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Las confesiones de Morrissey - Rolling Stone México

Pronto estará en nuestro país. Mientras tanto, nos habló sobre sus héroes, del éxito que ha tenido a lo largo de su carrera, las reglas de su vida y otros temas.

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“Estados Unidos no sería nada sin México”: una entrevista con Morrissey - (Spanish)

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S: What have you been doing in the last few months?

Morrissey: I've been following the total terror of Trump Trouble.

S: The world has been in shock for the past 12 months: Brexit, Hillary, Trump, Russia, but at the same time it feels as if we have forgotten the most important human problems, such as Syria, And more recently, famine in Yemen. Do you think we are all responsible for what is happening around the world?

M: No, but for the most part, every tragedy has something manufactured. Wars have to exist to justify the trillions of dollars spent on nuclear weapons and armies in general. It is politicians, not people, who start wars. They do this partly because they are sure that others are mysteriously willing to die for them.

S: You have a special...
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JODIE COMER - Interview Magazine


Now film directors are sending their own admiring missives Comer's way. Her next film is Steven, a drama revolving around the pre-fame years of legendary musician Morrissey. "I play Christine, who works in the tax office with Steven," she explains. "She's very narrow-minded and doesn't think before she speaks, and he's this serious guy into all this weird music. She takes a shine to him, but he can't stand her really." It's hard to imagine even an enigmatic figure like Morrissey rebuffing her.
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Jessica Brown Findlay Blooms Beyond 'Downton Abbey' - Culture Trip


CT: In England Is Mine, you play Morrissey’s friend Linder Sterling, who was a visionary figure on the Manchester punk scene—and who wore a meat dress years before Lady Gaga did. She must have been exciting to play.

JBF: It was a really exciting journey, a wonderful job. It was exhilarating looking at her work. She was an artist, a feminist, an influence on so many people. Brilliant. But the main thing going on in the film is her friendship with Morrissey. The story ends at the very beginning of The Smiths. It’s less “Morrissey” and more...
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The Smiths 7” With Unreleased Music Set for Record Store Day - Pitchfork

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Smiths, The - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
1 x 43g 7" Black vinyl (dinked)...
Morrissey: "I Prefer It When They Don't Understand" - Dallas Observer

A brief interview.
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"In our email exchange with Morrissey he answers questions about everything from his public image to his favorite vegan recipe, and we see a more gracious side to the artist than has typically appeared in the media as of late.

Who are you reading right now?
I'm following the daily flood of reports on Predicament Trump and his administration. He's very exhausting, isn't he? Mad magazine finally comes to life.

Is there something you wish people knew or understood about you?
I prefer it when they don't understand.

Which song are you most proud of? Are there any you dislike and would prefer to never play again?
I'm proud of most of them. There's only three or four which I think are ridiculous...
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Below is a list of every record due out April 22, 2017 (including some that will only be released in specific regions and some that may end up being released independent of’s campaign, and therefore will not appear on the organization’s list). The below items were combed together from numerous sources confirming their release, including announcements from various labels, statements direct from artists and online databases of distributors. Many releases are still to be...