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Here is an interview to the chilean fashion designer Ricardo Oyarzun, in charge of designing Morrissey outfit for Viña del Mar Festival.

Chilean Fashion Designer Ricardo Oyarzún on Morrissey: He is handsome, fashionable, youthful and contemporary.

In an interview for ADN Radio Chile, the Chilean fashion designer Ricardo Oyarzún confessed to be very happy when he was requested to be in charge of designing the clothes for Morrissey’s presentation in Festival de Viña Del Mar. “The producers contacted me. I was very surprised because the truth is that he is a great international artist. So for me is a great satisfaction” he said

In spite of not being able to tell anything in advance about the designs, he commented: “He wants his clothes to be a little bit controversial, avant-garde and contemporary. For him, his clothes are a stage proposal and sometimes it has to do with the contents of the songs” Oyarzun expressed. He cares about the stage presence and he is very recreational...
Stephen Street – exclusive interview - Louder Than War
By Fergal Kinney

Stephen Street interview on Viva Hate, getting back with Moz, why 'Ordinary Boys' was dropped and much, much more

"I knew that if it all went badly I would be one of the most unpopular people in the country"

"So I was thinking “Right, we’re really finding out feet now”, but around then I realised that you can never really relax with Morrissey and...."

"I think it came as a shock to him but he was pleased..."

"As far as I’m concerned, the album should not have been changed. I kind of argued this with Morrissey..."
The tour begins tomorrow, Feb. 24.

From sistasheila:

Feb. 24 Viña del Mar show to be broadcast / streamed?

There has been a report I found online that his chile festival date on 24the feb will be shown on Chilean tv (original post). The broadcast on the internet is announced as well but seems its not that easy to be seen on the internet outside chile according to these users trying to register:

Link from Rodrigo:

Morrissey rehearsals in Chile
Una tarde de ensayo en Santiago con Morrissey y sus músicos - La Tercera

Some links posted by _jpgo in the...
Bravado -
21 February 2012


Morrissey would ask that people do not buy any merchandise by the company Bravado, whether retail or online. Bravado do not have any legal right to sell Morrissey t-shirts, etc, but are doing so despite legal warnings that they must stop. Bravado do not account to Morrissey, and therefore keep 100% profit for themselves. Once again, Morrissey asks that Bravado be shunned by worldwide customers.

As pointed out by Amy in the original forum thread (post), the Bravado 'Official U.S. Store' is still operational.
Update (Feb. 21, 5:45PM PT):

Link posted in the comments from klaus - article (PDF attached) with a few more photos in La Tercera.

Morrissey llega a Santiago y pide hacer un show sin interrupciones - La Tercera(PDF)

Update (Feb. 21, 9:20AM PT):

Link posted in the comments from _jpgo with more photos (10 total):

Morrissey y Perales inician arribo de las figuras extranjeras al Festival -
El británico estará toda la semana ensayando en Santiago, mientras que el español partió directamente a Viña del Mar, tras aterrizar esta mañana.

Marisol writes:

This video is quite good and it came out today after a note in a local news show: