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Some more Tour News from TTY:

20 January 2012

Morrissey will play Lima Jockey Club in Peru on February 29th.
This will be Morrissey's first ever concert in Peru.
Morrissey is now confirmed to play the Vina del Mar Festival in Chile on February 24. Morrissey will also play in Santiago on February 26 at the Movistar Arena.
Shows in Colombia and Argentina are expected to be announced next week.
Full details of Morrissey's Japanese tour for April will be announced on January 27th by promoters in Japan.
Statement -
15 January 2012

Morrissey will travel to Japan in April where he will undertake ten concerts. It will be the most detailed tour of Japan ever undertaken by Morrissey.
There are plans to follow the Japanese tour with concerts in Thailand, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Full details of the Japanese tour are expected to be announced within the next week.

Also in April, EMI Records will issue the single 'Suedehead', as remixed by Ron and Russell Mael. The single is 3:35 in length, and will be issued as a CD release and a 10" picture disc, both using previously unseen photographs of Morrissey.
An important Chilean newspaper just confirmed today that Morrissey will be the Anglo star of the Viña del Mar Festival, Chile, 2012.

Morrissey cierra con el Festival de Viña y se convierte en la figura anglo del certamen - La Tercera


Ok. The Viña del Mar Festival is the most popular music festival in Chile (And I dare to say of South America). The newspaper here (radio and TV) confirm that Morrissey is the Anglo Star hidden (the surprise). They also say that Moz agreed this week to visit Chile.

He will close the third night of the Festival, around the midnight here, and they ensure that it will be a 15 song setlist.

ALSO, the didn't confirm, but they said that the managers of Moz visit are planning a second presentation in Santiago, Chile...
Morrissey Joins BUAV to End Cruel Animal Tests for Cosmetics - PR Newswire Europe


The BUAV [the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection -] is delighted to have the support of legendary singer Morrissey for its No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to end animal testing for new cosmetics sold in the European Union.

Morrissey said, "Say no to injecting, force-feeding or forcing animals to inhale substances for a new lipstick or shampoo. Please join me in signing the BUAV No Cruel Cosmetics petition to stop the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in the EU."

Morrissey joins a number of high profile celebrities to sign the No Cruel Cosmetics petition, including Sir Paul McCartney, Sienna Miller, Jodie Kidd, Jenny Seagrove and Kimberly Wyatt...

...The BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, stated: "We are delighted that Morrissey is helping the BUAV save...
The latest from

Southpaw Grammar
10 January 2012

As of March 1st 2011, "Southpaw Grammar" was removed from the BMG/RCA catalogue, and removed from the Sony Legacy catalogue (re-issue), and will no longer be issued or sold by either company.
The CD remains available on the original 1995 Reprise US pressing only.
First Joey Barton, now Wayne Rooney. Quiff United, here we come...

Rooney sports Morrissey-style hairdo at FIFA awards - truthdive

Looks like Rooney’s had the hairdryer treatment - The Sun

[SUB]The boy with the short back and sides ... Wayne Rooney with popstar Shakira in Zurich[/SUB]

HEAVEN knows Wayne Rooney's not miserable now — showing off a Morrissey-style quiff alongside singer Shakira last night.

[SUB]Morroosey ... is Wayne Rooney morphing into The Smiths' frontman Morrissey?[/SUB]

Jon also writes:

Spotted in a UK tabloid this morning. Must be a slow news day...

Gene splicing: so far only successful with #Rooney and #Morrissey - v/ @jonnice