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What It Really Means to Separate the Art from the Artist - Noisey
By Fergal Kinney

We spoke to Kanye, Brand New, R Kelly and Morrissey fans about that feeling when your fave becomes problematic.


What do you do when a musician you love becomes problematic; when major transgressions – both alleged and proven – leave you trying to separate the art from the artist? Between Morrissey bigging up Tommy Robinson, Kanye’s pre-yetweets in support of Trump and the #MeToo movement empowering survivors to come forward with historic abuse allegations against other artists, fans have had to face up to uncomfortable truths about the heroes they once placed on a pedestal and plastered across their walls.

Iain Hamilton, 48, Glasgow – Morrissey fan
Tom Fisher, 18, Gloucestershire – Morrissey fan

(Mention at 0:52)

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UPDATE July 6:

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So I saw the latest Ant-Man tonight, and was surprised that there were a couple of Morrissey references to be found within! Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) actually has "Everyday is Like Sunday" as his ringtone! And there's a quick flashback story that Luis (Michael Peña) tells that involves a jukebox that only plays Morrissey songs. I stayed through the end of the credits and in addition to "Sunday", "The First of the Gang to Die" was also listed (though I don't remember hearing it). I've got to say, I might have been the only one in my theater who got the references, but I was delighted! The movie was pretty good (the standard popcorn fare with large doses of humor), but made only cooler by...
David writes:

I've just published the full 5,000-word interview in full - I think there's a lot of good stuff here for Smiths fans... I've also attached an image of the magazine version of the interview.

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Marr on living in Altrincham during The Smiths, the influences behind his “dramatic” new album – and his jam with Macca - Altrincham Today
By David Prior


JM: Yeah, the first house that my then girlfriend Angie and I bought was on the corner of Marlborough Road. That was the Smiths’ HQ. We lived there from 85.

AT: I knew your old neighbours!

JM: Did you really? Tell them I apologise! I apologise for all the noise coming in between the walls. In my defence, those noises went on to be quite popular songs, that’s...
I noticed a tattoo on Asia Argento’s hand where she has names tattooed on the base of her fingers. One says “Moz.” I don’t know very much about her, only having read about her upon Anthony Bourdain’s death. She posted a photo on her Instagram that shows her hands. I’m going to attempt to attach it, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up here.



Separate thread again so the t-shirt collectors can see it in amongst the cd & vinyl posts (although it isn't available for individual purchase).

Not on the US Mporium yet as it's not the Sire version of the shirt :)

Pleased to see that Radio X released a full 1hr 25 recording of the In Conversation... with Johnny Marr:

They also posted the specific part where
Johnny talks about the split and subsequent help from other artists:

Worth a watch just for the Smiths tunes (and the story of how Hand In Glove came about).
Thanks to Radio X for the full event.
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