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Interview with Jimmi Simpson where he talks quite a bit about our Mozza.


Kyle Mullin (Under the Radar): Why did Morrissey leave a big impression on you?

Jimmi Simpson: Most of us find Morrissey when we're teenagers. And we think of ourselves as dreamers: "We're going to meet and write poetry in the cemetery, because we're gothy, and we don't fit in anywhere else." And to have someone sing about that, in such a frolicking way, it's like "Oh, you get me."... The thing that's so great about The Smiths is it transcends that angst of teenage years. You can pop it on in your 30s, 40s, 70s, and just feel understood for a second.

When you talk about being a misunderstood gothy kid, it reminds me of your character from House of Cards. That was my first introduction to you, actually, and you were immediately memorable. Do you think...
24th January (this Friday) is the official release date for IT'S OVER / IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME 7-inch disc. Available at HMV, Rough Trade, Amazon online.

Original Bowie image:

Central reminding us the single that was available in December will be released on Friday. I'm sure the Bowie 'autograph' will provide some discussion too.


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January 21, 2020

"My deepest thanks to all the loving messages that reached me on the sudden death yesterday of my son, Dude. Of course, I'll be an emotional wreck for months and months to come. But … haven't I always been? Dude will always go wherever I go. He is me.
Believe me, heartfelt thanks."
- Morrissey.

photograph S.E.R.

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DUDE dies

on january 20, 2020

"the perfect cat … to be loved forever." -Morrissey.
It's more than the "Matter of Opinion" at the end of the latest video that gives their game away.

At the end of the first chorus, I hear "Johnny" mess up getting back to the verse riff. In each chorus to verse, the same mistake is made.

Looking at the spectral selection we see below two chorus' images. The top is the first one, bottom is another later on. The left arrow indicates where the final riff of the chorus ends and the right set of arrows show where "Johnny" makes the mistake.

As you can see, even amidst added distortion and reverb (trails off at end of recording), we can see sections of guitar have been cut and pasted to form the structure of the song.

We also see a very obvious cut (just after 3:06) where the verse riff becomes a version that rings out at the end as "Johnny" descends into playing "reel around the fountain" and a taster of "matter of opinion"....