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New Morrissey T-shirt -
15 March 2017

Available at forthcoming Morrissey shows in North America.
Also available on Mporium.

Media coverage:


Leading community retailer, Co-op and the historic, family-run brewery, Robinsons, have come together to launch a brand new range of craft beers.

Co-op has launched three own label craft beers, in store today (13 March) and has used its Members to help influence the tasting descriptions on the beer labels and shelf edge labels.

...With both Co-op and Robinsons being from North West communities, the labels have been designed to reflect their roots and feature hand drawn images of Robinsons Brewery, Deansgate bridge and the Salford Lads Club.


Also from Gerry:

A new beer being sold in CO-OP stores in the UK is using the attached label. There are three new beers being...
Hopefully getting through security without issue :)
10th March, 2017.
I have been requesting this on their YouTube channel for some time and they finally did it. I thought people would like to check it out! thank you

This season, the English Premier League team West Bromwich Albion, have been using a very imaginative idea for the front cover of their match day programmes.
They have been using players to reproduce well known album covers and one such programme, against Swansea in December, saw The Smiths 'Hatful Of Hollow' being given the cover treatment.
Here are a few examples of albums sampled so far, including HOH.

West Brom Have Best Programme Covers In Football - Profit Accumulator

Jukebox ''Come On City'' Jury :thumb:
Morrissey Speaks: "Give In to Numbness... You've Earned it."
"Can someone check on Abrahán Garza. Is he doing OK?"

— random Facebook status update from a friend

When word came through in December that Morrissey had cancelled Houston (yes, again), the texts and private messages starting rolling in. When I saw footage where the beloved singer had actually appeared in front of a sold-out crowd in Boulder, Colorado to explain that the show simply could not go on and why, I knew his show would not be happening five days later in Houston.

I've been a Morrissey fan for many, many years. To some people, I am "That Morrissey guy." I held a Smiths and Morrissey Trivia Night at Rudyard's in January and left an entire room of fans completely stumped in the bonus round. I was recently asked how many times I had seen Morrissey and which concert was my favorite. My answer...