IANADOAC debuts in Billboard album sales charts (US) - #19 in Top Album Sales

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According to the Billboard weekly charts for April 4, 2020, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain debuts at:

#19 in Top Album Sales
#18 in Top Current Album Sales
#44 in Independent Albums
#17 in Vinyl Albums
#6 in Tastemakers

It did not make the Billboard 200

Billboard Chart History - Morrissey

Rolling Stone Germany review by Arne Willander - IANADOC 4/5

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has their 4/5 stars review been mentioned here before?
rollingstonegermanyreview ianadoac
it praises the songs' melodies and his "absolute freedom to enjoy his privilege of fools that produces wondrous flowery effects".

Rolling Stone Germany: April, 2020 - free CD with a Morrissey track

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Not something you see too often these days, but I Am Not A Dog On A Chain features as a free track.

Minor in collectible terms, but some will want it for novelty value I'm sure.
Thanks to Krix for the info.

Morrissey Central site currently down - domain registry expired

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For anyone trying to access articles that we have linked to:
It would appear Morrissey Central is currently down (SER's site via the same company is working).
The domain's registration expired yesterday (29th) and will probably reappear when someone remembers to pay up :)
Not a major story, just an explanation as to why access has stopped - I'm guessing it will be rectified shortly.

Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) covers Everyday Is Like Sunday on his livestream and includes a disclaimer about Moz's "recent politics"

Positive review of "Dog On Chain" by radio personality Bob Stei

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Morrissey Hits All The Right Notes On “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain”

“Congratulations, You're still alive.They kicked to kill you. Do not forget, they tried to turn you Into a public target: Welcome to this knockabout world!” Morrissey sings like a martyr on “Knockabout World,” one of the successful pieces on Morrissey’s 13th solo album since The Smiths broke up in 1987.

Despite alienating himself from many fans and the media due to many controversial political comments and last second concert cancelations, he has seemed to hit it out of the park in the studio with his new album “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain”. The recordings have a retro feeling, containing dark keyboards and beautiful harmonies from backup vocals. Lyrically, he utilizes his greatest skills combining misery, self doubt, multiple interpretations and criticisms of his critics. He manages to score all the above, while still creating catchy songs that play in your...

Morrissey Central Dog on a Chain - genuine number 1 album in Scotland

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This surely deserves its own thread.
It's a genuine number 1 in Scotland, folks, i.e. not just on some dodgy Amazon/indie/iTunes etc. chart.
I'm guessing it will be the only country on the planet where he gets a proper #1.
He's said before how much he likes Scotland and the 'Scottish spirit'. It seems the feeling is mutual.
Well done Steve!


Link posted by Nerak:


I Am Not A Dog on A Chain enters UK album charts at number 3

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His 15th Top 10 hit, his 7th top-3 hit!

Viva Hate: 1
Bona Drag: 9
Kill Uncle: 8
Your Arsenal: 4
Vauxhall and I: 1
Southpaw Grammar: 4
Maladjusted: 8
You Are the Quarry: 2
Ringleader of the Tormentors: 1
Greatest Hits: 5
Years of Refusal: 3
World Peace is None of Your Business: 2
Low in High School: 5
California Son: 4
I Am Not a Dog on a Chain: 3


Added placings:
#1 in the Official Physical Albums Chart Top 100
#1 in the Official Independent Albums Chart Top 50
#2 in the Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40

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