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November 1, 2019

Call me irresponsible, but I’d prefer not to address the generally left-leaning Morrissey’s support of the far-right For Britain Movement. In fact, I don’t even want to think about it. Oh, it’s not that I don’t care. (I do.) Or that I’m not puzzled. (Who isn’t?) But rather that it’s not my place to say which way he or anyone else swings. I mean, I wouldn’t tell Morrissey who to love, so why should I tell him which party to go to?

That said, this is Morrissey we’re talking about and Morrissey is political. Always has been. Always will be. So it’d be impossible to review the man’s most recent Hollywood Bowl show without somehow touching upon politics. It also only makes sense that one of the most fiery and caustic moments of...
The light has gone out – it's time we stopped giving Morrissey attention by Fiona Sturges - The Independent

"It has become a dispiriting ritual on social media that, every few months, Morrissey's name begins to trend, prompting swathes of music fans to sigh wearily and wonder what the silly idiot has said or done now. Former fan Fiona Sturges has had enough"

Link posted by Famous when dead:

Open Letter to the LA Times re Morrisey - For Britain

Open Letter to Randall Roberts and the Los Angeles Times

Khadija Adam, For Britain Deputy Chair

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My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst - The Guardian
By Joshua Surtees

"I was invited by the singer’s manager to the Hollywood Bowl concert where he donned the notorious T-shirt"

Joshua Surtees details how Peter Katsis invited him to follow Morrissey's US tour, how he (Surtees) struggled to find a publication to take the story, and when he did, Morrissey then refused him an interview.

A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.

Rapper cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue - London Evening Standard
A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.


Jake Hill, from South Alabama, was set to perform a tour date in Houston at the White Oak Music Hall on October 28.

Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, was also playing the venue in a different area. It is said to be stipulated in his contracts that meat should not be served where he is playing.

Mr Hill, who has more than one million listeners per month on Spotify, posted a video on Twitter explaining why he had cancelled the gig.

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