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Gwendoline Riley | Five Things Right Now - Granta Magazine


2. Charles Aznavour

This performance has been part of the Morrissey tour intro video for the last few years, so I’ve watched it many times while waiting for M. I love his passion! And his limpid eyes. ‘Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre!’ A ready soul reacts. This one’s terrific, too. Both Aznavour and Morrissey were born on May 22nd, on the Taurus Gemini cusp, known as the Cusp of Energy. This makes complete sense when you look at these marvellous men. Aznavour is ninety-two and will be touring South America and Russia this spring.

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A decent Spanish speaker would help,
but it appears they are giving full consideration to where he's sited, the chef/gastronomic part of the festival, times etc...
(their source:
Cut'n'paste of translation (pretty poor):

"This is the plan of the Roxy Festival so that Morrissey does not cancel its presentation

Morrissey fans know that if the British get any scent of animal flesh, you can immediately cancel any of your scheduled concerts. At Roxy Fest, the Guadalajara festival to be held on April 1 at Trasloma Park, they already have the perfect logistics to respect the petition of a vegan and animal rights advocate as the ex-leader of The Smiths.

We are healing with horror because we will place his dressing room totally separate from the area assigned to other artists. It will be an exclusive...
Today marks 20 years since Morrissey-solo was launched on February 12, 1997. It's been a thrill to work on this site that still consistently averages over 100,000 unique visitors / month. This is a testament to the legacy and interest that Morrissey continually generates and countless small and large contributions from those touched by the music. Thank you to those who have kept it going.

Although it's been through several major redesigns, growing along with the internet itself, in many ways the site is the same as it was when it started - independent and self-supported, open and self-correcting. If you just started visiting or have been for many years, I hope you have enjoyed the freedom that the site allows despite the occasional offense and peril that may have ensued.

20 years to be doing anything I think is a great accomplishment and shows it's here for the long term. I hope you find a project like this to work on that you feel as passionate about....
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10 February 2017

Morrissey's forthcoming shows at Tucson AZ and San Antonio TX have sold out.

image credit: Sam Esty Rayner.
MORRISSEY Mexico / tour dates confirmed -
8 February 2017

Wednesday March 29
MONTERREY / Teatro Banamex

Friday March 31
MEXICO CITY / Sports Palace

Saturday April 1
GUADALAJARA / Roxy Festival

Tuesday April 4

The forgotten New Yorker who changed the ‘80s music scene - New York Post


She’d even bring the good times home with her, often holding Gertrude Stein-esque dinner parties in her Houston Street apartment, where numerous hip bands would imbibe and socialize — or not, as the case could be.

“I remember being at party at her place in 1983 when the Smiths were in town,” says Parker Dulany of Certain General, a New York-based post-punk band that Polsky managed. “Morrissey was in Ruth’s bedroom the whole time. Every so often, a hand would come out of the door, it would wiggle, someone would bring him a drink, and he’d go back inside the bedroom. He wouldn’t come out — like Marie Antoinette! He was such a primadonna!”
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