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Producer Steve Lillywhite Shares Career Nuggets on The Rolling Stones, U2, David Byrne & More at Canadian Music Week -
By Karen Bliss.

"On Morrissey:
Still don't really know him. He's the only artist I know that wears a Morrissey T-shirt, He literally comes down for breakfast with a Morrissey T-shirt. He's a very gentle vegetarian and that's probably the most untidy hair I've ever seen him have [shows photo]. I mean he would always be perfectly quiffed and just a lovely man who was very shy... I always remember the story, I was in the studio, he would just let me and the band do all the music, he wouldn't come in. I would work on the song with the band and then Morrissey would come in and listen....
Potential December dates in Brazil have a Portuguese article now supporting the idea (published on the 16th of May).
Marked as a rumour until this happens:
"Dates and concert venues will be defined in the coming days."

Quote via translated URL in question:

(thanks to Rosie for catching the Portuguese link).
20% Off All Morrissey & Smiths Items at Our Stores May 22 - Amoeba
Morrissey Birthday Sale 5/22

Tuesday, May 22nd is Morrissey's birthday! To celebrate, we are putting all Smiths and Morrissey items on sale at our stores. 20% off all Smiths or Morrissey related music and merch in-store only on 5/22....
Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? - Tremr
By Fiona Dodwell.


"Could it be that this is what we need, in society? That Morrissey's honesty is the very thing that calls fans to remain loyal and steadfast in full defence of their favourite artist. In a society driven by the politically-correct, in a world obsessed with filters (both from online photographs to public opinion) we are so thirsty for an honest word, even if at times those words are not ones we agree with or sit comfortably with."

Stems from:

Not sure as to Morrissey's involvement, but Sam has added:

A puppet Jimmy Savile introducing a Spitting Image video of Diana singing The Smiths.
Steve Coogan: The Trip - Moz segment.
Leighton Bains: on meeting Morrissey.
John Oliver: favourite non-existent Morrissey song.
The Key of Awesome - Tribute to Ridiculous Voices.
Under its own heading:
"“Thank you, we’re enjoying you immensely.” The Smiths live in Salford, 1986"
The Smiths live - I Want The One... (Salford '86).
A Morrissey impersonator clip.

From Shoplifterromo:

Calling all the pretty girls and handsome devils in El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Help us celebrate Morrissey’s birthday weekend at the Perch (above Tricky Falls) at 209 south El Paso Street, Friday, May 18th from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., no cover, 21+. Dj Rene Romo will spin Moz/Smiths classics, deep cuts, covers plus Britpop, Rockabilly, Motown and more from 9-midnight. After that, it’s guaranteed 100% Morrissey/Smiths (including your requests) until we close. Win limited prizes by wearing your favorite Moz/Smiths shirt.
The day Morrissey came to tea: an extract from Dave Haslam’s memoir - The Observer
In book Sonic Youth Slept on My Floor, the DJ recalls how the Smiths changed British music, and his charming days spent with Morrissey – on photo shoots, at the Haçienda, and over cauliflower cheese

Also, interview with Miranda Sawyer in which the changes in Morrissey are mused upon - Morrissey is now "...uninformed, charmless, bitter and twisted..."

Dave Haslam: ‘That music changed lives. It made Manchester what it is’ - The Observer


What about Morrissey now? How do you feel about him?
In the context of music,...