is Morrissey Relevant?" by Dodie Miller-Gould - LemonWire

In a nutshell: the writer feels he is still relevant.


"Thirty-five years ago, The Smiths, an alternative pop band from Manchester, England, showed the world what it would sound like if ideas about sexual purity and vegetarianism were set to a punk beat, driven home with an acrobatic bass line, and sung in painful clarity by one of the clearest tenors in modern rock. The Smiths’ lead singer, Steven Patrick Morrissey, known simply as “Morrissey” or “Moz” was responsible for shaping the band’s ethos and as a result, generations of fans turn to Morrissey to get a heaping serving of reality with sarcasm and wit on the side."


Oh, "After a brief tour this spring, there are rumors of more tour dates, and this excites many." - did I miss something?
Link from Mike:

Camera men: the photography of the Douglas Brothers - Clever Boxer

During the ‘90s, Andrew and Stuart Douglas worked together to capture ethereal images of iconic individuals including Brian Ferry, Tilda Swinton, Damon Albarn and Tim Roth. Meanwhile John Le Carre took them to a hotel bar and pointed out who all the spies were; Marco Pierre White chased them out of his restaurant with a meat cleaver; and Salman Rushdie went AWOL after he took the phone call – during his photo shoot – informing him of the fatwa on his head. As their work goes on show at the National Portrait Gallery, they’ll be discussing how they worked together, survived bust-ups, and barely rescued their archive from a London warehouse demolition.

Clever Boxer has a small guest list for each of our events. For a free ticket, please email...
"Suffer Little Children: the story of Morrissey's obsession with the Moors murderers" - The Telegraph
By Alice Vincent
16th, May, 2017

A very long, interesting article - worth a read.
The full article requires free registration or paying a subscription so it is here in full minus the pictures and videos used.

Further to this article is a similar one in The Guardian (with Moz references):

"Suffer little children: how Ian Brady cast a dark shadow over popular culture" - The Guardian
by Dorian Lynskey
16th, May, 2017

"In Autobiography, Morrissey remembers the long shadow that the Moors murders cast over his northern childhood. “A swarm of misery grips mid-60s Manchester as Hindley and Brady raise their faces to the camera and become known to us all,” he writes. Then later: “Everyone appears to know someone who knew Myra Hindley, and we are forced to accept a new truth; that a woman can be just as cruel and dehumanised as a man, and that all safety is an illusion.”
DJ Rene Romo hosts his 5th annual Morrissey birthday fiesta at The Perch above Tricky Falls, in downtown El Paso, Texas, this Friday, May 19. Join us for a night of Morrissey/Smiths classics, deep cuts, covers, videos, plus Britpop, Motown, Rockabilly, and more. "See all (your) old friends and put (your arms) around them." Attention all "Handsome Devils" and "Pretty Girls" in our "(river)side town" of El Paso, nearby Las Cruces, New Mexico, and of course or neighbors across the Rio Grande (before Trump builds his ugly wall) in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: prepare to celebrate Moz's 58th and dance your legs down to the knees. No cover, 21+, 9 p.m.-2 a.m. As always, you are encouraged to wear your favorite Morrissey/Smiths shirt.